Lebanese dinner

This was our menu for Wednesday’s international dinner, It was full of delicious dishes of typical Lebanese cuisine.

Beef Kafta, Tawok, houmous, moutabal, these are the names of some of today’s delicacies, just incredible


Today’s salad buffet looked spectacular, an incredible mix of flavours.

Ricotta and Spinach Tortellini

The delicious combination of ricotta cheese and spinach inside a tortellini, an explosion of flavour in your mouth, if you haven’t tried it yet we suggest you do, we are enjoying it.

There was also a spiced rice and breaded turkey with vegetables.

A example of our salads, this time with chickpeas, egg and lettuce, dressed with oil and vinegar.

Salmy Patty

Welcome to CDL’s dining hall!

Where you can find our famous salmy patty, delicious salmon burger, served with sweet potato fries and other vegetables!


Also in our salad buffet today you can find some delicious seafood skewers, wonderful and tasty!

The latest addition to our fantastic brunch!

We can confirm our latest galactic signing, our new coffee machine! A coffee and hot chocolate superstar who debuted this weekend, brunch was the highlight of the day and our students put it to the test, so far with excellent results.

Accompanied by the titular Sunday line-up, with a variety of sweet and salty foods, fruits and juices.

Do you know texturised soya?

Texturised soya is a derivative of the soya plant, it is used in cooking as a meat substitute for vegetarians and has a high nutritional value due to its high protein content.

It is usually a regular in our kitchen as an alternative option to meat, although today we could also find it as an accompaniment to pasta, turkey and battered fish.

We could also choose rice noodles and vegetables, lots of options!



Soirée Ethiopienne

Today we had a visit from an Ethiopian chef!  We were lucky to be able to discover new cultures through gastronomy, the menu presented all kinds of specialties. As a major discovery, we met the Injera, a large sourdough flatbread made of teff flour, a discovery that has put our senses to the test.

Our dinning hall has been transformed, once again, into a little corner of Ethiopia making us feel the food much more.

Many thanks to the kitchen team and all the guest chefs!


Brunch o’clock

If it looks beautiful in the photos, imagine how tasty it will be!

It will be a pleasure to have another Sunday brunch, the perfect moment to share a chat with friends and remember the good moments of the week.



Pasta & Quiche!

Today there was pasta for dinner, and that’s something we all love! We had the choice between ravioli or gnocchi with spinach, cheese or tomato sauce, tough decision!

We had a good quiche and seasonal vegetables to go with it.


In love with hollandaise sauce

Another day we have been able to enjoy our salmon in hollandaise sauce, a real delicacy! And to go with it, pasta, mushrooms, carrots among others.

We also had as an option a magnificent chicken burger with chips.

Our salad buffet was once again excellent.

Today our desserts were some tasty Swiss flans and of course, as always, a variety of fruits to choose from.

Dining hall is open again!

We hope you had a wonderful October holiday, and above all that you enjoyed the tasty food in the countries you visited.

The chefs were looking forward to having us back and offering us new dishes to enjoy with the food, today the menu included:

-Two different types of pasta, one of which was dressed with paprika.
-A spiced lentil cream soup, quite tasty.
-Fried chicken with sauce.
– An amazing meatball hot dog with cheese.

And of course, our wonderful salad buffet, full of different vegetables, cheese and eggs, with various sauces to choose from, as well as oil and vinegar.

We hope you’ve come back with a taste for good food, the chefs are ready!


Italian dinner

Today both menu choices were deliciously Italian. The children going to Italy this autumn break could already start dreaming about the amazing Italian food they would have there.

First off there was gnocchi with gorgonzola sauce that pleased even the pickiest cheese lovers.

Furthermore there was beef ravioli in a tomato sauce. This could be topped of with a bouquet of arugola or other vegetables.

Sri Lanka visits CDL 🇱🇰

Today chef Thiyagaraja has transported us to Sri Lanka, dishes full of flavour and colour, of course including curry and rice, as well as a curious decoration of the whole dining room.

Our salad buffet today had a more special touch than usual, with some more legumes and vegetables with curry.

As a special dessert we had this delicious mango cream with small pieces of this tropical fruit.

Woks and stews

Tuesdays’ dinner tasted sweet and sour with the shrimp wok accompanied by rice.

There was also a beef stew with carrots.

Or you could go for the chickpeas and many other vegetables in a curry sauce.

For dessert the chef prepared a delicious panna cotta, with raspberries or passion fruit.

Sunday brunch

Another beautiful morning, another tasty brunch.

Our students have been able to recharge their energy 100% to enjoy Sunday and prepare for this week.

Fresh fruit, refreshing and super healthy!

Cheese mix, speciality of the country.

Today the star of the brunch was our salmon, delicious!

Foodie feast

Tonight the foodies at CDL had a great night with what the chef had to offer. There was a lovely spinash and ricotta annelloni topped if with a chorizo sauce.

This student is a real pasta lover and enjoyed the annelloni with a hand picked salad. For dessert he went for the sweet taste of watermelon.

For the vegetarian option the chef prepared some croque’s, which could be had with cauliflower or a mix of carrots, zuchinni and peas. The chef truly know how to make a great vegetarian twist on some classics.

“طعام جيّد” means good food 🇸🇾

Today our chef Hmaidi has invited us to get to know his culture, the Syrian culture. Today’s international dinner was a success, the dining room was decorated with Arabic music in the background and Syrian delicacies were served.

One of the stars of today’s meal was, among other things, the Arab tea.

Rice is cooked with aromatic spices, and pieces of chicken with almonds and toasted pine nuts are placed on top. The kebab (skewered meat, usually chicken or lamb) is cooked on a barbecue. Another dish is kafta, which is prepared with minced lamb, onion, and spices, topped with a parsley salad, hummus (chickpeas and sesame), baba ganush (smoked aubergine), and the refreshing keshek (yoghurt, cucumber, mint, garlic, and oil).

Semolina cake, It is prepared by adding butter-toasted semolina into boiling water that is mixed with sugar and sometimes cinnamon pieces. It is then served with a variaty of toppings including but not limited to white cheese, cinnamon powder and pistachios.

Tough decisions

On one side, a burger with a choice of sauces and a side of Texas-style fries, on the other side, citrus-marinated salmon with wedge fries.

Never has a decision been so difficult, but the good news is that soon our chefs will bring us another delicious choice.

Another of our protagonists today is Feta cheese, we love to add it to our salads, creating a wonderful Mediterranean salad with oil and balsamic vinegar.


And for dessert a good sweet, our famous apple cake.

Dining on Saturday

Tonights’ dinner you could start off with different salads, like this amazing salad with tomatoes, feta and olives.

For mains you could choose between ravioli with tomato sauce and cheese. The other option wasn’t Italian but Chinese style. A flavourful dish of rice with chicken and/or duck with carrots and peas. Both filled the dining hall with a delicious smell.

There were not only different options for the main course, but also dessert. The first choice was a slice of plum pie. Those too full to enjoy a slice of the pie, could devour a yoghurt with a coconut flavor and blueberry.

Thursday dinner

On today’s menu were some amazing beef fajitas. These were topped off with a delicious home made guacamole. Perfect to energize before the last day of the week.

As always there was another option: tonight the students could also go for ravioli or pasta with a choice of sauces and vegetables. No one came out of the dining hall with an empty stomach as a lot of the students went for seconds.


Amazing salads as always


Culinary journey to Africa 🇹🇬

Today our chefs have taken us on a trip to Africa, hand in hand with our chef Egbessor we have gone to Togo, discovering new flavours and ingredients.

As main starters we could not miss the rice and the sweet potato, to accompany it we had the chicken yassa with a tasty sauce, the cassava and coconut galettes, playing with our senses, when we all expected a nice savoury dish it turned out to be a tasty sweet dish, and also the option to try the mackerel togolese style.

For dessert our famous coconut and pineapple sweets, Yummy! Yummy!


Which plate would you choose?

We had three lovely options tonight for dinner:

First off there was a delicious fillet of perch with pumpkin cream. This lovely dish was perfect to start of our fall. The pumpkin flavor immediately send leaves twirling down from the trees.

Those who prefer meat over fish, could enjoy a wok with minced duck and ginger. This dish was so popular that I couldn’t snap a picture in time before the plates were empty.

