Thursday Lunch 😋

Good afternoon everyone,

Today’s lunch was a choice of:

  • Fish with lemon sauce
  • Pasta with vegetables
  • Roasted chicken with spiced baked potatoes and vegetables
  • Crepes as dessert


Enjoy 😋

Collège du Léman Team 🙂

International Dinner! 🍽

Dear all,

For International Dinner today, we had Senegalese food! 😋


Some interesting facts about Senegalese food:

  • The Senegalese cuisine is a West African Cuisine influenced by North African, French and Portuguese cuisine and derives from the nation’s many ethnic groups, the largest being the Wolof.
  • Peanuts, the primary crop of Senegal, as well as couscous, white rice, sweet potatoes, lentils, black-eyed peas and various vegetables, are also incorporated into many recipes.
  • Meats and vegetables are typically stewed or marinated in herbs and spices, and then poured over rice or couscous, or eaten with bread.

Thank you very much to our kitchen staff! 😊


Collège du Léman Team

Wednesday Lunch! 🍽

Dear all,

For Wednesday lunch, in Leman, we had pilons de poulet, pommes de terre and parmigiana. 😊

In Eiger, we had lentilles, purèe de choux, èpinard and carottes. 😊


Collège du Léman Team 

Monday Meals 🍽

Dear all,

Today’s lunch was quiche and beef with paprika.

Tonight, ground veal steak, grilled peppers and roasted potatoes 😋

Have a nice evening to you all!

Collège du Léman Team ☺

Friday Lunch! 🍽

Dear all,

Today for lunch, our students were presented with “Spécialites des Alpes”! 🤗😋

Thank you to the kitchen team for their work and dedication! 🙌



Collège du Léman Team

Wednesday Lunch

Dear all,

Today for lunch in Leman, we had Frite de Polenta, steak haché and sauce échalote! 🙌🤗🍽

In Eiger, we had Spaetzli and Saunté de Porc! 👏🤗

College du Léman Team 😊

Monday Lunch

Good afternoon everyone,

Today’s lunch was:

  • Sea bream and lentil
  • Quorn protein with mushrooms
  • Chicken filet with peas and vegetables

Have a nice start of the week to you all!

Collège du Léman Team 🙂

Thursday’s Meals

Good morning everyone,

Here are some pictures of yesterday’s meals. A wide variety of choice between rice, pasta, cheese, vegetables and omelette. And to end, some very tasty chocolate and rasberry cheesecakes.


Have a nice day to you all!

Collège du Léman Team 🙂


Thursday Lunch

Good afternoon everyone,

Today’s lunch was all about squash: squash quiche, roasted squash and vegetables pancakes. At Panthers the students had a tasty kebab 😋

Have a good day!

Collège du Léman Team 🙂

International Dinner – Chinese Food! 🥠

Dear all,

For our weekly International Dinner, we had Chinese Food! 😋

Some interesting facts about Chinese Food:

  • The Healthiest Food Around the World – This is probably the most attracting Chinese food fact. Chinese like fresh ingredients and always try to achieve a balanced portion of vegetables and meat, to provide all nutrition the body needs.
  • Rich Flavours – One of the Chinese food facts is that it is of multiple flavours, among which sour, spicy, bitter, sweet and salty are the most common. Generally, the northern food is salty, the southern sweet, and the southwestern sour and spicy. No matter which flavour you like, you can always find your fond Chinese food.
  • Delicate Decoration – In addition to fragrance and taste, Chinese emphasizes the appearance of the dishes. They believe beautiful appearances can promote the appetite. After being cooked, the dishes are usually set on various plates, shaped finely and decorated creatively.


Collège du Léman Team 😊

Tuesday Dinner

Good evening everyone,

Tonight our boarders had two different dishes for dinner:

  • Chicken with citrus fruits and gratin dauphinois
  • Gnocchi with gorgonzola sauce and vegetables

Have a lovely evening to you all!

Collège du Léman Team 😊


Thursday Lunch

Good afternoon everyone,

Today at Eiger’s restaurant students had a mushroom crust with raclette cheese and a wok of tortiglioni with spinach and salmon.

Enjoy 😋

Collège du Léman Team 😊

Wednesday International Dinner! 🙌

Dear all,

For our first International Dinner of the term, we had Belize food! 🌮
It looks so good!! 😜

Here are some interesting facts about Belize food:

  • Fruit like mangos, bananas and limes flavour a lot of Belizean dishes.
  • Belizeans tend to like their dishes spicy, and absolutely worship Marie Sharp’s hot sauce. This hot sauce comes in a range of spiciness, including Mild, Hot, Fiery, Belizean Heat, No Wimps Allowed, and Beware.
  • Seafood makes appearances quite often in Belize cuisine, particularly due to the fact that Belize is a coastal nation. Flounder and barracuda are popular seafood choices
  • Much of the street food in Belize is influenced by its neighbouring Spanish-speaking countries. Tacos, panades (fried corn patties with fish and beans), garnaches (see above recipe), and salbutes (hot, fried tacos) shine as Belizean street food.


Collège du Léman Team 😊

Wednesday Lunch 🍽

Dear all,

For lunch, our students, in Léman have an amazing Blanquette de volaille, with riz jaune and épinards. 😋

In Eiger, they were served with Roti de porc au pruneaux. 🙌


Collège du Léman Team 😊

Tuesday Lunch 😋

Good afternoon everyone,

Today’s menu at Collège du Léman was:

  • Chili with meat and homemade tortilla
  • Homemade pancake with vegetables and herbal cream

At the Eiger cafeteria our students had fried rice with shrimps.

Collège du Léman Team ☺


Monday Lunch 🍽

Dear all,

Happy new year to everybody! We hope you had nice and relaxing holidays 😊

Here’s the Eiger Green Fork menu for today: vegetables nuggets, spring rolls and seafood pasta.

Have a nice evening!

Collège du Léman Team ☺

Wednesday Lunch 🍽

Dear all,

For lunch today, we had Rôti de Boeuf for all the restaurants and the vegetarian dish was Végétarian Risotto.

Thank you very much to the kitchen staff. 🙌


Collège du Léman Team

Monday Meals 🍽

Good evening everyone,

Here is the menu of the lunch for all the students of the school: Zurich style chicken with Rösti and vegetables 😀

This evening instead the students had some chocolate – the Marmite de l’Escalade!

