Well-Being Assembly, Meditation Challenge

We are sure that some of us might be experiencing different feelings due to this extraordinary situation. We are experiencing a pandemic. It is normal to feel overwhelmed with emotions. Sometimes we feel sad, scared, and a bit worried. But there is a way to avoid falling into a sad spiral.

During our weekly assembly, the tip to take care of our mental health was practicing mindfulness meditation.

Mindfulness meditation can bring to our girls, clarity and calm. It’s a practice that encourages them to be present, acknowledge their emotions, and let it go. And it’s all grounded by breathing.

The regular practice of it will help them to be less overwhelmed with all the emotions triggered by the pandemic. It will remind them all feelings are normal and it’s okay. And eventually, what they’re feeling will end.”



Well-Being. Presentations of the 2nd Pillar Individual Projects

During our boarding assembly, all of our girls made an excellent presentation of their individual projects for this Second Pillar focused on Protecting against Bullying and Respecting Diversity.
Well done girls !!
Lia Presentation: International Cooperation
Alina Presentation: Bullying
Lou Lou Presentation: Internationalism
Diana Presentation: Bullying
Katia Presentation: Internationalism at CDL
Isabella Presentation: Peer Pressure
Jessica Paper-Cutting. Chinese Tradition
Maeva Presentation: Respecting Diversity
Kateryna Presentation: Cultures



Wellbeing Pillar 2- Community Project

Promoting diversity and protecting against bullying- Wellbeing Pillar 2, community project.

Many of us are using lockdown to reflect on our personal values and take a meaningful look at the structure of the society we live in. It is everyone’s responsibility to come together and stand for equality, diversity and inclusion. For that, the girls in JB Terray chose to participate in the Annual Gift Box project. Now, what is the annual Gift Box project?

The annual gift box project is a project where students choose to participate by donating either money or items. This includes items like toothbrush, soap, school supplies, socks, toys, chocolate and etc. Essential items that make their lives easier. The boxes are sent to needy children in orphanages, schools and hospitals in Eastern Europe who are living below poverty.

We spent the afternoon preparing the boxes, and as you can see, the girls were thrilled to be part of this.


Thank you, girls, for all your effort and kindness!


Spirit Week at Collège du Léman


This past week we celebrated ‘Spirit’ from our school motto and each section of the school did a project to demonstrate their Community Spirit. Within the Boarding Community, we aligned this with our Wellbeing Pillar 2- Promoting Diversity and Protecting Against Bullying. We believe we have a strong bond as a Boarding Community and that together with the diversity among us we bridge cultures to come together and show our community spirit. To demonstrate this we created a video.

Wellbeing Tutorial. Respecting Diversity at Collège du Léman

This week in our Wellbeing session we focused on Respecting Diversity. Our ‘RISE’ values of Respect, Internationalism, Spirit and Excellence, are at the heart of everything we do, bringing together more than 110 nationalities and cultures to create one family.

Respect for diversity is the hallmark of our school community that is confident and strong in its values and beliefs. When students understand that each individual is unique with their own individual differences they can begin to value and appreciate these for the richness they bring to the school and wider community.

What language do you speak? What is your religion? What holidays do you celebrate? What is your racial identification? What is your ethnic identity? What is your culture? Why is cultural diversity so important?

Our culture is what shapes us, it shapes our behavior and our identity. Culture is our way of living, it refers to the shared language, beliefs, values, norms, behaviors, and material objects that are passed down from one generation to the next.


The term “culturally diverse” is often used interchangeably with the concept of “multiculturalism.”

Sociologist Dr. Caleb Rosado, who specializes in diversity and multiculturalism, described seven important actions involved in the definition of multiculturalism:

  • recognition of the abundant diversity of cultures;
  • respect for the differences;
  • acknowledging the validity of different cultural expressions and contributions;
  • valuing what other cultures offer;
  • encouraging the contribution of diverse groups;
  • empowering people to strengthen themselves and others to achieve their maximum potential by being critical of their own biases; and
  • celebrating rather than just tolerating the differences in order to bring about unity through diversity.


    Cultural diversity is important because our country, workplaces, and schools increasingly consist of various cultural, racial, and ethnic groups. We can learn from one another, but first, we must have a level of understanding about each other. Learning about other cultures helps us understand different perspectives within the world in which we live. It helps dispel negative stereotypes and personal biases about different groups.

