The Daily Fitness Challenge continues…….

The Concha lads have continued to show excellent determination throughout the daily fitness challenge. Activities have involved sit ups, planks, skipping with a rope, badminton, tennis, running and gymnastics. We also challenged the students to a sugar-free day on Thursday 20th May. A massive congratulations to Ayu, Liam, Owen and Bernardo who have won some of the challenges (against all the other Boarding students from other Houses). All the boys have done brilliantly.

May Fitness Challenge

Every day this month, we will have a different fitness challenge for our Boarding community. So far, there have been challenges for press ups, running, walking, basketball, gymnastics and much more. We were delighted to see Bernardo win the challenge of the day for how many jumping jacks you can do in 30 seconds, and Liam won one of the days for the most steps – a staggering 23,016!! The Concha boys have loved taking part in all the different challenges so far and we will post more updates throughout the month. Well done all.

Visit to Nyon Castle

Sunday afternoon saw more amazing weather for a trip to Nyon castle. We were able to see some absolutely stunning views. We also got the opportunity to spend some time by the lake which was very peaceful and greatly appreciated.