Happy start of the week to you all!

Collège Du Léman Team 😀

Winter Soup 🍜

Good morning everyone,

Every year the preschool students bring vegetables for the Escalade soup and the kitchen staff prepare a delicious meal for them 🤩

Here is a before and after

We wish you a good day!

Collège Du Léman Team 😀

International Dinner: Iranian Evening

Goodmorning everyone,

Yesterday the International dinner was an Iranian meal with the typical dish of the country that was requested by one of our Iranian students: Ghormeh Sabzi 😊

It is an Iranian herb stew, and it is considered the national dish of Iran.

Have a great day!

Collège Du Léman Team 😊

Lunch at CDL

Good afternoon everyone,

By now we can say that winter is here, so our kitchen staff warms us up with delicious soup and fondue 🧀

Today we also had Japanese pancakes made with miso, cabbage and soy by the chef Mathieu and Florent 🤩

Have a good day to you all!

Collège Du Léman Team

Tonight’s Dinner

Good evening everybody,

Tonight’s dinner was a tasting of a trio of sea food! With island flavours 🏝️ coconut, lime, cilantro 🌿

Beautiful evening to you!

Collège Du Léman Team 😊

Tuesday Dinner

Good evening Everyone,

Tonight’s dinner is fish with a side of vegetables and bulgur wheat. It really looks delicious 😋

Have a nice evening to you all.

Collège Du Léman Team 😊

Street Food

Hello Everyone,

Today’s lunch is a little tour of the street food world: kebab, tortilla with guacamole, burgers and of course fries! 🍟🍔


Have a great day.

Collège Du Léman Team 😊

Sunday Dinner

Good evening everyone,

Tonight, the kitchen staff prepared Ramen with soba noodles and different choice of toppings followed by a delicious fresh fruit salad 😋

Have a great start of the week!

Collège Du Léman Team 😊

Good morning everyone,

Happy Sunday! And like every Sunday here at Collège Du Léman it is time for our beloved brunch! 😋

Avocado, salmon, pancakes, eggs, cookies and a lot more! A very large selection to delight all tastes! Enjoy 🤩

Collège Du Léman Team 😀

Thanksgiving Dinner 👏

Dear all,

Today we celebrate Thanksgiving and our boarders had just an amazing meal! 🤗

We are some interesting facts about Thanksgiving 😊

  • The “first Thanksgiving” was in 1621
  • Thanksgiving becomes a national holiday in 1870
  • Thanksgiving is the fourth Thursday in November
  • 292.9 million Americans celebrate Thanksgiving
  • 46 million turkeys are eaten on Thanksgiving

Thank you to all the kitchen staff for an amazing meal 🙌


Collège du Léman 😊

International Dinner – Canada 🍽

Dear all,

For our International Dinner this Wednesday, we had Canadian Food. 😋

Leaving you with some facts about Canadian Food:

  • Great Lakes Perch is a seasonal dish that you can usually find in the summer months in restaurants near Lake Erie and Lake Ontario.
  • Usually found in Montreal, steamies are one of the favorite dishes of this region.
  • The dish consists of a soft bun that has a steamed hot dog inside it. The interesting fact about steamies is they do not contain ketchup, unlike most Canadian dishes.
  • A Canadian dish famous all around the world is peameal bacon. Peameal bacon is famous for being made from pork loin. It is also regarded as Canadian bacon.


Thank you to everyone that was involved in this dish! 🙌
We wish you a great week!


Collège du Léman Team😊 

Monday Dinner

Dear all,

Our boarders tonight had cheese crust, meat and baked potatoes with herb sauce. It was really tasty 😋

Have a lovely start of the week ☺️
Collège Du Léman Team ☺️

International Dinner – Asian Fusion

Dear all,

Today for our usual International Dinner we had Asian Fusion 🍜

Asian Fusion uses traditional Asian-style ingredients, dishes and techniques to create innovative and flavorful new fusions. It is a cuisine style that typically combines Asian foods with the likes of traditional Mexican, American or other Asian-style dishes.

What a delicious meal 😋


Collège du Léman Team 😊

Sunday Brunch 🤩

Good morning everybody,

today is Sunday and it means that our boarders are enjoying the amazing brunch prepared by the CDL kitchen staff! The variety of food offered delights everyone 😋

Here are some shots 📸

Collège Du Léman Team ☺

Highlights from the Week 🤩

Dear all,

Here are some highlights from this past week in the dining hall.

On Wednesday the International Dinner was Indian food.

On Tuesday, our students had fried chicken and potatoes. It was delicious 😋

Enjoy your weekend 🙂

Collège Du Léman Team 🙂

Dinner in the Houses

Dear all,

Last night our students had dinner in their boarding houses. The kitchen staff prepared a delicious Mexican-style dinner for them: chilli, rice, vegetables, nachos and guacamole sauce 😋

Here are the staff grappling with the preparations

Collège Du Léman Team 😊

Home-made Creations

Dear All,

Here some delicious home-made products throughout the day for our teachers’ coffee breaks: lemon cake, marble cake, gingerbread, cereal bars. Enjoy 😋

A special thanks to our kitchen staff 🙂

Collège Du Léman Team

International Dinner – Portuguese Cuisine 🍽

Dear all,

Today our students were presented with our usual International Dinner!
And today, the country of choice was Portugal 🤩

We had Rissois, Bolinhos de Bacalhau and Pão com Chouriço!
Delicious 😋

Leaving you with some interesting facts:

  • Second Breakfast is a thing: It is a daily ritual to take a short break with a cup of coffee and a sweet pastry in a place called “pastelaria” (pastry shop). In fact, Pastelarias are part of the furniture in Portugal since work breaks (or any other event whatsoever) are always around food.
  • Despite its humble origins, Portuguese gastronomy is rich because necessity is the mother of invention: The diminutive size of Portugal, a land area about the size of the U.S. state of Indiana, might suggest that there is not much culinary diversity. Nothing could be further from the truth, and you can notice it that if you cross the country from North to South or fly to the islands. There are almost as many types of sausages, bread, cheese, wine, beer, and traditional sweets … as there are geographical regions.
  • There are no two recipes alike: Portuguese recipes have been passed down through the centuries, from generation to generation, by word of mouth. That’s why it is so difficult to find two recipes alike, even for the simplest Portuguese foods and dishes.