    In addition, cultural diversity helps us recognize and respect “ways of being” that are not necessarily our own. So that as we interact with others we can build bridges to trust, respect, and understanding across cultures. Furthermore, this diversity makes our country a more interesting place to live. As people from diverse cultures contribute language skills, new ways of thinking, new knowledge, and different experiences.


    • Increase your level of understanding about other cultures by interacting with people outside of your own culture
    • Avoid imposing values on others that may conflict or be inconsistent with other cultures
    • When interacting with others who may not be proficient in English, recognize that their limitations in English proficiency in no way reflects their level of intellectual functioning
    • Recognize and understand that concepts within the helping profession, such as family, gender roles, spirituality, and emotional well-being, vary significantly among cultures and influence behavior
    • Within the workplace, educational setting, and/or clinical setting, advocate for the use of materials that are representative of the various cultural groups within the local community and the society in general
    • Intervene in an appropriate manner when you observe others engaging in behaviors that show cultural insensitivity, bias, or prejudice
    • Be proactive in listening, accepting, and welcoming people and ideas that are different from your own

What does Spirit week have to do with diversity and bullying, our 2° Pillar of the Wellbeing program?

This educational sequence entitled Spirit Week consists of an integration week which students spend some time together, an opportunity to promote community at school and learn about each other’s diversity and do activities creating cohesion and wellbeing within the community school.

Unfortunately, with the pandemic situation, this doesn’t allow us to be close together but we did manage to, within the limits, spend a moment in the open air to try and pass on the message to the students. We got together, sang a song and wrote, using ourselves, the word SPIRT.

But what does the SPIRIT week have to do with our 2° pillar? The second pillar is about Diversity and protecting against bullying. Diversity improves critical-thinking skills, builds empathy and encourages students to think differently. Diversity is everything that makes people different from each other. This includes many different factors: race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, ability, age, religious belief, or political conviction. All these factors work together to inform how students (and everyone else) encounter the world. Therefore we are all different and our differences should be respected. As John Lennon once said;

“Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion, too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace…”

Well done girls!!!

Well-Being 2nd Pillar

After our October Break, we started the Second Pillar of our Wellbeing Programme, focused on Protecting against Bullying and Respecting Diversity. 

Through the next seven weeks, we will be asking students to explore an area of interest relating to this pillar through a podcast or other research area. We will be asking them to take note of their thoughts and feelings. The aim of this experience is to have a lasting impact on how the students view diversity or bullying. 

Tonight, during our weekly house assembly, we discussed what bullying is, what bullying includes, and how to deal with bullying at school.  Furthermore, and as we did in our First Pillar, students will think about an individual and a community project to carry out during this period, until the Christmas Break.

Thank you to our House Representative Kateryna and to our House Captain, Louise for your support


First Virtual University Fair at Collège du Léman

Today, we had the pleasure of hosting our first virtual university fair with the Council of International Schools for Grade 11 and 12, Première and Terminale. Students had the opportunity to interact with more than 20 prestigious universities from 8 countries around the world!

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October Break Snack

To say goodbye for the October Break in a proper way, we had creps, ice-cream and fruit for a snack on Friday before everyone would leave!

We wish you all a great break, get all your energy back, charge your batteries and don’t forget to take care fo yourself and the others around you!

We will be waiting for you all with a warm welcoming 🙂

Virtual Parents-Teachers Conference

Today we had our virtual parent & teacher meetings and we are so proud of the girls and all the positive feedback we received.

We would also like to thank all the teachers and staff from CDL which are directly and indirectly involved in their education and wellbeing. We are sure they are on the path of Lifelong learning, the voluntary act of learning throughout life. Discover the benefits of a learning mind-set for personal and professional development and we can only thank everyone for providing them that.

Congratulation girls, for all your efforts and dedication! This is the way to go and that is just the end of the first term!



Yoga for Wellbeing- Community Project.

Yoga for Wellbeing.

For our wellbeing community project this Sunday we all decided to do a 20mins session of  Yoga for wellbeing.

In these challenging times, it is especially vital to maintain inner balance, peace, and wellbeing. We did a Yogic practice that cleanses the *nadis – the pathways through which pranic energy flows – resulting in a balanced system and psychological wellbeing.


