Ski week photos!

Many of our students spent February break in the amazing resort of Crans Montana! Among them, it was Helen who snowboarded 6 days, notably improving her level!

Kids enjoyed tremendously with also many activities as bowling, escape room, cinema, skating, swimming pool…..

Have a look at these wonderful pictures 🙂

Social Skills #WellBeing

Friendly folks are not the same as folks who are your friends.  It’s nice to feel welcomed when you attend an activity, but it’s much more valuable to have relationships that thrive outside of the meetings. But how do we build those relationships?. Sometimes relationships will grow quickly on their own, but if they don’t, how do you encourage them to grow? Fortunately, making friends is a skill that we can develop.

In the last session of the Wellbeing programme -third Pillar: Building positive friendships, we have talked about tools and strategies that can take us to fulfiling friendships and, through an acting game, Terray girls have represented some of these social skills. We can practice them every day and will help in almost any situation.: smiling, making eye contact, finding common interest, empathize…

Thank you girls, for such a wonderful session 🙂  !

Sunday Choreography

Watch this video with Natalina picking up this Style dance Choreography

Boarding Assembly artists 🎵

Each of our monthly assemblies begins with a brilliant interpretation of our students.

In our February assembly, we have been able to count on Gabriel who, with only his voice and creating loops, has achieved this wonderful melody.

Please listen carefully……….

Study Hall

As we approach some exams of the second Marking Period, students thoughts have turned to revision.  The importance of revision is twofold. Firstly, it helps you to remember what the students covered some time ago. Secondly, If done correctly it will help increase your confidence and reduce anxiety.

Keep revising girls, you will be well prepared!

International friendship #WellBeing

This week in our Well-Being session we have explored the benefits of making friends from around the world in School.

Internationalism is a cornerstone at CDL, a school with more than 110 nationalities. Only in Villa Terray, we count with 8 different and this is going to lead to many international friends.

Terray girls came up with many benefits such as the cultural exchange, learning languages or a greater sense of empathy for the world. After this discussion, we played a quiz about international food which made us laugh out loud!