Sunday Highlights: Tennis and Skiing Fun!

Hello everyone,

Today at CDL, our kids enjoyed a fantastic Sunday filled with outdoor activities and excitement. Here’s a quick rundown:

Tennis Time: Our youngsters hit the tennis courts for an energetic match. Laughter, teamwork, and a bit of healthy competition made for a memorable afternoon.

Skiing Adventure: Meanwhile, one of our adventurous kids headed to Verbier for a day of skiing. Surrounded by breathtaking scenery, they embraced the thrill of the slopes and created lasting memories.

Saturday funday!

We wanted to share some snapshots from Saturday at CDL. Check out the fun we had:

🍽️ Cooking Adventures: We rolled up our sleeves and got creative in the kitchen, making delicious Galette des Rois! The sweet aroma filled the house, and everyone enjoyed indulging in this French treat.

🎾 Indoor Tennis: Despite the chilly weather outside, we stayed active and had a blast playing indoor tennis. It was a great way to stay fit and have fun together!

🎨 Artistic Vibes: Our resident artist showcased their incredible talent, inspiring creativity and awe among us all.

Here are some moments captured during our weekend escapades. We hope you enjoy seeing the lads in action!

Stay tuned for more exciting updates from the boarding house!

Warm regards,

Our Wellbeing, our priority (Chapter 3.4: Building Positive Friendships)

In our last session of this pillar, we played a Kahoot with examples of toxic friendships, the boys had to categorise them in 3 groups:

🚩 Red flag – A clear sign of toxic friendship.

🟡 Yellow flag – A possible sign of toxic friendship. A warning.

🟩 Green flag – No sign of toxic friendship, a positive sign of true friendship.

It was fascinating and it opened a debate with some of the scenarios.

Well done to Kristian who won the Kahoot with the best score.

Adam & Bryan’s Geography Lego Project

Adam and Bryan had an assignment in their Geography class: Build the city of the future, based on renewable energy. Both boys chose a different approach. Adam chose to use Mr. Stéphan’s Lego Class Bricks and build a project from scratch. While Bryan went to Geneva and bought a gigantic Lego City set of a modern and ecological city.

Both of them had fun building it, and we wish them to get the best grade.

Weekend Highlights: Tennis, Crepes, and Trampoline Fun!

This weekend at Collège du Léman was nothing short of spectacular! On Saturday our students traded their textbooks for tennis rackets, aprons, and bouncing shoes, creating a whirlwind of excitement on campus.

The tennis courts saw intense matches, with players showcasing their skills and sportsmanship. The kitchen turned into a culinary battleground as students whipped up personalized crêpe creations, and the aroma of deliciousness wafted through the air.

But the fun didn’t stop there – our boarders headed to the local trampoline park for a gravity-defying adventure. Laughter echoed as flips, twists, and slam-dunks took center stage.

Beyond the activities, this weekend brought our boarding school community closer together. Friendships were forged, and memories were made. Our students are proving that weekends on campus can be both enriching and incredibly fun!

A brunch fit for kings

Suspended in the air!

Airloop safety prep.

Pizza slice approved