  • Enhance vitality, focus, memory, and productivity
  • Stabilize the body, mind, and emotions
  • Strengthen and stabilize the spine
  • Relief from back pain, stress, anxiety, and tension
  • Alleviate chronic ailments and improve the overall health
  • A lasting sense of joy, peace, and fulfilment

Thank you, girls, for these 20 minutes of sharing and relaxation!


*In yoga theory, nadis is a life force energy. In the physical body, the nadis are channels carrying air, water, nutrients, blood and other bodily fluids around and are similar to the arteriesveinscapillariesbronchiolesnerveslymph canals and so on.[1]

In the subtle and the causal body, the nadis are channels for so-called cosmic, vital, seminal, mental, intellectual, etc. energies (collectively described as prana) and are important for sensations, consciousness and the spiritual aura.

Well-Being. Individual Projects.1st Pillar Nurturing Healthy Bodies and Minds

Well done girls !


Mood and feelings journal

Alina Presentation Managing Stress

Painting to increase relaxation

 Diana Presentation Benefits of saffron
 Katia Presentation about healthy lifestyle
 Isabella Presentation: Why alcohol is bad
 Ruijin Playing HULUSI
Maeva Nutrition classes. Exercise (swimming, walks). Reflection on these new habits
Kateryna Mandalas.

Monthly Boarding Assembly

Tonight we had our Monthly Boarding Assembly led Mr Usher, as usual. One of the Boarding Prefects, Diana gave an awesome speech about friendship issues and  making friends in boarding .Thank you Diana for your contribution !!

World Heart Day

World Heart Day is celebrated every year on 29 September

In May 2012, world leaders committed to reducing global mortality from non-communicable diseases (NCDs) by 25% by 2025. Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is accountable for nearly half of all NCD deaths making it the world’s number one killer. World Heart Day is, therefore, the perfect platform for the CVD community to unite in the fight against CVD and reduce the global disease burden.

Created by the World Heart Federation, World Heart Day informs people around the globe that CVD, including heart disease and stroke, is the world’s leading cause of death claiming 17.9 million lives each year, and highlights the actions that individuals can take to prevent and control CVD. It aims to drive action to educate people that by controlling risk factors such as tobacco use, unhealthy diet and physical inactivity, at least 80% of premature deaths from heart disease and stroke could be avoided.

World Heart Day is a global campaign during which individuals, families, communities, and governments around the world participate in activities to take charge of their heart health and that of others. Through this campaign, the World Heart Federation unites people from all countries and backgrounds in the fight against the CVD burden and inspires and drives international action to encourage heart-healthy living across the world. We and our members believe in a world where heart health for everyone is a fundamental human right and a crucial element of global health justice.

Izzuddin Faalan, Maldives, illuminated in red for World Heart Day.

Well-Being Community Project- First Pillar

Food is not only fuel, food is pleasure and the basis for a healthy life.

Following our Pastoral Programme we baked apple pies for other barding houses. Our First Pillar is based on Nurturing Healthy Minds and Bodies and we decided to bake these pies because it induces students to eat more fruits.



This pie in special doesn’t have any sugar, so it is a different way to eat fruit in a heathy way.

Well-Being Workshop: Emotion Regulation

Following our Pastoral Programme today we had our first Wellbeing Workshop organised by the boarding school and our counselor, Mrs Jody .
Focused on Emotion Regulation, we all learned about expressing and dealing with our emotions. We worked in small groups and tried to solve scenarios, and  understand our feelings.
It was lovely to see our girls listening to each other and creating a safe space for everyone to feel welcome to share their feelings.


Keeping the balance #Wellbeing

It is important that we identify what can make us happy, healthy and confident and keep a balance with our achievements or academic skills.

During this month Terray girls are reflecting on their quality of Sleep, Nutrition, Mood, Physical activity, Leisure time and School.

This insight can help us to find  where is our balance or what are the consequences of choosing bad habits, how is all connected and the most important… how can all we find opportunities to improve our well being with small changes 🙂

Well-Being. Nurturing Healthy & Minds and Bodies

If you really want to eat, keep climbing the fruits are on the top of the tree. Stretch your hands and keep stretching them! Success in on the top, keep going!!