The vegetarians amongst the boarders really felt that they were in Switzerland tonight with a cheesy dish. There was Röesti topped off by the local cheese Tomme Vaudoise. A great way to get a taste of Switzerland.

The amazing dessert made every the sweet tooth happy.

Which dish would you have chosen tonight?


Green innovation, 10 points!

The day has come for all those who didn’t trust that a burger could be vegetarian. Our chefs have proved they are up to the challenge, they have made a veggie burger that was incredibly tasty, even the most carnivores enjoyed it.

In another gastronomic exhibition they prepared some roasted beetroots, most of us had never tried them before and we would definitely recommend them to you.

B R U N C H ! ! !

Get up on a quiet Sunday after a rainy night, go to the dining room and open the doors to find a wonderful free buffet.

A nice feeling, which our students were able to enjoy this morning, we would say that the “pain aux chocolat” (bread with chocolate) and the pancakes were the superstars of this morning, special mention also for the scrambled eggs with bacon and the great variety of fresh fruit.

“Pain aux chocolat” and croissants

Superstar pancakes

Several Swiss cheeses and some sweets

But our thanks again this week go to all the kitchen staff, thank you all very much!

Perfect combination

We all know that a touch of cheese goes great with pasta, but what if that cheese is a real Swiss cheese, absolutely amazing. Excellent combination of cheese and hot pasta, creating a very tasty fusion of flavors.

Not to mention the fish in batter with a hint of citrus, a good option too!

Never-missing side dishes, vegetables and Rösti-pizza.

Thai style

International dinner, today it’s the turn of coconut milk, red curry, rice, prawns, etc… that can only mean one thing, we are talking about Thailand.

Today the options were rice with: pork with red curry and pineapple, prawns with vegetables, chicken with coconut milk and tofu with vegetables.


The mussels are here!

Today we were finally able to eat the famous marinated mussels. It has been an experience that we hope to repeat soon.

We also had the option of pasta with cheese sauce, cauliflower medallion with cheese and our salad buffet which today also included hummus.

And remember, “mussels that don’t open are best not eaten.”


Burguer night

Tonight we enjoyed a special burger, it was a chicken burger with mushroom sauce, it was really good! On the side we had some wonderful vegetables and of course frites. There was also a choice of spring rolls with sweet and sour sauce.

We also show you an original salad from our buffet, where our imagination knows no bounds!

For dessert we had pancakes with fruit and jam.



Our weekend in food

The chefs took good care for us this weekend and prepared a lot of tasty meals. Take a look at some of the plates:

Pasta with tomato sauce, mixed vegetables and a wrap.

Mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes and vegetarian bites.

A vegetarian lasagna with broccoli and cauliflower.

Salad with i.a. artichokes, bell pepper, cheese…

Chili con carne with broccoli.

Baked Alaska for dessert.

A look on some trays who just passed the amazing brunch buffet.

A delicious start to the weekend

We started our weekend off with some amazing dinner options. For those wanting a lot of vegetables, there was the salad bar to create your own tasty salad.

Vegetarians could enjoy a delicious risotto with grilled onions, bell peppers, artichokes, beans and sweet potato.

For the meat lovers their was a burger and pasta.

This evenings dessert was a delicious apple pie because an apple a day keeps the doctor away.


The chef prepared us a delicious kebab tonight. There was a choice of beef, veil or chicken with the vegetables. This was topped of with an amazing Algerian sauce. If kebab was not your thing, you could go for lentils with curry/coco.

As always, the students could make their own colourful salad.

A deliciously sweet pavlova was waiting for dessert!

Italian night

Tonights’ dinner was Italian themed, which of course called for pasta. We had farfale with a choice of sauces and vegetables. Their was bolognese sauce, mushroom sauce and tomato sauce. The children could add several vegetables to the pasta such as broccoli and carrots.

La vita è una combinazione di magia e pasta

Chicken drumsticks

The children enjoyed some chicken drumsticks, mashed potatoes en a mix of vegetables tonight. As always there was a salad option. Some children went back for seconds and even thirds. They truly enjoyed the meal!

For dessert there was some vanilla/chocolate cake with coconut flakes.

As always their was an amazing vegetarian option: wraps with beetroot.

