International day

Today was International Day at school! International Day is a chance for all of the students and teachers and staff of the school to represent and share their culture and the food or drinks of their country. It was a very sunny day and everybody had a big smile on their face. I think that it was a total success and that everyone enjoyed it!

CdB int day 1 CdB int day 2


Hello I am Gio Chicheanu and I am from Romania. Today I am going to talk about the most fun and attractive resort I have ever visited in my life.

Mamaia is a popular and modern resort in Romania, it is located north-east of Constanţa’s city centre. Mamaia is on the Black Sea. The beach season is best between June and September, when it can get as hot as 30 degrees Celsius! The water stays warm until mid autumn. It is a big attraction for teens and young adults because of its modern beaches and nightclubs, which are some of the best looking clubs in Europe. Hotels are from mid-end to exclusive 4 and 5 stars hotels. There are also camping sites in the north. 

I hope you will visit this wonderful resort one day!



Oh what a night!

On Friday, CdB boys had an amazing night. Starting to get prepared for the night, we already felt like the christmas dance was going to be an extraordinary experience. We started to walk to the limousine which waited for us at the back of the Cervin building. The music started to enter our body and we all started to dance and sing. It was an incredible feeling. We then stopped to take some pictures and then continued our trip, ending at Kempinsky. We entered the dining hall. Everything was so elegant and graceful. We went to our table and started to talk about random things, joke, laugh and enjoy ourself. We then ate very tasty food and watched the Kavkaz boys dance lezginka. Then the music started again and we came together and danced on the dance floor. We had a beautiful night at the Christmas dance and we hope that next year it will be the same.



Rochers de Nayes discovery day

We arrived at Rochers de Nayes at around 11 am. A cold breeze of fresh, clean air swept by us. We knew that we will enjoy it.

On the first day we couldn’t do any activity outside because it was raining too hard so we played inside games: cards, truth or dare, etc. The next day came and the rain started to go away. We were separated into groups and rock climbed and hiked. Even if there was dense fog, the view was still amazing and the forests were extraordinary.

Now we are back in Champs des Bois enjoying hearing the stories of the other boys who were in Interlaken.