abdulaziz altamimi prezi final exam project

photoshop final exam copyThis project was fun to make and to read about I picked this project because I loved the process of making this amazing project.

A magic box! This is the case for Raspberry Pi of those born in the eighties, taking the design of Nintendo of ’85 have created a box for Raspberry Pi 2 pieces of Lego that plays to scale the NES mythical, how could it it be otherwise called NesPi and is made ​​with LEGO pieces Original and exclusive sales in RaspiPC.es box made ​​of LEGO pieces for Raspberry Pi 2, based on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) 1985. the box reproduces in the most accurate way the original design while maintaining all connectivity Raspberry, allows access to all, USB, video, audio. ports Compatible with Raspberry Pi 3 box for Raspberry Pi NesPi is made ​​with original pieces of Lego. the Kit is composed of 108 pieces. Manual 30 color pages. Hot Line service assistance and missing parts.



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