Bike Day – World Bicycle Relief

World Bicycle Relief (WBR) is a wonderful charity that gives bikes to thousands of students in the developing world. These bikes make their daily commute more practicable and as such reduce absenteeism and improve lives forever!

We have challenged our boarders and staff to run a week’s worth of commuting to school for the average recipient of a WBR bike. In the time they take to do this as a relay team, we thought we could cycle all the way around Lac Léman (170 km) first.

Turns out the runners won!! Great fun for a good cause and we have to say a big thank you and praise our boys Antoni, Ablai, Martin, Amirhossein, Teodoro and Roi. Also a big thank you to Mr Rob who accompanied each and everyone of our runners to ensure they had a safe and motivated run. Take a look at our champions:





Activity farewell weekend

As we approach the final days of this school year, our boys had a last chance to explore our many activities in offer for the weekend. Amongst cooking, wakeboarding, Tennis and much more, have a look at some of these moments:

Climbing Party

Climbing offers many excellent benefits and during this year, Mr. Rodrigo has challenged a few students to find their grip and endurance every week. This problem solving activity keeps a healthy body but also releases stress specially now during this exam period. Antoni and Stefan were regular climbers and in the afternoon had the opportunity to put their skills to the test in a friendly competition followed by a well deserved Pizza.

We thank Mr Rodrigo for being there every week and for the farewell party … well done to the Leman boys and until next year for climbing! Have a look to the boys in action:




Performing Arts Evening

This evening some of our boys participated in the Performing Arts Evening organised by the Head of the Performing Arts, Miss Hannah Picasso. It was great to see their talents on stage and explore their artistic expression. Have a look and some moments of this event:


International Day Celebrations

The National Honor Society hosted the International Day at CDL filled with stands from several countries and important charity initiatives. Some of our boys participated and shared some of their unique cultural diversities. Take a look at some of these fun moments:











Activity packed long weekend

This weekend started on Thursday and our boys had several activities to choose from and enjoy before final exams start. Great highlight was our trip to Vienna in which our Boarders had the opportunity to discover several Museums and Monuments in the heart of this Musical City. Have a look at these great moments:











Sunshine funtime

The Sun came out this weekend and gave a marvellous opportunity for our boys to be outdoors and release some of the pressure from the exams. Between Sports and leisure activities, have a look at some captions of these moments:





High School Talent Show

This evening two of our boys participated in the High School Talent Show – Gabriel Legros and Amir Pedersoli. They shined with some brilliant Performances. The Jury decided and our Amir won the PRIZE !! Congratilations Amir !!

                                 Gabriel playing Elton John

Drama Performance

This afternoon a few of our boys shined on stage for their Literature and Performance Class. They presented scenes from Lorca’s classic play – ‘Blood Wedding’. A few shots of this event:



Sunshine and Activities

The weekend was sunny, fun and full of activities. The boys were out and about doing all sorts of things, take a look at some of these moments:


The 5km winners !


















Concert Evening with the boys

Today we had the opportunity to watch a fantastic Concert in the Rosey Concert Hall. The program was filled with powerful instruments, soloists and a beautiful Orchestra playing with touching sound landscapes. A night the Leman boys greatly enjoyed!






Activity Lift-off

During this first weekend of the second semester we had a great time with diverse and fun activities. Our boys enjoyed sports, tours, cooking and creative activities during the weekend. Have a look at some of these moments captured: