Our World Map at Villa du Lac

Here at VDL we have girls from all over the world.

More than 30 different nationalities in just one house.

Here in Boarding we not only share time together, but also our cultures and traditions.

We are super proud of our girls for making Villa du Lac an amazing multicultural Boarding House.



Join the Social Hour at Villa du Lac

Our girls really make the most of their social hour in the house.

Some of them enjoy practicing their skills with different instruments. Sofiya, was enjoying a piano session today during her social time.

Some of the girls also joined us for a board game where they had to solve a murder mystery.

In the mean time, many of our girls were enjoying a dance session in their room.

Super fun night at Villa du Lac.



Thanksgiving Dinner

Today our boarders enjoyed an amazing Thankgiving dinner.

The pumpking pie was the super star of the night, and the decorations created a very cosy atmosphere.

We are greatful to have such a wonderful international community at CDL.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Diversity and Bullying

Today some of our girls presented their wellbeing projects.

Alina and Lisa presented their powerpoint on the topic of “Acceptance”.

We also had the pleasure to learn more about Farah’s country, Azerbaijan.

This month we are focusing on Bullying and Diversity.

Learning to respect each other, as well as learning about each others cultures.

Halloween Party!

Today, after the halloween themed dinner night, the kids got to go trick or treat.

We got visitors from Concha, New Portena, Champ de Bois, Leman, Old Portena and Olympus.

The kids dressed up with different costumes, some scary and some super creative.

We invited them to come in, and  take a look at our decorations at Villa du Lac.

Loads of candy, smiles and good times.