Another Weekend Full Of Excitement, Activities And Fun Around The Boarding House!

Over this weekend, all of the Concha boys engaged in a dynamic mix of activities, from boxing and tennis matches to grooving to hip hop beats.

We also found time to take a step back from the stressful everyday routine and rejuvenate at the spa in Lavey-les-Bains, ensuring a perfect balance of fun and relaxation.

Relaxing at the thermal baths surrounded by the amazing Swiss views!

Training our boxing skills with the help of the Versoix boxing Coach!

Taking our tennis game to the next level with multiple matches and training drills!

Concha Boys on Fire in the CDL Grand Prix! 🥇🏆

Congratulations to our boys for their efforts in the CDL Grand Prix!

Our boys put everything on the line with our very own Joseph Masterson taking first place in the boy’s race.


A Weekend of Excitement and Sharing at Collège du Léman!

Our boarding house weekend was a whirlwind of activity and excitement. From the trails to the courts, students embraced diverse pursuits. The running club set the pace with scenic routes and camaraderie.

Handball training showcased skill and teamwork in thrilling matches.

Creativity flourished in the art studio, with vibrant expressions on canvas.

Tennis enthusiasts honed their skills with spirited matches and coaching.

Festichoc in Versoix delighted taste buds with chocolatey indulgence and cultural immersion. Students ventured beyond, savoring truffles and sculpting at the festival.

Throughout, a sense of community and growth prevailed. Indeed, the weekend saw the bustling CDL football pitch transform into a hub of philanthropy, hosting a charity football tournament. Students rallied together, showcasing their athletic prowess while supporting a noble cause. Cheers and applause filled the air as teams competed in spirited matches, all in the name of giving back to the community. The tournament not only brought excitement to the field but also raised awareness and funds for a meaningful charity, leaving a lasting impact beyond the confines of our boarding house.

Each activity fostered joy and connection among students. Our weekend epitomized the vibrant spirit of our boarding house. Here’s to many more weekends of adventure and discovery ahead!

Swiss Dinner In The House

In the heart of Switzerland, our boarders gather for a culinary delight: beef sausage with Rösti. This quintessential Swiss dish combines savory sausages with crispy, golden Rösti – grated and fried potatoes. Amidst the aroma of sizzling sausages and the satisfying crunch of Rösti, camaraderie flourishes. It’s not just a meal; it’s a cultural experience. As they indulge in this flavorful tradition, students bond over the rich heritage and exquisite taste of Swiss cuisine, creating memories that will linger long after the last bite. And to add to the ambiance, Daniel played the piano while Nikita strummed the guitar.

International Women’s Day 👩💜


She was tired and frustrated

But her task was uncompleted

So she carried on going

As she would not be defeated.

-Ms Moem

Our Boarding community, in commemoration of International Women’s Day, orchestrated a vibrant march that encapsulated the spirit of solidarity and recognition. A group of our dedicated students actively participated by transforming their shirts into a symbolic shade of purple, a colour synonymous with the movement. Brimming with enthusiasm, they embarked on a meaningful walk around Versoix, creating a visual testament to their support for gender equality and empowerment. The event not only showcased the unity within our community but also served as a poignant reminder of the importance of fostering inclusivity and celebrating the achievements of women around the world.