Chinese New Year

Last night we celebrated the Chinese New Year.


This is the year of the Ox. Oxen are the hard workers in the background, intelligent and reliable, but never demanding praise.

The dining room was decorated to add some atmosphere to the occasion and the kitchen really impressed us with the meal provided.

It is important in the International community that we have in boarding, that we share in each other’s celebrations.

This links in with our first wellbeing pillar of promoting Diversity.

It was a wonderful occasion, enjoyed by all. We wish all our family and friends a successful and prosperous year.

Ski Day Number 3

This weekend we had another one of our Ski Days. These are proving to be very enjoyable and gaining great feedback from the students. This weekend we were split between the two resorts Les Crossets and Morgins. We had an extra surprise when the sky turned a strange hue of yellow. This was not a photographic error but rather a rare meteorological phenomenon that occurs around three times a year in Switzerland due to dust sand travelling from the north-west African Sahara Desert and upward towards Europe.

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♬ Monster – LUM!X & Gabry Ponte

Peer Pressure Can Be Positive

As part of our Wellbeing Pillar 3- Building Positive Friendships, we are looking into peer pressure. We are all familiar with the feeling of being coerced to do something by our friends. Feeling that in order to fit in, or not be judged negatively, or to gain influence or credit, that we do something we ordinarily would not feel comfortable doing.

This week we explored whether Peer Pressure can also be positive. Can that pressure from friends be felt in a positive way. To instil motivation in us, or self-confidence, or help us grow.


Continuing the schools effort to celebrate the motto of R.I.S.E. this coming week will be Respect Week. To show our contribution to this effort, the Boarding Community demonstrated how we Respect the environment. On Sunday every Boarding House was challenged with caring for a particular part of Versoix. The boys of Leman undertook the forest paths behind the school and armed with tongs and bags, they cleared the area of any trash and recyclable items.

Ski Day 1

This year we are having ski days! For 5 Saturdays throughout the next couple of months, we will be offering the students the opportunity to do a full day of skiing. These are at local resorts in Switzerland which we can easily get to for the day. This Saturday we were split between the resorts of Villars and Leysin

Wellbeing Pillar 3- Building Positive Friendships

We have continued this 2nd semester with our Wellbeing Programme. We are now onto our 3rd Pillar which is Building Positive Friendships. While this title may seem simple and straightforward, there is a lot more context behind it. Friendships are without a doubt an important and essential part of our existence as humans. We are sociable beings and now more than ever like to be connected with people. It is however important that these Friendships are positive, that the relationship is healthy, symbiotic and mutual. And finally, within the Boarding context, we are given the instant opportunity to build new relationships as soon as we arrive, from the diverse population we have. Therefore, bringing these three features together we understand its important we share without students how to Build Positive Friendships.

Within this Pillar, we will be looking at

  • Authentic Connections
  • The Power of Listening
  • Peer Pressure
  • Conflict
  • Changing Friendships
  • Online Friendships

In addition, we will be asking the students to again be working towards and Individual and Community Project.

Showing Solidarity

On Friday 4th it was 4 months since the explosion which devastated the lives of so many people in Lebanon. As we have a Lebanon community within boarding we wanted to show our respect and remembrance of this occasion. The students from Lebanon created the ‘Light for Hope’ event which was then embraced by the boarding community on Friday evening.

Wellbeing- Pillar 2- Non-Violent Communication

We are reaching the end of Pillar 2- Respecting Diversity and Protecting Against Bullying. 

Part of our program for this Pillar included a presentation by Ms Jody on Non-Violent Communication. This is about being conscious of how our language and communication can influence other people. It helps us think more empathetically about others and thus improves our relationships.

When we become conscious of how our communication skills impact others, we can see this from both the negative and positive. We can see how the words we use can either be for good or bad. If we can train ourselves to take accountability for or own actions and communication then we can avoid conflicts and help to inspire others.


FOR SALE – Bird house going cheep!


Shintaro offered to use his wood-crafting activity to help the birds that live on the Léman One terrace by providing a very well made nest box. It didn’t require any owlgebra or a crow-bar, but to put it up we might require a crane and receive a very big bill.

Baking up a Snowy Storm

This weekend seen us compete in another House Competition. This is a great way for us to show our House Spirit and what we can accomplish as a team. Iman took the lead this year is baking our entry. He did an amazing job and we hope our cake does well.

We hope you enjoy a bite,

Of our winter snowy delight.


Biking to Bâtie


Shintaro and Luther joined the cycling activity this Saturday. Highlights of the ride included clear blue skies, spotting the local herd of reindeer, and cycling through the Cabane des Bûcherons park.