In our community we believe that fruits are very important for the daily food intake, and as we are supporting a healthy lifestyle, every Tuesday and Saturday we are getting the fruits-sources of many essential nutrients that are under consumed, including potassium, dietary fiber, vitamin C, and folate.

Also, a healthy and well-balanced diet supports brain development!

In 2008 scientists have proved that a diet that includes fruit can also increase your focus in the classroom, so you will be able to learn new information and get higher test scores…



Swiss Tradition Jeûne Genevois

Happy Jeûne Genevois !!

The Jeûne Genevois is a public holiday specific to Geneva. It falls on the Thursday after the first Sunday in September. On this special day, the people of Geneva traditionally eat prune tart.

 The practice of fasting could be observed in the. Swiss cantons as far back as the 15th century. The Diet, an assembly of the representatives of the cantons in place until 1848, organised penance and thanksgiving days. Each canton could decide what form these fasts would take.

The origin of the Jeûne Genevois dates back to the first fast recorded in Geneva, at the beginning of October 1567 following the repression of Protestants from Lyon. From 1640, fasting was seen as a moral and religious act and became an annual practice at the initiative of reformed cantons. It was seen as an act of humility and solidarity with the poorest members of society.

Our “ J.B. Terray 27 ” Boarding House is ready to celebrate a holiday! And since we don’t have to go to school tomorrow, we are all looking forward to the trips to AquaPark and Charles Chaplin Museum in Vevey which are going to be organized thanks to our great Boarding Activity Managers! !! You will be able to see the beautiful pictures of these trips tomorrow.

Have a great holiday, everyone !!

Flag: Switzerland on Apple iOS 13.3

Weekly House Assembly

For our Weekly Assembly we had an amazing time. Thank you  Maeva for your help with tonight’s topics , full details about Covid protocol at CdL, University Choices, individual pastoral project, house rules, reach hours programme, activities,….

Thanks for your contribution !


Nurturing Healthy Bodies and Minds – Pillar 1 #Wellbeing

At College du Leman our students’ ‘wellbeing’ is defined as being physically and mentally healthy and be able to cope with life’s challenges in a positive and constructive manner. Our students’ health and academics are very important and this year we want to have a different focus on their wellbeing by providing them with the tools that a teenager needs to maintain a healthy body and mind.

This week has seen the launch of the first Pillar of our well-being programme, Nurturing Healthy Minds and Bodies

This first Pillar will accompany our students through these first weeks of the school year, and it will offer them the opportunity to work on a range of many different projects and activities until the October Break.

Throughout this school year, students will be encouraged to complete an individual project and a community project for each pillar of well-being. These projects are focused on activities that are meant to support growth and self-awareness. We believe that this will allow our students of all age groups to take ownership of their wellbeing.

Parents, students, educators, walk with us this path. We count on your support to make the best for our students wellbeing.

Week 1 Well-Being Program at Collège du Léman. We care about our students !

As a new school year begins and following our Pastoral Program, tonight we had our First Well-Being Tutorial. This will be a 5 Pillar Program carried out over the year, focusing on different areas of our lives. We will be focusing on looking after ourselves and others around us. We will be spending an hour a week together concentrating on what it means to have a positive attitude towards our own well being and the benefits it can bring us both academically, socially, and personally. 



As a novelty, this year we use Padlet to choose a challenge. Padlet is an online virtual “bulletin” board which can be used by students and tutors to post notes on a common page.Students can choose their individual project and the House Parents can share community ideas. The notes posted by tutors and students can contain links, videos, images, and document files.
During this first session focused on Nurturing Healthy Minds and Bodies, we began by asking them to give us a synonym for the word Well-Being and what personal association they have with that word. Understanding the initial concept is important. Some of their responses included: feeling happy, healthy, calm, lively, vital, energetic, having a good sense of humor and being glad.
Following, we asked them questions like:
– How many hours do you sleep and what time do you approximately fall asleep?
– How do you manage to relax in the face of problems in general?
– How many meals do you have per day and what do you eat? What do you drink?
– What sports do you practice and how often? Do you practice yoga or meditation?
 We discussed it together and we set up a new action plan:
1– Unlike us, who have grown up without the internet and mobile phones, our students were born into the age of the Internet and for them, it is something intrinsic and second nature.  Students need 7/ 8 hours per night to sleep. Due to their lack of sleep, we made a deal: During the week, they are not allowed to use mobile phones after 22.30. 
2- To help relax their body and mind after an intensive daily routine, we suggested that they take a shower and drink a tea or infusion before bedtime. Obviously, family calls/chats are important as well as attending yoga classes or meditating, all helping them feel more relaxed.
3- They need at least five meals: breakfast, snack at school, lunch, snack after school, and dinner. We suggested that they avoid eating fast food and energy drinks. Best to drink water. Tuck shop is cancelled so they can buy their health food.

