Musical composition – Mykhail’s hidden talent

Mykhail continues to love producing Music, especially electronic compositions in a Rock/Metal style. He says that while he is exploring and creating Musical ideas, it helps him disconnect from daily study routines and also to be more in contact with friends back home in Ukraine where they exchange ideas and musical tips with one another. This is a very personal hobby and he generally composes for himself but we have encouraged Mykhail to share more of his work and even produce an album to showcase within Boarding.

For now, one of his recent compositions that you can listen below:


We look forward to that album Mykhail !!

Planespotting – a Hobby that turned into a Passion

Since Stefan came to Switzerland he has not stopped pursuing his passions, one of them being Photography. Besides having weekly classes where he has the opportunity to deepen the lens on the physical and digital operation of film, he also really enjoys planespotting during his free time, spending afternoons in the airport admiring these jets.

This was the case for yesterday as Stefan woke up very early and left for Zurich where he spent the day waiting for his favourite planes. From the hundreds of captures he got he was happy with these two shots showcased below. It is inspiring to hear his descriptions about the challenges he faces to find the right moment, angle and plane for a shot …


Nowruz Mubarak


The Leman Boarding House wishes a Happy Nowruz that shines as bright as the warm Spring Sun we now have coming from behind the clouds. May this new year bring lots of success and happiness !!


Ramadan Mubarak

As the journey begins tonight we have prepared a festive breakfast for our Leman boys. We offer our support and care in the following month along their path.

Wishes of a Blessed Ramadan to all.

Ice Hockey Star

Every weekend, our boy from Leman, Apollo, plays ice hockey with the Geneva team, Geneve-Servette Associattion. Sometimes he plays in Geneva and sometimes he plays away. So far they are doing well in the league, we will see how they finish, but we are still very proud of what our boy from Leman is achieving.

Let’s go Servette!

🏮 Gong Xi Fa Cai! Happy Lunar New Year ! 🏮

Gong Xi Fa Cai (Wish you a very prosperous new year with fortune), is a popular phrase used to wish Happy New Year in Chinese Tradition.

The year 2024 is the Dragon year. According to the Chinese tradition, those born in the Dragon years are charismatic, ambitious and successful.

Our Leman boys prepared and celebrated the occasion inviting many of their friends and cooked, laughed and made a festive feast for each other. Great to see people from different nationalities coming together to celebrate the Lunar New Year.


“A Musician cannot move others unless he too is moved” C.P.E.Bach

Today Apollo inspired us with a Musical Performance, bringing sounds of Chinese traditional Music to our Eiger Auditorium.

He performed on a Hulusi flute which is a Chinese wind instrument made of a gourd and bamboo. It has been said to sound like bagpipes but unlike the bagpipe these pipes can be opened and closed. The reed resonator acts as an air pressure reservoir and allows the notes to be deeply bent – the Hulusi flute is in fact a chromatic instrument because the microtones in between the holes are all accessible.

The special ability to bend notes makes the Hulusi a highly expressive instrument which we clearly heard in Apollo’s performance tonight.

Thank you Apollo for sharing your Music with us.


Birthday boys


Today we have a very double special celebration as our two prefects Roi and Yosuke turn 18 and 19 respectively.

A moment to remember with friends and family from Leman …


Happy Birthday Roi and Yosuke !!

Momo’s sustainable city

Momo’s Geography Teacher challenged him to envision and create a sustainable city. He worked extensively to create a centre engineered to improve environmental impact through precise urban planning, renewable energies and good management.

We later realised that this eco-friendly goal was achieved right in front of our eyes as many Leman students and HouseParents worked sustainably together to help Momo complete his fantastic project.


Well done Momo!!




Building Positive Friendships and Relationships

We have now entered a new chapter of our Wellbeing Program which is Pillar 3 and centers on Building Positive Friendships and Relationships.

As Parents, we try to motivate our students to understand the values and skills that will help form these positive connections as having friends can greatly help them learn about themselves and the uniqueness of others. Friendship experiences teach us how to build successful relationships, handle conflict and contribute positively to the lives of others. We are certain that our students will experience many joys and challenges among friends and everyone plays a key role in helping to understand how to process their positive and negative experiences.

To launch this important reflection we interviewed some of our Leman boys and asked the following question:

What qualities do you look for in a friend? 

Have a look at their opinions:




WATU Winter Concert


This evening our talented Jason took on this Musical challenge and joined the WATU Winter Concert in aid of one of our school’s charities. Whether he was playing or singing, he was enjoying every minute and we are proud he joined his fellow Musicians.

Well done Jason!


Clash of the Titans – Boarders vs Day Students


Whoever attended the match yesterday evening, witnessed a great Basketball game between fierce players and passionate talents. A bittersweet ending as our boys lost but were proud about how they played together even though they do not practice regularly as an official team every week. Sportsmanship and mutual respect on the court was beautiful to see and the boys walked out with a to-be-continued feeling …

As our prefect put it after the match ” We are warming up for the season”. The next match will indeed be thrilling!




Bike Day – World Bicycle Relief

World Bicycle Relief (WBR) is a wonderful charity that gives bikes to thousands of students in the developing world. These bikes make their daily commute more practicable and as such reduce absenteeism and improve lives forever!

We have challenged our boarders and staff to run a week’s worth of commuting to school for the average recipient of a WBR bike. In the time they take to do this as a relay team, we thought we could cycle all the way around Lac Léman (170 km) first.

Turns out the runners won!! Great fun for a good cause and we have to say a big thank you and praise our boys Antoni, Ablai, Martin, Amirhossein, Teodoro and Roi. Also a big thank you to Mr Rob who accompanied each and everyone of our runners to ensure they had a safe and motivated run. Take a look at our champions:





Activity farewell weekend

As we approach the final days of this school year, our boys had a last chance to explore our many activities in offer for the weekend. Amongst cooking, wakeboarding, Tennis and much more, have a look at some of these moments:

Climbing Party

Climbing offers many excellent benefits and during this year, Mr. Rodrigo has challenged a few students to find their grip and endurance every week. This problem solving activity keeps a healthy body but also releases stress specially now during this exam period. Antoni and Stefan were regular climbers and in the afternoon had the opportunity to put their skills to the test in a friendly competition followed by a well deserved Pizza.

We thank Mr Rodrigo for being there every week and for the farewell party … well done to the Leman boys and until next year for climbing! Have a look to the boys in action: