Paris Trip

Chloe and Jessica spent this weekend in Paris with a few other students from boarding on the Louis Vuitton Foundation trip. They spent the weekend exploring the city, from the Foundation to the Arc de Triomphe and of course the Eiffel Tower!

Christmas Market :D

Well done girls!!!We would like to special thank you: Katya, Sofia, Nicole, Renee, Stacy and Carmen for your help and work to carry out this charity event.


Experts of Photography

Jessica, Peggy, Chloe and Stacy all decided to take a course in photography at the beginning of this month, we’ve recently come across a few beautiful snaps, taken of them when they weren’t expecting.


The masterchef competition was this weekend, and Villa du Lac were assigned the Starter course. Both Renee and Sue prepared some Chinese pork dumplings from scratch to present to the judges. A few of the girls came together to create a beautiful presentation for the judges, explaining how dumplings are a symbol of wealth in Chinese culture.


VDL takes on Tennis

The girls signed up for Tennis this weekend, and due to Winter being right around the corner we’ve now moved to our indoor dome facility. In addition, a lot of the girls took part in Body Shaping over Sunday, clearly the pain from last weekend hasn’t stopped these ladies from tackling the activity again!

House Meetings

Every week we come together as a house for a meeting, its a great time for the girls to catch up and share some news they may have. As it comes around to a busy time for the girls exam wise, Scarlett and Louise were kind enough to share some tips on how to be the most productive during study times.

Europa Park

November started off with a trip to Europa Park for a lot of the girls in the house. A weekend full of thrilling rides and a chance to spend more time with the other girls houses. They returned all smiles and a little exhausted.