Runners vs Riders 2024

Today, both staff and students, including those in Léman Boarding House, took part in a charity event. The challenge? 170km cycling vs 60km running. The question? Who gets back first?

3 members of the Boarding team and the PE department embarked on a gigantic bike ride around Lake Geneva, whilst a number of students and staff members each participated in a 6km run, in a relay style, until we reached a total of 60km.

After over 5 hours on the road, the cycling group arrived on campus 20 minutes before the final runner! Everyone worked hard and did incredibly well! Congratulations to everyone who took part in this event.

This was all to support the World Bicycle relief – a charity which aims to provides bicycles to those without access to them. To learn more about the charity and the event which took place, please click the link below. 


Bol d’Or Mirabaud 2024

This weekend, there was the annual Bol d’Or Mirabaud on Lake Geneva. This incredible sailing race, which is the largest inland lake regatta in the world, takes place from Geneva, all the way to the other end of the lake and back, and can take a number of hours to complete. We had the privilege to see many of the incredible boats sail past Versoix this morning, and we also had our very own CDL sailing team participating.

Geneva-Rolle-Geneva Sailing Competition 60th Edition

This weekend our boy Ignacy had the most incredible experience – Sailing in a Race from Geneva to Rolle and back. After almost 24 hours of preparation and Sailing College Du Leman finished a brilliant 2ND PLACE out of 55 boats in a time of 11h 4min 28sec! This is his view on the journey:

“On Saturday, the 8th of June at 13:00, a sailing competition began in Geneva, went to Rolle (a small village halfway between Geneva and Lausanne), and then returned to Geneva—a journey of around 60 kilometers on water. The CDL sailing crew hoisted their largest sails, as the wind was low and no improvement was predicted. However, due to the experience of the coach (who had already won more notable competitions such as the Bol d’Or) and the synchronization of the crew, the CDL’s boat, Surprise, quickly pulled ahead of others in their category.

Sailing on the French side of the lake, the boat caught substantially more wind, reaching a maximum speed of 3.5 knots (6.5 kilometers per hour). As the sun began to set, at 19:30 the boat passed Rolle and started heading back to Geneva. However, because Rolle is located on a headland, the water was sheltered from the wind. Despite this, compared to other boats that were stationary, the CDL ship managed to move half a kilometer in 1½ hours by utilizing every slightest movement of air and eventually reached the open wind part of the lake.

Later, as one of three ships that managed this, the CDL’s Surprise began their exactly 5-hour-long journey back to Geneva (departing Rolle at 19:34 and arriving in Geneva at 00:34). In the darkness, the boat separated from the two other competitors in the same category. From one crew member’s perspective, the most interesting part happened not more than 10 meters from the finish line, as one of the previously separated competitors appeared, stealing wind from them while going head to head and almost touching sails with the CDL boat.

Upon arrival at the port, the captain checked the results and found that the CDL’s 2nd place was nearly stolen, as the other boat was recorded as arriving just one second later.”

Ignacy Stebelski

Well done Ignacy, next stop: Bol d’Or !

Have a look at some moments of his journey.

Paragliding over Lake Leman

This weekend some of our lucky Boarders had the opportunity to experience something unique, Paragliding!

They flew over Lake Geneva and the city of Montreux and were absolutely speechless. On his return, Apollo said this was the perfect weekend packed with the most heartfelt memories since he came to Switzerland.

Have a look at these stunning views …

What an amazing Annie Jr. Play!

This weekend was the premiere of the school Musical, Annie Jr. Our boy Apollo was part of the cast, playing the role of a foster father Oliver Warbucks. What a show they put on with so much passion, dedication and hard work. Hats off to them! We are very proud of Apollo’s acting and singing skills and look forward for future performances.

Well done to all the cast and Teachers who produced this play!

Last weekend before End of Year Exams!

This weekend we once again had a wide variety of activities. Our boys chose to take part in paddleboarding, tennis, cooking, climbing, etc. In these times when it’s the last push before the summer, a moment of disconnection is good for the students’ wellbeing.

Graduation 2024

Congratulations to the graduating class of 2024!

It was an amazing ceremony this morning and it was an extremely proud moment for us to see all the Léman boys go on stage to get their diplomas.

Congratulations also to Ablai and Amir for their amazing musical performances!!

The Badminton Tournament winner is…

Over the last few weeks, our boarders have played badminton among them through a tournament. We saw their different skills and how well some of them play. It has been really nice to hear from our boys how it was going. Many of our boys take part in it and we are proud of their scores and we are also proud of Otabek, who wins the tournament. Congratulations to all the players! Well done!