We are back!

After a wonderful weekend in the mountains and having fed the soul. Now it’s time to feed our bodies back in the CDL dining hall.

On the menu today we had either ribs with barbecue sauce or salmon In a herb crust with hollandaise sauce, served with rice.

We also had a choice of salads, samosas and cereal risotto.

And for dessert, a magnificent lemon cake, really tasty!


Bún bò: a popular Vietnamese dish

Once again the chefs have surprised us, today they have presented Bún bò, a Vietnamese soup that containing rice vermicelli (bún) and beef (). There was also a choice of turkey and prawn curry.

And an excellent dessert, sweet coconut with passion fruit or raspberry tart, who can say no to that?

Salmon burger

The salmon burger has arrived in the CDL and it is delicious!

A different way of eating fish and playing with the senses, if it wasn’t for the sign, we wouldn’t know it was fish.

As a choice or accompaniment we had some wonderful nuddles with beef and vegetables.

Cena con un sapore d’Italia

Our title today means “dinner with a taste of Italy”

Why did we choose this title?

The solution is easy: pasta, arancini (stuffed, breaded and fried rice balls filled with ragu, mozzarella cheese and often peas) and chicken focaccia, all delicacies of Italian gastronomy.

P.S., one of our students from Italy has given his blessing to the pasta, which is not easy, congratulations to the chefs!

Noodles night

Today we had noodles for dinner, accompanied with beef, duck, vegetables or shrimps.

In addition to our salad buffet, with a wide variety of fresh vegetables.

Our house parent Lucelia following the oriental tradition in search of fortune, good luck!

Mexican-style chicken pita

At dinner today, we enjoyed a wonderful chicken pita with tangy raw vegetables and its tartar sauce with white cheese.

There was also a fish, fish n’ chips with plaice, and a vegetable option, vegetarian steak with saffron rice and mixed vegetables

Sandwich and kebab night

Today we had the possibility to have a delicious sandwich with hummus and melted cheese or the other option kebab, with pita bread and beef in homemade sauce, with the option of accompanying it with a multitude of roasted vegetables.

For dessert we had a wonderful pineapple cone ice cream, but we couldn’t take a picture of it because it was melting. Next time we promise to show it to you.

Can you feel it? It’s brunch time!

The week is coming to the end but here comes what we have all been waiting for, brunch!

The first brunch of the school year has lived up to expectations, we have been able to find everything: the famous scrambled eggs, bacon, ham, cheese, mushrooms, tomatoes and other vegetables.

For those with a sweet tooth we had crepes and some cakes, as well as the wonderful chocolate bread. We also had a big variety of juices with lots of vitamins and fruit salad.

A nice way to get some energy for a good start of the week.


Saturday dinner

In the dinner hall today we have had several options, we have selected some to show you:

The first one, a stewed meat dish with potatoes and cheese quiche.

The second, a chili burger with vegetables, potatoes and some cereal.

And finally, a wonderful dessert.

Veggie friday

Tonight the chefs have surprised us with a wonderful pesto rice, curried potatoes and a vegetable and feta steak.

There was also a good choice of turkey with mustard and tomato.

Getting ready for the weekend!

Winter Dinner

This weekend we have celebrated the traditional Winter Dinner with a very special menu and in a wonderful environment. Everyone was delighted on this special occasion where we celebrate together before the Winter Break.

Happy Thanksgiving

Tonight we have celebrated Thanksgiving. We have had a special dinner with Turkey, Mashed potatoes, Sweetcorn and Broccoli. For dessert, we´ve tasted a delicious Pumpkin Pie and Apple Pie. We had the chance to write a little note to reflect on what we are thankful for. For sure, we are thankful for sharing this dinner together.

Russian Night

Our traditional International Dinner on Wednesday surprises us tonight with a special Russian dinner. We could taste bortsch soup, Oliver salad, salmon, stroganoff, and tasty vegetables in addition. All accompanied by great music. Enjoy meal!


Thursday Night

Tonight we welcome October with our traditional Pizza night and we celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival, is when families gather to sample autumn harvests, light lanterns and admire what’s believed to be the fullest moon of the year. It is celebrated primarily in East and Southeast Asia.