 4- They must practice more sports. Almost all of them have signed up for 1 or 2 activities during the week/weekend: fitness, volleyball, horse, soccer, tennis, and pool.

In the next weeks our Well-Being sessions we will cover sleeping patterns, healthy eating habits, sports, meditation and any other ideas we find relevant in order to give tools to the girls to balance their lives and build up in a positive frame and with the structure needed to the achievement of their full potential.


Welcome back from J.B. Terray !!

We hope you all had a wonderful summer – the staff of J.B. Terray are ready and eager to welcome you all back for the 2018-2019 academic year!

Your team this year is made up of House Parent Beatriz Lourido Fernandez, Deputy House Parent Henar Blanco.

We look forward to seeing you all soon, if you have any questions before getting here please contact terray@cdl.ch

Yummy baking from Rikka! 🍰

During the year Rikka was attending the weekly culinary classes with our school chef making great recipes. Now she has sent us this picture of an amazing cake she has prepared for her bother’s birthday….. Looks delicious!

Well done Rikka!

We wish you a deserved rest After 4 weeks of a Virtual Learning Experience!

It has been a challenge but Well done to all the Villa Terray girls: Olivia, Rikka, Helen, Jialin, Aya, Ana Sofia, Jasmine, Natalina and Julia 🙂
We are looking forward to seeing you back in the House as soon as possible, we miss you tremendously!

Please see a little video message from us.


Making safe and responsible choices #Wellbeing

During these weeks, we have started a new topic from our Wellbeing program. Pillar 4 making safe and responsible choices.  Extremely important topic, especially as they grow older and head towards college to become fully-fledged adults.

In this last session, we have to talk about Peer pressure, that represents both a challenge and decision for teens, as they struggle to choose between what they know is right and what their friends are doing.

Not only we have discussed about right choices but we have talked about how to say NO.  As a part of the session, we did a role-play putting in practice refusal skills with body language and assertive communication.

Thank you, girls, for your honest talk about teens challenges.

Ski week photos!

Many of our students spent February break in the amazing resort of Crans Montana! Among them, it was Helen who snowboarded 6 days, notably improving her level!

Kids enjoyed tremendously with also many activities as bowling, escape room, cinema, skating, swimming pool…..

Have a look at these wonderful pictures 🙂

Social Skills #WellBeing

Friendly folks are not the same as folks who are your friends.  It’s nice to feel welcomed when you attend an activity, but it’s much more valuable to have relationships that thrive outside of the meetings. But how do we build those relationships?. Sometimes relationships will grow quickly on their own, but if they don’t, how do you encourage them to grow? Fortunately, making friends is a skill that we can develop.

In the last session of the Wellbeing programme -third Pillar: Building positive friendships, we have talked about tools and strategies that can take us to fulfiling friendships and, through an acting game, Terray girls have represented some of these social skills. We can practice them every day and will help in almost any situation.: smiling, making eye contact, finding common interest, empathize…

Thank you girls, for such a wonderful session 🙂  !

Sunday Choreography

Watch this video with Natalina picking up this Style dance Choreography

Boarding Assembly artists 🎵

Each of our monthly assemblies begins with a brilliant interpretation of our students.

In our February assembly, we have been able to count on Gabriel who, with only his voice and creating loops, has achieved this wonderful melody.

Please listen carefully……….

Study Hall

As we approach some exams of the second Marking Period, students thoughts have turned to revision.  The importance of revision is twofold. Firstly, it helps you to remember what the students covered some time ago. Secondly, If done correctly it will help increase your confidence and reduce anxiety.

Keep revising girls, you will be well prepared!

International friendship #WellBeing

This week in our Well-Being session we have explored the benefits of making friends from around the world in School.

Internationalism is a cornerstone at CDL, a school with more than 110 nationalities. Only in Villa Terray, we count with 8 different and this is going to lead to many international friends.

