Back at home after holidays

Villa du Lac girls are back, safe and happy from their February break.

Some of them traveled with their families or friends to various nice destinations in Europe (Lisbon, Porto, London, Lyon, etc.) or far-away in Dubai, Canada or USA.

Others enjoyed a full ski weekend organized by CdL in Crans-Montana, skiing and having plenty activities with their mates.

Some others traveled around Switzerland with their beloved ones (Zurich, Lausanne, Bern, Lugano, etc.) or rested around Geneva-Lausanne.

A part of our girls spent a restful time back home, with their families and childhood friends.

However, most of Villa du Lac girls said they had a good balance between resting, studying and having fun. Now they are back on track, ready to start the 3rd Marking Period 😊

Wellbeing Pillar 3 Activity

Today the girls enjoyed participating in a wellbeing activity that focused on analyzing friendships through social media. There were a variety of pictures of teenagers, with a caption underneath explaining their personality, likes and dislikes. The girls had to decide whether they would be friends with these people or not by placing a heart or sad face on the photo.










We then had a discussion on why each of the girls would or would not be friends with the people in the profile. Later on the girls had the chance to choose a profile photo of a teenager and then create a caption that explains how they would like their best friend to be. It was a lot of fun!