We said Obrigada to all the kitchen team! 😊


Collège du Léman Team 😊

Happy Halloween 🎃

Hello everybody,

yesterday it was Halloween and we would like to celebrate with some traditional food: scary cookies and cakes, carved pumpkins and a lot more!

Everybody really enjoyed the food 🤩

Moreover, did you know that Halloween date back more than 2,000 years? And also, trick-or-treats has existed since medieval times.. interesting ☺️

Collège Du Léman Team 😊

Halloween Preparations 🎃

Hello everybody,

We hope that you are well and had a nice weekend off for the October break.
Halloween is just around the corner and the preparations are in the making…

They both look scary and delicious at the same time😨 😋

Collège Du Léman Team 😊

International Dinner – Japan

Dear All,

For our International Dinner we had Japanese Cuisine! 👌

Some interesting facts about Japanese cuisine:

  • Japanese cuisine is one of only three national food traditions recognized by the UN for its cultural significance
  • Simplicity is key: Courses include a few small items, often fresh and with simple flavours. Japanese chefs work with top quality ingredients and do as little to the food as possible to maintain the colour and flavour

We hoped our students enjoyed this meal! It was delicious 😋

Collège du Léman Team 😊

Oriental Cuisine

Hello everybody,

Today’s lunch was focused on oriental cuisine. Léman, Preschool and Eiger canteen offered to our students and staff members an amazing and delicious lunch:

  • Chickpeas falafel 🧆
  • Chicken kebab
  • Lamb
  • Hummus
  • Dried fruit

Everything looks really tasty 😋

Collège Du Léman Team

Sunday Brunch at CDL

Hello Everyone,

As traditional, Sunday is brunch at Collège du Léman. A huge variety of food, from sweets like waffles  and donuts, to savoury like the delicious baked salmon.
Our boarders enjoy an enormous choice of food 🤩

Have a lovely Sunday!
Collège Du Léman Team 😊

Today‘s Meals

Good Evening Everyone,

Today our boarders started breakfast with a delicious French dish: le Pain Perdu.

For lunch at Eiger they enjoyed pasta with pesto and ravioli with tomato sauce and grana cheese.

Finally, for dinner they had quinoa with vegetables and royal cod fillet.

Have a nice evening 😊

Collège Du Léman Team ☺️

International Dinner – France 🇫🇷

Dear All,

For our usual International Dinner, we had French Food 🇫🇷

Our students were presented with

Some interesting facts about French Cuisine 👨🏻‍🍳

  • French gastronomy is included in UNESCO’s list of the world’s “intangible cultural heritage”
  • The French Have a special bread law: Yes, the French have a special law for bread which states that homemade bread must be fully kneaded, shaped, and baked at the same place where they are sold.
  • French fries are not actually French: French Fries, locally known as Frites, originated in Belgium. The story goes on to state that during World war I, Americans who were deployed in Belgium were introduced to this delicacy and since the language spoken in the region was French, they dubbed this snack French fries.

We wish you a good day! 🙌🏻

Collège du Léman Team 😊

Tonight‘s Dinner 🥔

Dear Everybody,

For tonight’s dinner our boarders are having baked potatoes with:

  • Sour cream, chives and beef pastrami
  • Feta cheese, sun-dried tomatoes and maple syrup
  • Tomato tartar with Gruyere and basil pesto

They look so delicious and tasty 😋

Hope our boarders will enjoy their dinner!

Collège Du Léman Team 😊



Cooking Class 😎

Hello Everybody,

Our students had the opportunity to attend a cooking class last week: they prepared delicious chicken enchiladas 😋

Have a great starting of the week 😄

Collège Du Léman Team 😊

Friday Lunch 🍽

Dear All,

We hope your week went well!

Today, for lunch, our students had a Poke Bowl! 🥙

How delicious 🤤 

We wish you a very pleasant weekend 🤩

Collège du Léman Team 😊

Dinner at CDL

Dear all,

Our students tonight ate beef flank steak with a chocolate and clove sauce! It was delicious 🤤

Have a nice evening all!

Collège Du Léman Team 😊

International Dinner 🍽

Dear All,

Yesterday, for our International Dinner we had Lebanese food! 🧆
Thank you to everyone involved in the making of this amazing meal! 😍

How delicious 😋

Finally, here are some interesting facts about Lebanese food 😉

  • Most of their food is served with bread: A type of bread called Pita is served as an addition to most of Lebanese meals. It’s so traditional and important to their food which they refer to it as “esh” meaning life.
  • Spices and seasonings: Lebanese food has a distinct feature in most of their meals, they don’t joke with their seasoning and spices, most of their dishes use a mix of herbs and native spices to produce a unique profile and colour to their dishes.
  • Stuffed Vegetables: Lebanese cuisine, as well as foods from around the Middle East, are well known for stuffed vegetables. Traditionally, vegetables are stuffed with ground beef or lamb and rice and seasoned with cinnamon. The stuffed vegetables are then cooked in tomato sauce or oil and lemon juice.

Wishing you a great day! 🎉

Collège Du Léman Team 😋

Wednesday Lunch 🍽

Dear All,

Today in Léman we had:

  • St Pierre et Semoule

St Pierre et Semoule 

  • Feuilleté au Poulet

Feuilleté au Poulet

Feuilleté au Poulet in Preparation

  • Carotte Cake for dessert

Carotte Cake


In Eiger, we had Mexican Plate 😊

Mexican Plate


Thank you to all the kitchen staff! 🤗

Collège Du Léman Team 😋

International Vegetarian Day 🌱

Hello everybody,

To celebrate the International Vegetarian Day our kitchen staff prepared some delicious dishes: rice with vegetables, veggies burgers and vegetables meatballs, tortillas with potatoes, and a lot more!!

Everything looks delicious 🤤 Many compliments to the kitchen staff 👏

Collège Du Léman Team 😊

International Dinner – Thailand 🇹🇭

Dear all,

Today for International Dinner we had Thai food 🥘

Saying goodbye to you, with some facts about Thai Food:

  • Thai people almost never use an oven, but they love to stir-fry, deep fry and grill their food.
  • Thai cuisine likes to combine different flavors: spicy, sour, salty, and, last but not least, sweet. Many dishes, also those you wouldn’t expect, have sugar in them.
  • This might be a surprise to many, but Thai people don’t use chopsticks to eat Thai food.

Thank you to all the staff!

Collège du Léman Team 😊

Lunch at CDL 🥗

Hello everybody,

Every meal is important and it has to be well balanced: meatballs, rice and vegetables for our students 😋

Everything looks delicious!

Collège du Léman Team 😊

Sunday Brunch 🍽

Hello Everyone,

We hope you all are enjoying this rainy Sunday 🌂

Today we had a usual brunch and it’s so tasty and full of variety!


Thank you to our kitchen staff!

Collège du Léman Team 😊

Friday Dinner 🌟

Good Night Everyone,

Today for dinner, we had an Spanish inspiration – Tapas 🙌
And delicious dessert 😍

Leaving you so interesting facts about Tapas:

  • There a tapas competition that take place in many areas of Spain.
  • The name comes from the Spanish verb “tapar”, which means to cover. In the old days, drinks were covered to protect them from flies, hence the idea of having a snack to go with the drink.
  • Spanish linguists literally invented a verb for it because they eat tapas so much.

We wish you all an amazing weekend! 🌟

Collège du Léman Team 😎

Friday Lunch 😋

Hello Everyone,

Today for lunch we had Breaded Hoki with Sweet Potato Fries in Eiger 😋

Breaded Hoki with Sweet Potato Fries

Breaded Hoki with Sweet Potato Fries


In Léman cafeteria with had Spinach Gnocchi 😋

Spinach Gnocchi

Spinach Gnocchi


Once again, thank you to our kitchen staff!! 🙌

Collège du Léman Team 😊

Thursday Lunch 😋

Dear all,

Today we have an especial lunch – Healthy and Green! 🥦

This is a whole art of putting green on the plate of our students! 🌱😋🙌

Take a look of how good this plate looks!
Delicious 😋

Thank you to our kitchen!!  🙌


Collège du Léman Team 😊




Wednesday International Dinner 🙌

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday, as usual, we had our International Dinner and the country was…Hawaii!!! 🌟

It was so delicious 😋
Thank you to the kitchen staff and everyone involved that helped with this fantastic dinner 🙌

Collège du Léman Team 😊

Wednesday Lunch 😋

Hello Everyone,

We hope your week is going well and with delicious meals like our students! 😁

Example of that is todays lunch. Boulettes de Boeuf à la Zurichoise, roestis maisons and légumes de saison.
So tasty!! 😋

Boulettes de Bouef à la Zurichoise, roestis maisons and léegumes de saison


Thank you again to our kitchen staff!!

Wishing a great week!

Collège du Léman Team 😊

Monday Lunch 😋

Hello Everyone,

Today we had Tandoori chicken with basmati rice, naan bread and Indian vegetables. 😚

Poulet Tandoori with basmati rice, pain naan and Indian vegetables


We also had Tourte Valaisanne! Delicious 😋

Tourte Valaisanne

As if that wasn’t enough, the students were also presented with Carbonara de Dinde!

Carbonara de Dinde


Thank you very much to our kitchen staff!


Collège du Léman Team 😊

Sunday is Brunch at CDL

Good morning everyone,

Happy Sunday to all! Today is the day of the very rich brunch here at CDL.

We are very proud of the huge variety of food our students can enjoy: eggs, sausages, pancakes, donuts, fruit, cheese, salami, and more!

There is truly something for everyone! Enjoy 🙂

Collège Du Léman Team 🙂

Saturday Night at CDL

Good morning everyone,

yesterday our kitchen staff cooked Asiatic food: vegetarian rolls, beef stir-fry with mushrooms, vegetable wok and teriyaki chicken brochettes. It was delicious 🙂

Collège Du Léman Team 🙂

Friday Lunch at CDL

Hello everybody,

Here is a little taste of the delicious lunch prepared by the kitchen staff for our students 😋

Don’t these pictures make you hungry too?

Collège du Léman Team 🙂

Thursday Lunch 😊

Hi there,

Today we were presented with a very pleasing and delicious lunch!
Thank you to kitchen staff for your work. 🙌


For dessert, we had Tarte Tatin! Very tasty! 😋

Tarte Tatin


Collège du Léman Team 😊

Mexican Night! 🌮

Hello Everyone,

This Wednesday, like every week, CDL has an international dinner and last night we had a Mexican Evening.
Thank you Chef Luitzer and the interns from this amazing meal! 😋

Sandwich “Pépito” with beef, nachos and guacamole

Chef Luitzer

Sandwich “Pépito” with beef, nachos and guacamole


And to complement this delicious meal, the students were presented with this home made amazing dessert – Pastel de Elote 😊

Pastel de Elote


We leave you with three interesting facts about Mexican food:

We hope our students enjoyed this meal 🙌

Collège du Léman Team 😊

Wednesday Lunch 😋

Hello there,

Today, our students had an amazing lunch. They were presented with Thai Food – Thai Boeuf Crevette 😋

Thai Boeuf Crevette       

Some interesting facts about Thai Food 😊

  • The Thai cooking style is considered a form of art
  • The reason why Thai food is so tasty is because it aims to achieve a delicious balance between a range of different salty, sweet, sour, spicy and bitter ingredients.

And as if that wasn’t enough , they also had a delicious dessert – Poire au Sirop, chocolat et fromage blanc 😋

Poire au Sirop, chocolat et fromage blanc

We hope our students and boarders enjoyed this tasty combination! 🙌

Collège du Léman Team 🤗


Breakfast at CDL 🤩

Hello everyone,

Do you know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Well, we can honestly say that Collège du Léman breakfast is absolutely amazing! Check yourself if you do not believe us ☺️

Collège du Léman Team

Monday dinner

Hello everybody,

tonight our borders had a great meal with chicken, vegetables and spaghetti! The dinner was delicious 😋

This is a very balanced meal because of the meat, vegetables and carbohydrates.. and remember they are spaghetti not noodles 😉

Collège du Léman Team


International Dinner 🥘

Hello Everyone,

Every Wednesday CDL has an international dinner: this week we were transported to Spain and our students had the opportunity to taste a rice dish from Valencia – Paella 🙂

Fun facts:

  • Did you know that Paella is the word for frying pan in Valencia’s regional language?
  • Did you know that there are countless Paella’s recipes?
  • Lastly, did you know that there are festivals where people gather to cook the biggest Paella to enter the Guinness World Record?

