Keeping the balance #Wellbeing

It is important that we identify what can make us happy, healthy and confident and keep a balance with our achievements or academic skills.

During this month Terray girls are reflecting on their quality of Sleep, Nutrition, Mood, Physical activity, Leisure time and School.

This insight can help us to find  where is our balance or what are the consequences of choosing bad habits, how is all connected and the most important… how can all we find opportunities to improve our well being with small changes 🙂

Nurturing Healthy Bodies and Minds – Pillar 1 #Wellbeing

At College du Leman our students’ ‘wellbeing’ is defined as being physically and mentally healthy and be able to cope with life’s challenges in a positive and constructive manner. Our students’ health and academics are very important and this year we want to have a different focus on their wellbeing by providing them with the tools that a teenager needs to maintain a healthy body and mind.

This week has seen the launch of the first Pillar of our well-being programme, Nurturing Healthy Minds and Bodies

This first Pillar will accompany our students through these first weeks of the school year, and it will offer them the opportunity to work on a range of many different projects and activities until the October Break.

Throughout this school year, students will be encouraged to complete an individual project and a community project for each pillar of well-being. These projects are focused on activities that are meant to support growth and self-awareness. We believe that this will allow our students of all age groups to take ownership of their wellbeing.

Parents, students, educators, walk with us this path. We count on your support to make the best for our students wellbeing.

Yummy baking from Rikka! 🍰

During the year Rikka was attending the weekly culinary classes with our school chef making great recipes. Now she has sent us this picture of an amazing cake she has prepared for her bother’s birthday….. Looks delicious!

Well done Rikka!

We wish you a deserved rest After 4 weeks of a Virtual Learning Experience!

It has been a challenge but Well done to all the Villa Terray girls: Olivia, Rikka, Helen, Jialin, Aya, Ana Sofia, Jasmine, Natalina and Julia 🙂
We are looking forward to seeing you back in the House as soon as possible, we miss you tremendously!

Please see a little video message from us.