Terray girls came up with many benefits such as the cultural exchange, learning languages or a greater sense of empathy for the world. After this discussion, we played a quiz about international food which made us laugh out loud!

Sunday cinema : Little women

This Sunday Terray went to the cinema to watch Greta Gerwig’s newest film, Little Women.

Based on the classic American novel by Louisa May Alcott, the movie tells the story of the March sisters and their family. The sisters are all living their lives in their own way and bucking conventions all the while.

It’s a story with no real villain and a lot of love, friendship and compassion. We are glad you enjoyed it!

Cooking class 🍳

One of the extracurricular activities that Rikka enjoy the most is cooking.  With our chef students learnt tasty recipes from all over the world. So far Rikka has cooked churros, lasagna, cupcakes and this week…. an amazing Rissotto.

Keep learning to cook beautiful and delicious meals, Rikka!   🙂

What makes a good life? #Wellbeing

Last night we continued with Pillar 3 of our Wellbeing program, Building positive friendship. 

We watched a very inspirational video from a Harvard University researcher, about the longest study on human happiness. For over 75 years, they did interviews, medical tests, and checked up on people to see how they were doing. And what they found about happiness surprised them.

The fourth director of the study, in his TED talk video, “What makes a good life? Lessons from the longest study on happiness” says that while many young people tend to think that fame, fortune, and hard work will bring them happiness, it’s actually our social connections that are most important for our well being.

Waldinger explains the three lessons the researchers learned. First, having social connections is better for our health and well being—and conversely, loneliness kills. Second, having higher-quality close connections is more important for our well-being than the number of connections. Third, having good relationships is not only good for our bodies but also for our brains.

The girls were really interested in knowing about this study and all together discussed what implies a good friendship.

Thank you, girls, for your thoughtful words.

Building positive friendship #WellBeing

Teenagers learn when adults act as good role models. But when it comes to developing great communication and social skills, practise with other kids can be invaluable. Building strong social skills can help teens make friends and feel better equipped to deal with stress and other issues as they develop and grow knowing there is support from the people around them.
One of the best ways for kids to learn to communicate well is to have them interact in a group and use the teachable moments which are created. Board games are fun and one of the easiest ways for kids to engage with one another. Playing a game requires patience, being able to take turns, agreeing to and sticking to the rules, and being a good friend – whether you win or lose.

Tonight to introduce Pillar 3 of our wellbeing program: Building positive friendship we have played Jenga,  a game of coordination where players take turns removing one block at a time from a tower constructed of blocks. Each block removed is then placed on top of the tower, creating an increasingly taller and more unstable structure. May not be ground-breaking or new, but, with a few simple tweaks, it can be used to teach valuable communication skill.

Jenga is a great game for building decision-making skills and improving hand-to-eye coordination.  But, most importantly, the aim of this game is to teach kids the importance of being patient, how to be a good friend under pressure, and how to contain their excitement when a friend knocks the tower over!

It was a great start for a great topic! 🙂

January Boarding Assebly

Tonight’s assembly started with a brilliant interpretation of   ‘O sole mio from our Boarding trio the Three Tenors!… followed by the many upcoming events for this new year :

  • CDL TALKS, inspiring new leaders-  with Ismael Fernandez the 28th of January
  • Mountain weekend + Winter camps
  • Wellbeing – pillar 3:  ” Building positive friendship”

We also had Sofia, Miss Cristina, Mr Usher and Mr Salva talking about important matters as Healthy habits, Environment or friendship.

Thanks everybody for a great assembly 🙂

Charity #Wellbeing

In our Wellbeing latest conversations  (Pillar 2 Protecting against Bullying and Respecting Diversity) we focused on Charity, “providing for those in need; generosity and giving”  finding that even small actions can make a significant difference.

As previous years Boarding students have been very enthusiastic participating in the Christmas Action Project where presents are prepared and delivered to foster homes with children.

Terray girls decide to do their bit. They bought a personalised gift,  wrapped it nicely and attached a meaningful message. Natalina and Olivia were one of the lucky students who accompanied the delivery of the presents with Mr Usher and Mr Salva and they couldn’t be happier seeing the smile of the kids receiving their present 🙂

During yesterday’s Boarding Assembly Olivia, Natalina and Johannes shared their experience with all the Boarding students and expressed the positive impact of this action.

