Pillar 5. Week 3 Wellbeing: Making Safe and Responsible Choices

Continuing our pastoral program, focusing on Pillar 5 this week, we explore the second key point: ‘How can I assist myself and others when facing tough decisions?

The advocacy team has crafted a succinct yet enlightening video providing guidance on navigating challenging choices.


Following the video, we prompted our students to reconvene in groups. They were tasked with posing a brief inquiry about their own methods for handling difficult decisions.




Pillar 5.Week 1 Wellbeing: Making Safe and Responsible choices

During tonight’s house assembly, and following our Well-being Program, we focused on ‘Making Safe and Responsible Choices.’  This topic holds particular significance as students mature and prepare for the transition to college, where they’ll assume the responsibilities of adulthood. Adolescents encounter a myriad of influences, both online and in real life, presenting significant temptations. It’s crucial that they develop strong, healthy morals and principles to navigate these challenges effectively.

To facilitate the submission of ideas for students, a QR code has been generated.


Wellbeing Programm, Pillar 5, Making Safe and Responsible Choices

Tonight, during our Boarding Assembly  has been launched the final Pillar of our Well-being Program: “Making Safe and Responsible Choices” Extremely important topic, especially as they grow older and head towards college to become fully-fledged adults. Teenagers are surrounded by many influences both online and in real life. There is much temptation and it’s important they develop their own strong healthy morals and ideals.

Monthly Boarding Assembly

Tonight, during the Monthly Boarding Assembly, led by our boarding director Mr. Usher, various topics were discussed such as the EDI Reading Challenge, Celebrating Success, the launch of Pillar Five of our Well-being program, the Fitness Challenge, the Trip to Tanzania, G12 arrangements, among other topics. As usual, it was another successful assembly! !