Jeûne Genevois | Trip to Annecy!

On Thursday we celebrated the Geneva canton public holiday, Jeûne genevois. However, we were not idle – there is, after all, no rest for the wicked – and so the boys got to experience a lovely day trip to the beautiful city of Annecy in France.


Friday Night Chilling With The Boys

Friday – the day everyone at school always looks forward to. The favorite day of many around the world, Friday is almost always associated with fun, relaxation and it marks the end of a week of work. It is the reward for our efforts over the previous four days of the week.

To quote a classic hit song by The Cure,

“Monday you can fall apartTuesday, Wednesday break my heartOh, Thursday doesn’t even startIt’s Friday, I’m in love”

We had a superb gathering at our house and the guys cooked some awesome food

Jeff was honing his skills at basketball

Ariel did what the Skywalkers were destined to do in the original Star Wars, and brought balance to the force. He did make it look effortless.

Cooking Up A Typhoon

Up bright and early, Shiryu whipped up some delicious brownies today in our Cooking activity.

That look when deliciousness fills your nose.

Ruh roh, the batter’s looking a little lumpy…

…chunky brownies are better anyway though!

First Day Of School!

Today was the first day of school for our Concha Students!

It’s going to be quite an interesting year ahead!

Vincent, Andrew, Emir, João, Joseph & Shiryu, bright and early, ready for the day!

Alan, Filippo, Michael, Muhan, Jeff & Ariel getting some morning sun.