Boarding assembly and Swiss dinner

Dear all,

Yesterday evening was quite busy ! We had the first boarding assembly for this new school year. After that, we headed to the Léman cafeteria and had a delicious typical Swiss dinner (fondue cheese, Röstis, potatoes, meringues…) The cafeteria was especially decorated with Swiss flags and balloons.

Lucélia, Aida, Berta and Angélique


Ice breaker games !

Hello everyone !

Yesterday evening after dinner, we played some ice breaker games to get to know each other. We learned everyone’s name, asked who was from where, discovered things we all had in common, and we laughed a lot 🙂

Roberta and Diana, two other members of staff, were here to share this great moment with us.

Lucélia, Aida, Berta, Angélique.

Back to school breakfast

Today was THE day ! Back to school !

We all had breakfast together in the Léman building before our students headed to school. Tonight, we have an assembly for boarders and a dinner.


Herluce, Anastasiia, Nina and Betty


Vivien, Alina, Petra, Emma, Alexandra, Mila, and Noor

Some of the boarding staff, Villa du Lac, Old and New Portena houses.


See you soon for more adventures on this blog ! 🙂

Lucélia, Aida, Berta and Angélique

Monday games & BBQ

Good morning everyone !

We had fun yesterday evening ! New students participated in ice breaker games in the Concha Blanca house. Then we shared a barbecue dinner all together, new students, returning students, and boarding staff.

It was so nice playing all together and getting to know everyone.

Lucélia, Aida, Berta, Angélique.

Welcome back assembly

Hello everyone !

Yesterday was the Welcome back assembly & cocktail. The welcome back assembly was also broadcasted online for the ones who couldn’t make it to Geneva or were in quarantine.

It was so nice seeing parents, students and staff, together at last !

After the speeches and description of the programme for 2020-2021, we all had food and drinks. The new students visited the school and played some icebreaker games.

Lunch in Léman cafeteria with the boarders

Food and drinks for the welcome back cocktail – yummy !

See you soon !


Lucélia, Aida, Berta, Angélique

Welcome to Villa du Lac !

Hello everyone !

We are delighted to be back at Villa du Lac for a new school year ! 2020-2021 is going to be great.

We are open, and we just cannot wait to see you all. We miss you !

This year, we are joined by a new graduate assistant, Angélique.

See you soon 🙂

Lucélia, Berta, Aida, Angélique