Here a terrific pictures of our Paella! Our borders enjoyed it a lot!

Collège du Léman Team 🙂

Welcome Back Dinner!

Hello Everyone,

The school year has just started and CDL wanted to wish all the students and staff an amazing and warm welcome! 🙂

Our kitchen staff delighted us with this delicious dinner for our boarders.

We really hope they enjoyed and we wish them a fantastic academic and boarding year!

Collège du Léman Team 🙂


Pizza Party

What a wonderful thing a good pizza is, thin and crispy dough, tasty ingredients well combined, lots of love and baked in the oven.

Today we have tasted incredible pizzas, from the traditional Margherita, or for the bravest with spicy salami, or a vegetable pizza with lots of flavor like the one with funghi, artichokes, and mascarpone cheese, amazing flavor.


Barbecue in CDL gardens

We love to enjoy the gardens of the CDL on a sunny day and what better than a barbecue to enjoy together.

We enjoyed delicious sausages, vegetable brochettes with halloumi cheese, or grilled chicken with herb-roasted potatoes.



Indian food truck

To celebrate the arrival of the good weather and our international dinner, we have been visited by an Indian food truck. A great experience for our senses and sharing a meal outside in the company of good friends.



Refreshing Brunch

On this hot weekend what better than a brunch full of refreshing foods, especially fruits such as watermelon, melon, or strawberries, and our famous seasonal smoothie.

Not forgetting our great classics, sweet and savory, so that we can choose what we like best and start the Sunday in a great way.



Food Truck Power!

With the arrival of good weather, we received a visit from an oriental food truck in the gardens of Leman. It was lovely to be able to enjoy delicacies such as hummus, falafel, or baba ghanoush outside, enjoying a refreshing ice tea to combat the spring temperatures.

It was definitely a very special day!



Sunday brunch

Do you like it savoury or sweet? It doesn’t matter, at brunch you can choose both!

Sunday couldn’t start better, wake up without rushing, go to the dining hall and share a table with friends, choose the food you fancy the most and enjoy it!

Which one would you choose?

Healthy choices

Today we show you the great variety and healthy food that we have in our dining room, you can always choose different accompaniments, such as rice, mashed potatoes or pasta, as well as roast chicken, fish in sauce or a vegetable wrap. Always accompanied by your best choice at the salad bar.


Singaporean night

We are back! After a well deserved Easter break the routine returns to CDL, and above all the best, the interational dinners are back, today we have been visited by a chef from Singapore, no doubt our kids love these dinners, many can discover new flavours and others feel at home thanks to the food.

Here are some photos of the delicious dishes of today’s dinner.

Tamarin fish

Turkey with vegetables and rice 


Vegetables with soja seeds


Saturday lunch: gourmet edition

Today we had a different meal, besides the main course, we had today, risotto with chicken in barbecue sauce, very tasty.

We also had a great variety of canapes, each one better and better, also accompanied by small cheese sandwiches and fresh cured meats.

Definitely, a gastronomic adventure in our dining room, the great variety and small size of the canapes allowed us to try quite a few and have a friendly chat about which were the best.


Patty’s Friday

It is Friday and we always like to celebrate with a special dinner and we all love burgers, so patty’s Friday!

We had two options, the falafel burger with cheese and vegetables or the beef burger with onions and a special touch of colour as you can see.

Aubergines with feta cheese

Once again, the team of chefs from the CDL’s dining hall has innovated, bringing us a dish full of flavour, this time mixing feta cheese with a vegetable, aubergine. This dish was a big success with our students, although they could also choose a meat option and of course our fabulous salad bar.


Chilean night in CDL

The international visit to the dinning hall comes from the Andean country of Chile.

From the far south of South America, they have brought us the best of their country, such as the empanadillas (savoury pastries), stuffed with prawns or vegetarian with cheese and olives.

And undoubtedly the best, the sweetest possible flavour, manjar, is obtained by cooking condensed milk, the translation of the name is delicacy, which gives us a clue to its flavour.

Piadina, from Italian Romagna to CDL

Piadina it is a flatbread made with wheat flour of Italian origin, typical of the Romagna provinces in the Emilia-Romagna region.

Today we enjoyed two different types, one with beef and tomato sauce and the other with mozzarella, tomato and pesto.

As a side dish we had vegetable skewers with hummus and hake parmentier.


Wonderful options in CDL

Our dining hall has once again surprised us with several options, so that we can choose the one we like best.

Among today’s options we had pork sausages in sauce, chicken with vegetables or scrambled eggs, tofu and cheese.

An excellent variety to keep everyone happy.

For dessert as well as fruit today we had a fabulous apple pie.


Sunday’s brunch

Last week we were enjoying an amazing and well-deserved holiday, but now, after a week back to the routine, our special weekend price was waiting for us, brunch!

We love that moment when we arrive in the dining hall, see our friends, and enjoy a variety of delicacies and a nice chat.

We love brunch!


Senegalese dinner at CDL

Tonight a great Senegalese chef has visited us from the west coast of the African continent. She invites us to discover a delicacy such as maffe, which is delicious and needs nothing more than beef cooked in peanut oil accompanied by white rice.

To drink, he offers us a fresh hibiscus tea, which is truly magnificent.

And for dessert, a tasty fruit salad.

Menikmati hidangan anda!

“Menikmati hidangan anda” means enjoy your food in Malaysian, and of course, we have done just that!

Malaysian food is known for its great taste, with subtle hints of spice and always accompanied by rice.

The chef today offered us three options, chicken, prawns and vegetarian with tofu.


The Malaysian Chef

Poultry Rendang

Shrimps Laksa

Vegetarian dish with tofu

Happy Valentine’s Day!

February 14th has arrived in the CDL full of love and sweets.

Today our dining room was especially nice, beautifully decorated and there were lots of roses with nice messages.

But our thing is food, so today we bring you our Valentine’s cupcake, the red velvet, a sweet that makes us fall in love. But as the most important thing is a balanced diet, let’s not forget our salad bar, amazing once again!

Bom apetite!

The Carioca rhythm arrived in CDL, rice and black beans, accompanied by the best grilled meat, with farofa (it’s manioc; finely grated and toasted, a wonderful discovery).