Thank you for your generosity!

Europa park + Freiburg trip

The CDL group including Ana S., Maeva and Louise travelled to Germany’s biggest amusement park.  Europa Park is situated in the town of Rust near Freiburg and has beaten the global competition to win the award for the best amusement park in the world several times in a row. Europa Park is first and so far the only park in Europe to be given this award!

Also, the students played a visit to the traditional Freiburg Christmas Market in the heart of the beautiful old quarter.

That was a great weekend!


Aya and Helen ART exhibition 🎨

One of the highlights of this week has been the participation of Aya and Helen in the art exhibition held by Webster University. Congratulation girls for your participation!

“Creativity is contagious, pass it on” – Albert Einstein

Community Service #Wellbeing

In our weekly wellbeing meeting, we have talked about the important role Community service plays at Collège du Léman. How can we participate, what are the positive effects of our actions in favour of the community and what kind of sense and fulfilment we can find.  These are some of the questions we have talked through in our meeting discovering very positive answers.

Our school encourages all students to connect with the greater community, giving them the opportunity to engage with a variety of activities. Terray girls have helped to mentor students, cleaning up lake Geneva, helping staff in our everyday tasks, teaching younger students, etc..  Some of our girls started really early! like Ana Sofia who helped to clean up the beaches of her hometown with her family as you can see in the picture below 🙂

Wonderful to see your kind spirit girls!

Rikka’s trip to Paris ! 🇫🇷

During last weekend in Paris…..

On Saturday CDL students visited iconic places as the Louvre Museum, Montmartre or Champs Elysées, finishing the day at the Arc de Triomphe with amazing views from the top.

On Sunday they went to the famous Eiffel Tower, climbing to the top of the tower where they had an incredible panoramic of Paris. Afterwards, they enjoyed a nice excursion by boat through the Seine River where they could see how is now the Notre Dame Cathedral.

Thank you for the pictures Rikka!


RESPECT by Aya #Values #WellBeing

Respect is on the cornerstone principles of our School ( RISE: Respect, internationalism, spirit and excellence). It denotes both a positive feeling of esteem for a person and also specific actions and conducts representative of that esteem. Respect can be defined as allowing yourself and others to do and be their best.

But “How does respect look? How does respect sound? How does respect feel?”

We have revised this concept with the help of a very personal Aya’s presentation.  She has shown a lot of gratitude to the ones who work closer with students, Teachers and House Parents and has displayed very meaningful reasons to respect them.

Most of us had a special teacher that had a lasting effect on us so, last but not least, Aya encouraged us to talk about a teacher who was important in our life’s 🙂

Thank you Aya for your thoughtful words!

Anti-Bullying Presentation by Olivia #WellBeing

Today we have continued with the second pillar of the Well-being program: Protecting against bullying & respecting diversity with an excellent Olivia’s presentation about Bullying .

We have learnt about it; what is , people affected: those who are bullied, those who bully, those who witness bullying and their negative effects in all of them. Olivia did a fantastic job not only preparing this presentation but sharing her own experience and facilitating that everyone in the house shared their experience too.

Thanks Olivia, brilliant work!

Masterchef competition 👩‍🍳

Terray girls took the masterchef competition to another level with this incredible Terray Cake!

Ana Sofia’s creation has Austro-Hungarian roots, it is a light sponge with the main ingredient being almonds and hazelnuts. It is filled with homemade raspberry/strawberry jam, as well as crème pâtissière and chocolate cream. On the top it has 11 choux craquelin, covered in caramel filled with vanilla crème chantille or crème pâtissière. The piping is meant to resemble the very classic gâteau St-Honoré.

Very proud of your effort!

Terray trip to Lyon 🦁

Check out the pictures of our Saturday trip to Lyon  !!!

It is the third largest city in France, after Paris and Marseille and is set on a hilly site at the confluence of the Rhône and Saône rivers.

We wandered the streets of the old town, Vieux Lyon and around the nice squares of Presqu’île. We climbed the hill to to arrive to the Ancient Theatre of Fourvière. We visited Lyon Cathedral and we had a french lunch just next to its door. Not forgeting we crossed some of the many Lyon’s bridges and discovered the lively street markets.   🙂

Nous avons fait un bon voyage!

