Thrilling Adventures and Unforgettable Moments: A Weekend at Concha!

This past weekend at Concha was truly memorable. Both days were action-packed with activities like climbing, running, tennis, hip-hop and of course swimming in the pool. One of the highlights was paragliding, offering breathtaking views from the sky but most importantly,  Michael stole the show in the musical “Annie Jr.,” with many boys from Concha and Concha Annexe there to support him. Sunday provided a perfect balance with relaxation, studying for the upcoming exams and reflection. It was a weekend that beautifully captured the spirit of adventure and friendship at Concha.


Fun-Packed Weekend With Sports And Friends!!

This weekend, the Concha and Concha Annexe boys enjoyed a variety of activities including golf, tennis, and climbing. They practiced their swings, played exciting tennis matches, and conquered the climbing wall. Additionally, they had plenty of time to socialize with friends both on and off campus, making for a fun and memorable weekend!




Exploring, Relaxing and Having Fun: A Recap of Our Long Weekend at Concha and Concha Annexe!

The weekend kicked off with excitement as some of our boys embarked on an unforgettable journey to Venice, Italy. Meanwhile, those who stayed behind enjoyed their own slice of paradise in Annecy, France.

Back at home, the boys enjoyed a delightful variety of activities, from delicious barbecues by the serene lake to adrenaline-pumping sports like tennis and boxing, there was never a dull moment. And for those who preferred a slower pace, chess and leisurely hikes provided the perfect opportunity to connect with nature and rejuvenate the spirit.

Venice Trip:

Annecy Trip:







Weekend Adventures: Fun, Friends, and Fond Memories at Concha and Concha Annexe!

During the weekend, the Concha and Concha Annexe boys had loads of fun! They tried horse riding, boxing, wakeboarding, running and golf. Between all the action, they also took time to relax and hang out with friends at the house. These activities created awesome memories and lots of laughs for everyone!

Horse Riding:






Sushi Time: