Former Student from Ukraine came to visit us at Collège du Léman.

Today’s meeting with Kateryna was a fantastic opportunity to reconnect with one of our valued alumni. She came by to enjoy a “petit goûter” and share her memories of her time at CDL, and we were thrilled to hear about her. It’s important to us to keep in touch with our alumni and maintain a strong connection with our community, and Kateryna’s visit was a great reminder of that. We look forward to continuing to engage with our alumni in meaningful ways and nurturing the relationships that make CDL such a special place.

Gift Box Project at Collège du Léman. Wellbeing Pillar 2- Community Project

Many of us reflect on our personal values and take a meaningful look at the structure of the society we live in. It is everyone’s responsibility to come together and stand for equality, diversity, and inclusion. For that, the girls in JB Terray chose to participate in the Annual Gift Box project. Now, what is the Annual Gift Box project?
The annual gift box project is an initiative where students choose to participate by donating either money or items. This includes items like toothbrushes, soap, school supplies, socks, toys, chocolate, and more. These essential items make a significant impact on the lives of those in need. The boxes are sent to children in orphanages, schools, and hospitals who are living below the poverty line.

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Samedi du Partage

This great event is essential for the entire Geneva social network, supporting people in need. Volunteers engage with individuals at the supermarket, encouraging them to donate food and other hygiene products. A big thank you to all the students involved.


Respect Week. RISE at Collège du Léman

RISE is an acronym for Respect, Internationalism, Spirit, and Excellence – the core values of College du Leman. Our school community comprises more than 110 nationalities and cultures, and our RISE values are at the heart of everything we do. We believe in respecting diversity, which is the hallmark of our school community. Our students understand that every individual is unique, and they learn to value and appreciate these differences for the richness they bring to the school and wider community. We are confident and strong in our values and beliefs, and we strive to instil these values in our students.


Pillar 2. Protecting Against Bullying and Promoting Diversity. Orientation and Gender Identity

Following the first challenge, which involved creating an audio piece highlighting numerous similarities, we are set to progress to the second activity of pillar 2 in tonight’s meeting. Specifically, this activity pertains to Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity. Our advocates’ team has proposed an interactive Question and Answer designed to provide insights into issues related to sexual orientation or gender identity. Our students will participate, scanning the QR code on the poster. Their responses( entirely anonymous) will be gathered and collated in a shared document for subsequent discussion.