Terray family dinner

Such a great time yesteday in our House dinner!  We cook a delicious homemade menu with pumpkin soup, spaghettis au pesto, tuna empanada, Spanish omelette and a churros dessert!

Thank you girls for such an amaizing time together and for your cooking skills !

Boarding Assembly. Prefects in action!

Prefects are students that have proven they can be trustworthy and responsible. They have an interest in obtaining a leadership role in the House amongst their peers and they help bridge the gap in a number of areas between our Boarding community at large and the staff.

We are very lucky to count with two Prefects in Villa Terray, Ana Sofia and Natalina!  They were helping in our last Boarding assembly. Also, Natalina went on stage to talk about the hidden reality of “brands”.

Thank you girls for your active collaboration!

Challenging Stereotypes #Wellbeing

Last week we started the second pillar of our well being Program: Protecting against bullying & respecting diversity.

During two sessions we have explored the term Stereotype. Studying in such a diverse School community, it is important that we challenge many stereotypes around us in order to respect each other.

With different games and discussions we have been looking about gender, looks and nationality stereotypes. Our discussion focused on identify them, think about their origin and their negative impact on our community.

Often when we begin to interact with people who are different from us, our experience of the “other” expands. It’s important to surface these general ideas about others that plays in our head. Once stereotypes are challenged repeatedly, it makes it harder to stereotype in the future.


A bit late but with love <3

We hope that our wonderful Miss Henar spent a great Birthday on the 28th October and we all wish her lots of happiness and love!! Thank you for everything you do, for being so caring, kind and dedicated! Lots of love!! Sofia and the girls <3

Sugar quiz night #wellbeing

Following our last session in Healthy nutrition, this week we have talked about sugar in our diet.
Teenagers have the highest intake of sugar among all population and, as any food, can be harmful if taken in excess. Especially sugars added during processing foods such as sodas, candies, pastries and snacks.

With a quiz game we have checked the daily intake recommended for teenagers and the surprising amount of sugar in some of our favourite drinks and foods!

A good Sleep #WellbeingTuesdays

This week we have discussed the importance of sleeping well. We started taking a questionaire about our routines and the scores showed that almost all of us should improve the cuantity and quality of sleep!

The disccussion after was interesting. Everybody shared the reasons that can make us go late to bed: social media, homework, stress, etc.. and we compared them with the one’s from the teens of the following video

Finally, after expolring ways to improve our sleep, we took a challenge …No phones or computers in our beedroom during the night. How was it?… Some of them read a book, others were chatting before bedtime but all of us saw that is possible to disconnect earlier from our phones and find ways to get better rest 🙂

Thank you girls. It was great to hear your ideas!

Meditation #WellbeingTuesdays

In our third session we have talked about meditation and the ways we quiet our mind down.

We have also listened to a guided meditation podcast. The theme was accepting change.  As a senior high students there are many changes to be faced and sometimes we have desperately tried to prevent and stop change from happening.
Instead of resisting, it is better to allow change to unfold and try to understand what’s transforming and why.

The girls enjoyed of this calmed session and took some time after to relax before coming back to study.

Thank you girls for your ideas and your willingness to participate 🙂


A glorious sports day!

Villa Terray girls did their very best along with the boys of Concha and the girls of Louis Yung 7 team. It was a terrfic afternoon where they battled it out across a whole field events, including badmintong shooting, tug of war, three legs race, ping pong race, keep the ball up and basket.

Thank you girls for your energy!

Furry Friends 🐶

This week we had the visit of Yuna, a very friendly Yorkshire terrier. The girls were playing with her and enjoying of her sweet company.

No long after….. Olivia was walking our neighbour Dixie, a cute cocker spaniel.  They went for a stroll and came back very cheerful after their first walk  together 🙂

Réserve naturelle Les Douves #WellbeingTuesdays

Last Tuesday we had our second Wellbeign session and we focused on the benefits of nature. We went for a walk in the nearby forest, part of Les Douves nature reserve.

We did this activity because just a walk in the woods can awaken the innermost feelings of happiness and peace.

After our walk we shared how we were feeling and noticing we were much happier and relaxed.

Studies show benefits of walking in nature like reducing stress, helping with depression, helping brain fuction or increasing positivity. A great discovery to realise how such a simple action can help us so much boosting our wellbeing.

Thank you for an amazing walk girls!