Special attention for the cheese balls, they have certainly triumphed among our students.

Lots of flavour in our dishes at this Brazilian dinner, we love the visits of international chefs every Wednesday!


“Piccata de poulet”

Today we enjoyed chicken piccata, also known as chicken milanese. Our expert food tasters say the chicken was juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside, which is exactly what this famous breading is all about.

It looks good, doesn’t it?

Bonne Chandeleur!

This special day, typical of 2 February, is celebrated in Switzerland, France and parts of Belgium.

To make use of the surplus wheat from the previous harvest, crepes were made and friends and family gathered to eat them.

As we like all celebrations that involve eating, we have celebrated it with some wonderful crepes.

Xin Nian Kuai Le! means Happy New Year!

The Chinese New Year, Its origins are steeped in legend. One story says that a monster called Nian (“Year”) attacked village populations at the beginning of each year.

Nian was afraid of loud noises, bright lights, and the color red. People used these things to scare the beast away.

That’s why we wanted to join in this great celebration, where one more year we gather to celebrate the beginning of a year full of hope.

In the year of the tiger, it is said that children born in this year will be brave, competitive, and strong.

Do you know what year you were born? (You can check it at the end of the publication).




We enjoyed opening the fortune biscuits to find out the best auguries for 2022.




Mauritian night

In the middle of the Swiss winter, we received a warm visit from the Mauritian chefs, from this island in southeast Africa they brought us flavors of spiced meat, caramelized onions, and other vegetables. Vegetarian samosas were also on the menu.

Many thanks to all the chefs who visit us every Wednesday at our international diner, we really enjoyed discovering other cultures thanks to the food.


Sunday brunch

What could be better than a good brunch on a Sunday morning, sharing a good chat with friends while enjoying all the delicacies you can imagine, getting the strength for fun activities, or relaxing to get ready for the week ahead?


Swiss fondue

Saturday evening we were able to taste in our dining room an authentic Swiss fondue, with lots of cheese, boiled potatoes, bread, pickles.

A wonderful way to get a taste of the local culture is, without a doubt, with its gastronomy.

 “Fondue isch guet und git e gueti Luune” in Swiss German means  ‘fondue is good and creates a good mood’, we really believe this to be true, everyone who has tried it says they loved it.

Órale Mexico!

Today we were visited by Mexican chefs, filling the dining hall with colour, smell and taste!

There was a great atmosphere in the dining hall, lots of sombreros, flags, and laughter as you can see with our Champ de Bois student, Liam, a real mariachi!

On the menu, chicken and beef tacos, pico de gallo, guacamole, and other Mexican treats.


which one do you prefer?

Variety is always one of the best qualities of our buffet, so that everyone eats what they prefer, tries new things and enjoys the food every day.

Today, in addition to rice, cereals, and pulses, we could choose between a salmon dish, a beef taco, or a vegetable toast with cheese. All of them are spectacular!


Also, as always, a variety of salads and a delicious dessert.


We are back!

We are very happy to welcome you back to our dining room, we hope you have all been able to enjoy your favorite food at home or try new dishes on a trip.

But now the dining hall is open again, today the chefs have prepared some tasty hot dogs, with vegetable side dishes, croquettes, and samosas, nothing was missing!


Lebanese dinner

This was our menu for Wednesday’s international dinner, It was full of delicious dishes of typical Lebanese cuisine.

Beef Kafta, Tawok, houmous, moutabal, these are the names of some of today’s delicacies, just incredible


Today’s salad buffet looked spectacular, an incredible mix of flavours.

Ricotta and Spinach Tortellini

The delicious combination of ricotta cheese and spinach inside a tortellini, an explosion of flavour in your mouth, if you haven’t tried it yet we suggest you do, we are enjoying it.

There was also a spiced rice and breaded turkey with vegetables.

A example of our salads, this time with chickpeas, egg and lettuce, dressed with oil and vinegar.

Salmy Patty

Welcome to CDL’s dining hall!

Where you can find our famous salmy patty, delicious salmon burger, served with sweet potato fries and other vegetables!


Also in our salad buffet today you can find some delicious seafood skewers, wonderful and tasty!

The latest addition to our fantastic brunch!

We can confirm our latest galactic signing, our new coffee machine! A coffee and hot chocolate superstar who debuted this weekend, brunch was the highlight of the day and our students put it to the test, so far with excellent results.

Accompanied by the titular Sunday line-up, with a variety of sweet and salty foods, fruits and juices.

Do you know texturised soya?

Texturised soya is a derivative of the soya plant, it is used in cooking as a meat substitute for vegetarians and has a high nutritional value due to its high protein content.

It is usually a regular in our kitchen as an alternative option to meat, although today we could also find it as an accompaniment to pasta, turkey and battered fish.

We could also choose rice noodles and vegetables, lots of options!



Soirée Ethiopienne

Today we had a visit from an Ethiopian chef!  We were lucky to be able to discover new cultures through gastronomy, the menu presented all kinds of specialties. As a major discovery, we met the Injera, a large sourdough flatbread made of teff flour, a discovery that has put our senses to the test.

Our dinning hall has been transformed, once again, into a little corner of Ethiopia making us feel the food much more.

Many thanks to the kitchen team and all the guest chefs!


Brunch o’clock

If it looks beautiful in the photos, imagine how tasty it will be!

It will be a pleasure to have another Sunday brunch, the perfect moment to share a chat with friends and remember the good moments of the week.



Pasta & Quiche!

Today there was pasta for dinner, and that’s something we all love! We had the choice between ravioli or gnocchi with spinach, cheese or tomato sauce, tough decision!

We had a good quiche and seasonal vegetables to go with it.


In love with hollandaise sauce

Another day we have been able to enjoy our salmon in hollandaise sauce, a real delicacy! And to go with it, pasta, mushrooms, carrots among others.

We also had as an option a magnificent chicken burger with chips.

Our salad buffet was once again excellent.

Today our desserts were some tasty Swiss flans and of course, as always, a variety of fruits to choose from.

Dining hall is open again!

We hope you had a wonderful October holiday, and above all that you enjoyed the tasty food in the countries you visited.

