Wellbeing Session,1st Pillar.The effects of screen time before sleeping 😴

We are now entering the third week of the Wellbeing Pillar 1. This week the topic to be covered is The effects of screen time before sleeping’This is again linked to the first takeaway point of this pillar which is: How important is sleep?’ 

Can't Sleep At Night? Here Are Five Ways You Can Tackle Insomnia

We care about all the elements which interfere with the life of our students. One of these is the time spent in front of screens before sleeping.

The Link Between Your Cell Phone and Insomnia - Sisters in Health

Using phones, or any screens for that matter, before you go to sleep has an effect on your health and subsequently your wellbeing. Scrolling through your phone or watching something on your laptop at bedtime can keep your mind psychologically engaged, preventing your brain from switching off effectively at the end of the day. The blue light that comes off the screens reduces the melatonin levels in your body. Melatonin is the hormone within the body that controls your sleep cycles. It is also possible that scrolling and watching can trigger emotions within your brain that will delay your sleep and can lead to you lying awake reflecting on those emotions. We would like to outline the importance of sleep to our students so that they are fully prepared and they give themselves the best opportunity possible to achieve their full potential – in all aspects of their lives. Allowing the brain the sufficient amount of time to rest and recover means we give ourselves the best chance to having a healthy mind, and a healthy body


We also watched this interesting video about How smartphones affect our sleep



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