Pillar 3 Building Positive Friendships .Week 2

In tonight’s assembly and following our pastoral program, we intend to shift our focus inward to reflect on the qualities of friends.Positive friendships constitute an integral aspect of the journey to adulthood, as they enable children and teenagers to acquire significant social and emotional skills, such as being attuned to the thoughts, feelings, and well-being of others.

Healthy friendships and relationships are predicated on mutual care, understanding, respect, and responsibility. In such relationships, individuals are capable of solving problems together while communicating honestly, as they share at least some of the same goals and values.

Our challenge for this session was to create a compelling videos that symbolize the essence of friendship.

Boarding Assembly. Pillar 3 Building Positive Friendships

Our first Boarding Assembly in 2024 has seen the launch of The Third Pillar of our Well-being Program, Building Positive Friendships.


Friendships are one of the most important elements of our lives. We are social beings and despite differences between us, we can all agree that we need people around us to be fulfilled in our nature.

In Boarding, this is even more emphasized. By being away from the family, the students are led to create strong bonds to lay the foundations of their “Boarding Family”. Peers, roommates, and colleagues become like brothers, confident, close friends… in some cases, inseparable for life. The nature of this connection is then authentic, genuine and forged by the circumstances and the kinship that the setting enhances.

This third Pillar will accompany our students, and it will offer them the opportunity to work on a range of many different projects and activities until February Break. The first Takeaway point: Identifying characteristics of positive friendships. Please see the video created by the advocates for this Pillar 3