The chefs were looking forward to having us back and offering us new dishes to enjoy with the food, today the menu included:

-Two different types of pasta, one of which was dressed with paprika.
-A spiced lentil cream soup, quite tasty.
-Fried chicken with sauce.
– An amazing meatball hot dog with cheese.

And of course, our wonderful salad buffet, full of different vegetables, cheese and eggs, with various sauces to choose from, as well as oil and vinegar.

We hope you’ve come back with a taste for good food, the chefs are ready!


Italian dinner

Today both menu choices were deliciously Italian. The children going to Italy this autumn break could already start dreaming about the amazing Italian food they would have there.

First off there was gnocchi with gorgonzola sauce that pleased even the pickiest cheese lovers.

Furthermore there was beef ravioli in a tomato sauce. This could be topped of with a bouquet of arugola or other vegetables.

Sri Lanka visits CDL 🇱🇰

Today chef Thiyagaraja has transported us to Sri Lanka, dishes full of flavour and colour, of course including curry and rice, as well as a curious decoration of the whole dining room.

Our salad buffet today had a more special touch than usual, with some more legumes and vegetables with curry.

As a special dessert we had this delicious mango cream with small pieces of this tropical fruit.

Woks and stews

Tuesdays’ dinner tasted sweet and sour with the shrimp wok accompanied by rice.

There was also a beef stew with carrots.

Or you could go for the chickpeas and many other vegetables in a curry sauce.

For dessert the chef prepared a delicious panna cotta, with raspberries or passion fruit.

Sunday brunch

Another beautiful morning, another tasty brunch.

Our students have been able to recharge their energy 100% to enjoy Sunday and prepare for this week.

Fresh fruit, refreshing and super healthy!

Cheese mix, speciality of the country.

Today the star of the brunch was our salmon, delicious!

Foodie feast

Tonight the foodies at CDL had a great night with what the chef had to offer. There was a lovely spinash and ricotta annelloni topped if with a chorizo sauce.

This student is a real pasta lover and enjoyed the annelloni with a hand picked salad. For dessert he went for the sweet taste of watermelon.

For the vegetarian option the chef prepared some croque’s, which could be had with cauliflower or a mix of carrots, zuchinni and peas. The chef truly know how to make a great vegetarian twist on some classics.

“طعام جيّد” means good food 🇸🇾

Today our chef Hmaidi has invited us to get to know his culture, the Syrian culture. Today’s international dinner was a success, the dining room was decorated with Arabic music in the background and Syrian delicacies were served.

One of the stars of today’s meal was, among other things, the Arab tea.

Rice is cooked with aromatic spices, and pieces of chicken with almonds and toasted pine nuts are placed on top. The kebab (skewered meat, usually chicken or lamb) is cooked on a barbecue. Another dish is kafta, which is prepared with minced lamb, onion, and spices, topped with a parsley salad, hummus (chickpeas and sesame), baba ganush (smoked aubergine), and the refreshing keshek (yoghurt, cucumber, mint, garlic, and oil).

Semolina cake, It is prepared by adding butter-toasted semolina into boiling water that is mixed with sugar and sometimes cinnamon pieces. It is then served with a variaty of toppings including but not limited to white cheese, cinnamon powder and pistachios.

Tough decisions

On one side, a burger with a choice of sauces and a side of Texas-style fries, on the other side, citrus-marinated salmon with wedge fries.

Never has a decision been so difficult, but the good news is that soon our chefs will bring us another delicious choice.

Another of our protagonists today is Feta cheese, we love to add it to our salads, creating a wonderful Mediterranean salad with oil and balsamic vinegar.


And for dessert a good sweet, our famous apple cake.

Dining on Saturday

Tonights’ dinner you could start off with different salads, like this amazing salad with tomatoes, feta and olives.

For mains you could choose between ravioli with tomato sauce and cheese. The other option wasn’t Italian but Chinese style. A flavourful dish of rice with chicken and/or duck with carrots and peas. Both filled the dining hall with a delicious smell.

There were not only different options for the main course, but also dessert. The first choice was a slice of plum pie. Those too full to enjoy a slice of the pie, could devour a yoghurt with a coconut flavor and blueberry.

Thursday dinner

On today’s menu were some amazing beef fajitas. These were topped off with a delicious home made guacamole. Perfect to energize before the last day of the week.

As always there was another option: tonight the students could also go for ravioli or pasta with a choice of sauces and vegetables. No one came out of the dining hall with an empty stomach as a lot of the students went for seconds.


Amazing salads as always


Culinary journey to Africa 🇹🇬

Today our chefs have taken us on a trip to Africa, hand in hand with our chef Egbessor we have gone to Togo, discovering new flavours and ingredients.

As main starters we could not miss the rice and the sweet potato, to accompany it we had the chicken yassa with a tasty sauce, the cassava and coconut galettes, playing with our senses, when we all expected a nice savoury dish it turned out to be a tasty sweet dish, and also the option to try the mackerel togolese style.

For dessert our famous coconut and pineapple sweets, Yummy! Yummy!


Which plate would you choose?

We had three lovely options tonight for dinner:

First off there was a delicious fillet of perch with pumpkin cream. This lovely dish was perfect to start of our fall. The pumpkin flavor immediately send leaves twirling down from the trees.

Those who prefer meat over fish, could enjoy a wok with minced duck and ginger. This dish was so popular that I couldn’t snap a picture in time before the plates were empty.

The vegetarians amongst the boarders really felt that they were in Switzerland tonight with a cheesy dish. There was Röesti topped off by the local cheese Tomme Vaudoise. A great way to get a taste of Switzerland.

The amazing dessert made every the sweet tooth happy.

Which dish would you have chosen tonight?


Green innovation, 10 points!

The day has come for all those who didn’t trust that a burger could be vegetarian. Our chefs have proved they are up to the challenge, they have made a veggie burger that was incredibly tasty, even the most carnivores enjoyed it.

In another gastronomic exhibition they prepared some roasted beetroots, most of us had never tried them before and we would definitely recommend them to you.

B R U N C H ! ! !

Get up on a quiet Sunday after a rainy night, go to the dining room and open the doors to find a wonderful free buffet.

A nice feeling, which our students were able to enjoy this morning, we would say that the “pain aux chocolat” (bread with chocolate) and the pancakes were the superstars of this morning, special mention also for the scrambled eggs with bacon and the great variety of fresh fruit.

