Back on the court

Today the sports tournaments are finally back and we have started with one of our favourites, the basketball tournament!

The opening game was against a tough opponent, Franconis, but we knew how to fight even though in the end we were defeated, the important thing is that the participation was massive, both on the court and cheering from the bench.

We leave you the analysis of the game by the captain of the basketball team, Giorgiy:

I think the game was great and it was a big challenge both physically and mentally. Throughout the game we most of the time tried our best and gave it all. Even though we did all of that I think we still should have been more focused on winning the game but it was ok. I feel like we can improve on communication and just understand each other better. But that of course takes time and it’s only our 3d week together.  Overall the game was a great way of getting better at teamwork and just overall getting to know each other better.


House Meeting – Well-being and Kahoot 🤩

This evening, we held our Weekly House Meeting in Concha. We discussed our Healthy Bodies and Minds projects, and what  we could do to help each other keep fit, happy, and healthy as a family in the Boarding House.

Aryan, who has been voted to represent Concha on the Dining Hall Committee, stood up during the meeting to talk about his experience of becoming fitter and healthier whilst living in Concha. Aryan proudly lost weight last year, changed his eating habits and started playing more sport to improve his physical and mental well-being! Well done, Aryan!

We finished the evening with a wonderful Kahoot activity organised by Bisher, our House Captain. Good job, Bisher!

A special mention to Georgiy, who was very active during the discussion about exercise and physical fitness. Great to see, bravo!

Wellbeing Pillar 1 – Nurturing Healthy Bodies and Minds

It is that time of year again when we launch the first pillar of our wellbeing programme in the Boarding Houses – ‘Nurturing Healthy Bodies and Minds’. 

Throughout this pillar, we will be ensuring our students understand the importance of taking care of our bodies and our minds in our day-to-day lives. Furthermore, we will be highlighting sport participation, sleeping patterns, nutrition, and relaxation methods, as sub-topics. With the students, we will discuss and discover how all these could play a key role in maintaining a healthy balance.

This week we will be asking the students how different sports or creative activities can help them with both their physical and mental health.

Mr. James and Aryan (our Wellbeing Advocate) will be presenting in our well-being session this week to talk about the sports they do, why they participate in sports, how they feel afterward, and the physical and mental benefits they experience after exercise.

Weekend in the mountains at La Tzoumaz!

The boys have enjoyed a wonderful weekend in the mountains. They tried themselves out at different activities.
It was a tiring weekend but they enjoyed themselves a lot!

The boys have been trying themselves out at archery on Sunday.

Stunning views of the mountains from the start of the trottinette ride.

The boys have received a quick tutorial about handling the trottinette

Rewards were handed out to the best performing students during the Sunday games

Played creative games on Saturday night.

Trickshots at the pool table.

Wall climbing at the local recreational center.

Climbing is also a good exercise!

The students are listening to the instructions about wall climbing.

Who gets to sit and who wins the game?

Liam says!

The last pool match of the day.