Virtual Monthly Boarding Assembly. March

This term brings the launch of our 4th pillar within our annual Wellbeing Programme. This pillar called Online Safety will accompany our students through these next five weeks of the school year, and it will offer them the opportunity to work on a range of many different projects and activities until the Easter Break. During our weekly well-being tutorials, we will cover crucial topics such as What Goes Online, Stays Online;  Who are your Friends/Followers; and Safety First Workshop Online Harassment which will be the main focus of this Pillar. Also, our girls will be encouraged to complete an individual and community project, just as they did during the last pillars.

We also have to thank Maeva and Diana, our Prefects for their help with tonight’s topics, full details about A.P. Mock exams, last ski day, Talent Show and Boarding Phrase Competition to name a few. Thanks for your contribution!
Girls, enjoy your apple pie & hot milk 
Boarding Team

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