Week-end 30/4-02/05

Dear all,

We had a lovely and busy week-end !

First, on Saturday, we went to play tennis indoors…

Vivien and Mila

… And then our House Parent Lucélia cooked the best chicken curry for dinner ! Yummy !

Today, Sunday, the G9 and 10 had the opportunity to visit the Cailler chocolate factory and go around the beautiful village of Gruyères, in the Canton of Fribourg. Although the day was cloudy, it was filled with laughter, cheese and chocolate.

Coco  and  Yanning

Vivien  and  Mila


Akmaral  and  Nastya

Coco and Mila


Happy Orthodox Easter !

Dear all,

happy Easter. in Russian

Today is Easter for our Orthodox friends !

Our students Elizaveta, Valentina, Emilia, and Sophie decided to bake traditional Russian Easter cakes to celebrate this special day.

Wellbeing pillar 5: making safe and responsible choices

Dear all,

We are entering the last pillar of our wellbeing program for this year. This time, the topic is about making safe and responsible choices.

Did you know we make around 35.000 choices every day ?! Of course, most of them are inconscious.

The key takeaway points this month will be to recognise what is a good choice and what is a bad choice, and knowing that all decisions have consequences.

Here is a very interesting video about how to improve decision making. We showed this video to our girls during our weekly meeting on Wednesday.


Also, our girls will be given only two choices for their Individual Projects. They will have to join either the discipline revolution project or the happiness project.

Week-end 26-28 March

Dear all,

Lovely sunny week-end here in Collège du Léman! Spring is starting to bloom. Our girls got to play tennis, cook, enjoy the weather, rest… or pack their suitcases! Yes. This is also the last week-end before the Spring Break. The boarding houses will be closed from Friday, 2nd of April until Friday, 16th of April.

Happy Nowruz !

Today, we wish a Happy Nowruz (new year) to our friends all over the world !

Nowruz is the Persian new year. According to the United Nations; “Nowruz promotes values of peace and solidarity between generations and within families. It’s a time of reconciliation and neighborliness, contributing to cultural diversity and friendship among peoples and different communities.”

It also happens to be on the Spring equinox ! 🙂

Our house project: no phone day !

Dear all,

Some of our girls decided to take part in a house challenge today: 24 hours without phone !

This was Nycol’s idea and it is part of our Wellbeing pillar number 4 about online safety.

So, this morning before breakfast, the girls participating in this project left their phones with us in the office (and the house parents are also doing it !). They will get their phones back tomorrow before breakfast.


Week-end 12-14 March

Dear all,

This week-end, although the weather was grey, we still got to spend a lovely time all together in CDL !

We have been able to do tennis, badminton, cooking… Everything we need to keep busy and relax 🙂