Another amazing weekend in Leman!

We are coming to the end of the school year, the 12th graders are preparing for their graduation and the rest are preparing for their final exams. But in the meantime, we are also enjoying the good weather, the lake and the activities that boarding offers. This weekend our boys have been wakeboarding in the lake, climbing in the climbing wall, playing volleyball and tennis in the sports hall, boxing in Versoix, Golf and Pilates.



Congratulations for your Certificat d’Etudes Musicales Piano!

This Thursday, one of our boys graduated with felicitations from the jury in his musical studies – piano at the Conservatoire de Musique de Geneve. He played five pieces by well-known musicians such as J.S. Bach, Beethoven, Chopin and others. Seeing our boy in this recital where he demonstrated his great musical abilities was a pleasure and pride.

Boarding Trip to Porto

This weekend, our Boarding students were handed the wonderful opportunity to visit the beautiful city of Porto in Portugal.

We can see from the pictures that the students had a fun time touring around the city, seeing all the fantastic sights.


Fitness Challenge – 5km Run

The annual May Fitness Challenge is back!!

This time of year can be stressful for students as they prepare for exams. This gives them the opportunity to spend their free time in a positive way, that will also help them destress from any pressures they may be feeling.

Today we held a 5km run on campus for the Boarding students. A massive well done to everyone who took part!!

Lake Geneva

Summer is approaching, the sky is blue and the sun is starting to shine.

This means only one thing……. activities on the lake!!

The Léman boys took full advantage this weekend and boarded the boat for wakeboarding! The first of many weekends to come for fun activities on the lake.





Salve Venezia 🇮🇹

Today I am here to tell you about my experience during the weekend to Venice, which I thought was one of the best cities I have ever known in my life. This great adventure began early Thursday when we left school and took our first flight to Zurich, then to our destination Venice in Italy at two in the afternoon. We first went to the hotel to leave our suitcases and then took a bus that would take us to the centre of Venice where we had a few hours of free time to explore the local culture and cuisines. With my friends we went for a walk around the centre of Venice and took amazing pictures and saw beautiful buildings. We got into the typical Venice taxis, which are small boats that took you to different parts of the city. We took another walk, ate a pizza and then the whole group got together and went to have dinner at a restaurant with typical Italian food. That was all for the first day and we were exhausted.

Something that made the trip better was my friend Apollo, who has been my friend the whole year and the best roommate and helped me enjoy the trip even more. On Friday we woke up early and a guide took us for a tour around the city and explained a little about its incredible and interesting history. I then decided together with my friends to eat another delicious ice cream to cool off from the heat. We then had Lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe which was very very good. We decided to explore the shops a little more and I bought a sweatshirt and a McLaren t-shirt since I really like cars and it’s better to have a memory like that from when I went to Venice to remember later. At the end of the day, we went back to the hotel to rest and have dinner since it had been a great but tiring day and we had to recharge energies for the next day. On Saturday morning we went to the glass and crystal factory which was very interesting and different. We then continued our tour of Venice taking loads of photos and seeing the sights. This great experience and adventure came to an end and on Sunday we left Venice to return back home to CDL.


A sunny spring weekend ☀️

Our boys have already started to enjoy the good weather, the lake and the sun this weekend. Although the older ones have their end-of-year exams, they have all been able to enjoy and take a break with activities such as tennis, banana boating, wakeboarding, climbing, volleyball, pilates, etc. In addition, it was a long weekend, so some of them could also enjoy the trip to Annecy, where they enjoyed a cruise on the lake and some ice cream to beat the heat.

Crazy weather weekend

This weekend we had a lot of activities as usual. Our boys have decided to participate in tennis, cooking sushi, climbing, running, basketball, boxing, Pilates and eSports. Some of them are still trying Pilates or boxing and seem to like it because they keep returning. In eSports, they continue to train in both Fortnite and Fifa.

Saturday was a stunning day; we could take advantage of the lake and do water activities. Our guys were able to participate in the banana boat and they had a good laugh with the falls of their friends and seeing how long they lasted in the curves of the ship.

Mother Earth Day: Boarding vs Plastic

The 22nd of April was Mother Earth Day and in Boarding we wanted to do our bit for this cause. This year the initiative was the Boarding vs plastic. Therefore, in the video, you can find some very interesting and shocking facts about the issue.

It’s time to protect our world and get down to work to clean it up and take care of it.