Activity Lift-off

During this first weekend of the second semester we had a great time with diverse and fun activities. Our boys enjoyed sports, tours, cooking and creative activities during the weekend. Have a look at some of these moments captured:








Basketball Victory

This evening our Leman boys were impecable and defeated Franconis in the Boarding Basketball Tournament. There was a real team spirit and they all had great fun. Well done !! A few shots of the game moments:


FIFA 23 House Tournament

Sometimes with rainy weather the best feelng is to be indoors, warm and cozy and to spend time with friends and family. With this in mind, Mr Rob organised for our boys a FIFA 23 House Tournament to challenge our Leman family in having fun and spending time together.

The start was exciting, and everyone is determined to take their team to the distance.

Final results will come soon …

Fun and Rainy Weekend

This weekend the rain decided to stay but nothing stopped our Leman boys from joining activities and making the most of these days. Golf, Running, Cooking and Tennis were just but a few of many Activites happening around Campus … have a look at the great pictures from this weekend:


Sounds of the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra


This evening 5 of our students had the opportunity to resume the day listening to one of Europes finest Orchestras – The Munich Philharmonic. The experience was a success and all left the Concert Hall inspired and impressed by the impact of a porwerful and emotional program.

The Concert started with Antoni Dvorak’s Carnival Overture Op.92, which brought an impressive starting energy culminating in a striking finale with the Brass section filling the room with pomposity.

Before the interval, we had Pianist Anastasia Voltchok Perform the Ravel Concerto in G Major. As custom with Ravel’s style of composition, we could hear the Pianist bring out the various depths of emotion underneath the sparking Rhythms and contraponctual textures. The second mouvement of this Concerto, the Adagio, a true mastery of touching composition …

In 1827 Hector Berlioz saw a production of Shakespeare’s Hamlet and this moment changed his life. He met for the first time Actress Harriet Smithson and was swept off his feet. The Symphony Fantastique of 1830 was the last piece of the night, and has been regarded as a personal autobiography of Berlioz, about an artist who is madly in love with a woman who does not know he exists. For this reason, there was no emotion unexplored by the grand orchestra and conductor Lahav Shani was able to bring these moments out with clarity and passion.

An unforgetable night a the Rosey Concert Hall !

Soccer Championship / Boarding Edition

This evening we had a football match which starred many of our Leman boys but also with special guest players from Old Portena (Chihana) and Villa Terray (Dalaa) – A huge thank you for them joining our Team !!!!.

– AC Leman (4) vs Monkey Squad (0).

Both teams fought really hard for the win and the game was full of emotion. A great evening with no doubt!



Mountain Weekend – Verbier and La Tzoumaz

This weekend all our boys got the opportunity to enjoy the Mountain fresh air of Verbier and La Tzoumaz. There were a big diversity of activities and fun games planned for everyone and they enjoyed the time away with their friends.

We captured a few moments of these activities so have a look at them in action:


Welcome to Leman

Dear Parents/Guardians, 

We would like to welcome each of you to the great start of the 2022-2023 Academic School Year in College du Leman !! 

These last few days have been filled with a lot of joy and excitement from new and returning students. In a blink of an eye all students started to meet and socialize with each other with walks to the lake, visiting the Chocolate Factory Favarger, playing basket and football, exploring campus and within many other activities during the weekend. Have a look at some freshly baked pictures taken during these days:

A very warm welcome from the LEMAN FAMILY !!!