Wellbeing pillar 5: making safe and responsible choices

Dear all,

We are entering the last pillar of our wellbeing program for this year. This time, the topic is about making safe and responsible choices.

Did you know we make around 35.000 choices every day ?! Of course, most of them are inconscious.

The key takeaway points this month will be to recognise what is a good choice and what is a bad choice, and knowing that all decisions have consequences.

Here is a very interesting video about how to improve decision making. We showed this video to our girls during our weekly meeting on Wednesday.


Also, our girls will be given only two choices for their Individual Projects. They will have to join either the discipline revolution project or the happiness project.

15.000 steps challenge. Well done girls.



Alina, Betty and Victoria were the first participants in our new challenge: 15,000 steps per day . On Saturday morning, they woke up early to walk to Mies Plage. They enjoyed the wonderful views of the lake and the mountains. At the end of the day, they achieved over 22,000 steps, they feel proud and happy to accomplish this challenge. Well done girls! This is only the beginning of many more to come..