Comments after the meditation session from our girls:

Lia: “It allows us to learn and perceive all senses”

Bozhena: “Every bone in my body was relaxed and it seemed that I was in sync with my body and my mind. Great experience.”

Katia: “Meditation is being present in the moment”

Bianka: “After the session, mediation is adquiered and perfected with practice. The more you practice the better you are at it and you are more connected to the environment.”

Sofia: “It was really nice to be able to feel things that normally we don’t have the time to even be aware of.”

Arlene: “I liked it because it is something that you cannot do right or wrong because there is no results just what you feel and how you understand and applied it into your life.”

Galia: “It allowed me to find some equilibrium and be more connected with my body. To be able to put all the worries aside and concentrate only in what that happening in that instant. ”

Amaliya: “Although this activity was not my favorite one, I like the state of mind that I was left with after the session.”

Muslima: “The body almost can do it all but is the mind who we need to convince. Being able to leave all my worries for a while was really rewarding .”