“Pain aux chocolat” and croissants

Superstar pancakes

Several Swiss cheeses and some sweets

But our thanks again this week go to all the kitchen staff, thank you all very much!

Perfect combination

We all know that a touch of cheese goes great with pasta, but what if that cheese is a real Swiss cheese, absolutely amazing. Excellent combination of cheese and hot pasta, creating a very tasty fusion of flavors.

Not to mention the fish in batter with a hint of citrus, a good option too!

Never-missing side dishes, vegetables and Rösti-pizza.

Thai style

International dinner, today it’s the turn of coconut milk, red curry, rice, prawns, etc… that can only mean one thing, we are talking about Thailand.

Today the options were rice with: pork with red curry and pineapple, prawns with vegetables, chicken with coconut milk and tofu with vegetables.


The mussels are here!

Today we were finally able to eat the famous marinated mussels. It has been an experience that we hope to repeat soon.

We also had the option of pasta with cheese sauce, cauliflower medallion with cheese and our salad buffet which today also included hummus.

And remember, “mussels that don’t open are best not eaten.”


Burguer night

Tonight we enjoyed a special burger, it was a chicken burger with mushroom sauce, it was really good! On the side we had some wonderful vegetables and of course frites. There was also a choice of spring rolls with sweet and sour sauce.

We also show you an original salad from our buffet, where our imagination knows no bounds!

For dessert we had pancakes with fruit and jam.



Our weekend in food

The chefs took good care for us this weekend and prepared a lot of tasty meals. Take a look at some of the plates:

Pasta with tomato sauce, mixed vegetables and a wrap.

Mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes and vegetarian bites.

A vegetarian lasagna with broccoli and cauliflower.

Salad with i.a. artichokes, bell pepper, cheese…

Chili con carne with broccoli.

Baked Alaska for dessert.

A look on some trays who just passed the amazing brunch buffet.

A delicious start to the weekend

We started our weekend off with some amazing dinner options. For those wanting a lot of vegetables, there was the salad bar to create your own tasty salad.

Vegetarians could enjoy a delicious risotto with grilled onions, bell peppers, artichokes, beans and sweet potato.

For the meat lovers their was a burger and pasta.

This evenings dessert was a delicious apple pie because an apple a day keeps the doctor away.


The chef prepared us a delicious kebab tonight. There was a choice of beef, veil or chicken with the vegetables. This was topped of with an amazing Algerian sauce. If kebab was not your thing, you could go for lentils with curry/coco.

As always, the students could make their own colourful salad.

A deliciously sweet pavlova was waiting for dessert!

Italian night

Tonights’ dinner was Italian themed, which of course called for pasta. We had farfale with a choice of sauces and vegetables. Their was bolognese sauce, mushroom sauce and tomato sauce. The children could add several vegetables to the pasta such as broccoli and carrots.

La vita è una combinazione di magia e pasta

Chicken drumsticks

The children enjoyed some chicken drumsticks, mashed potatoes en a mix of vegetables tonight. As always there was a salad option. Some children went back for seconds and even thirds. They truly enjoyed the meal!

For dessert there was some vanilla/chocolate cake with coconut flakes.

As always their was an amazing vegetarian option: wraps with beetroot.

We are back!

After a wonderful weekend in the mountains and having fed the soul. Now it’s time to feed our bodies back in the CDL dining hall.

On the menu today we had either ribs with barbecue sauce or salmon In a herb crust with hollandaise sauce, served with rice.

We also had a choice of salads, samosas and cereal risotto.

And for dessert, a magnificent lemon cake, really tasty!


Bún bò: a popular Vietnamese dish

Once again the chefs have surprised us, today they have presented Bún bò, a Vietnamese soup that containing rice vermicelli (bún) and beef (). There was also a choice of turkey and prawn curry.

And an excellent dessert, sweet coconut with passion fruit or raspberry tart, who can say no to that?

Salmon burger

The salmon burger has arrived in the CDL and it is delicious!

A different way of eating fish and playing with the senses, if it wasn’t for the sign, we wouldn’t know it was fish.

As a choice or accompaniment we had some wonderful nuddles with beef and vegetables.

Cena con un sapore d’Italia

Our title today means “dinner with a taste of Italy”

Why did we choose this title?

The solution is easy: pasta, arancini (stuffed, breaded and fried rice balls filled with ragu, mozzarella cheese and often peas) and chicken focaccia, all delicacies of Italian gastronomy.

P.S., one of our students from Italy has given his blessing to the pasta, which is not easy, congratulations to the chefs!

Noodles night

Today we had noodles for dinner, accompanied with beef, duck, vegetables or shrimps.

In addition to our salad buffet, with a wide variety of fresh vegetables.

Our house parent Lucelia following the oriental tradition in search of fortune, good luck!

Mexican-style chicken pita

At dinner today, we enjoyed a wonderful chicken pita with tangy raw vegetables and its tartar sauce with white cheese.

There was also a fish, fish n’ chips with plaice, and a vegetable option, vegetarian steak with saffron rice and mixed vegetables

Sandwich and kebab night

Today we had the possibility to have a delicious sandwich with hummus and melted cheese or the other option kebab, with pita bread and beef in homemade sauce, with the option of accompanying it with a multitude of roasted vegetables.

For dessert we had a wonderful pineapple cone ice cream, but we couldn’t take a picture of it because it was melting. Next time we promise to show it to you.

Can you feel it? It’s brunch time!

The week is coming to the end but here comes what we have all been waiting for, brunch!

The first brunch of the school year has lived up to expectations, we have been able to find everything: the famous scrambled eggs, bacon, ham, cheese, mushrooms, tomatoes and other vegetables.

For those with a sweet tooth we had crepes and some cakes, as well as the wonderful chocolate bread. We also had a big variety of juices with lots of vitamins and fruit salad.

A nice way to get some energy for a good start of the week.


Saturday dinner

In the dinner hall today we have had several options, we have selected some to show you:

The first one, a stewed meat dish with potatoes and cheese quiche.

The second, a chili burger with vegetables, potatoes and some cereal.

And finally, a wonderful dessert.

Veggie friday

Tonight the chefs have surprised us with a wonderful pesto rice, curried potatoes and a vegetable and feta steak.

There was also a good choice of turkey with mustard and tomato.

Getting ready for the weekend!