Wellbeing Pillar 4- Who are your followers?

Instagram, SnapChat, Facebook, TikTok – these are the most common social media platforms used in Leman 1. The platforms encourage users to share content and be rewarded with likes, hearts and comments. We all have an internal want to be liked and this is fed by the satisfaction of seeing your post or picture commented favourably on, or liked by all your friends.

As users gain this gratification there also then becomes a competitive element with friends, as to who gains the most interactions on their post. Somehow those who do better on these platforms become influencers and therefore role models for others. And in turn, people aspire to also having a following and growing their friends and followers.

This means that users who do not set their account to private, end up accumulating followers who they do not know. Amassing 100’s of followers to their account and now feeling the pressure to continue posting to feed this audience. Showing off their life in a favourable way to again gain the interaction from their followers.

So what is the problem with this?

Students can become vulnerable if they find themselves in this dilemma. They open up their lives to strangers. This then exposes them to the possibility of harassment, loss of privacy, stalking, bullying, identify theft, unwanted contact and predators. With anonymity online it becomes very difficult to know who is behind a username or profile. We, therefore, need to make sure our students are educated on how to deal with these vulnerabilities.

We teach our kids from a young age not to talk to strangers in the real world. But now a portion of their “real-world” is online.

Weekend Fun, without the pun

This is the penultimate weekend before Spring Break. Positivity is high as people look forward to their holidays, the weather is changing and the days are brighter!

We again had an action-packed weekend with a lot of sign-ups from Leman 1. If you do not hear your son talking about their weekend activities then please do encourage them to take advantage of everything on offer.

This weekend we had Tennis, Badminton, Table Tennis, Fitness, Cooking, Horseriding, Biking, STEAM club, Running club, Photography, Chess club, Body Shaping, Stretching and not forgetting that opportunities to enjoy the nature around us.

International Forest Day

Today March 21st is International Forest Day.

We have many wonderful forest parks and trails within the close vicinity of the school. We try to encourage the students over the weekend to get out and refresh themselves in nature. Sometimes in our busy lives we do not take the time to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us. Through the Wellbeing Programme, getting outside and enjoying nature has touched every Pillar.

Pillar 1- Healthy Body and MindGet out and get active!

Pillar 2- Promoting Diversity and Protecting against BullyingRespect is a mutual thing in all relationships, including ours with the environment and nature.

Pillar 3- Building Positive RelationshipsLearning to build resilience and ways to relax- such as walks

Pillar 4- Online SafetyFinding ways to detach from our devices and enjoy some outdoor time.

Versoix Forest


Wellbeing Pillar 4- What Goes Online Stays Online.

As part of Pillar 4, we are looking at the topic of Whats Goes Online Stays Online.

The internet is now part of our everyday lives, whether this is in School, Work or our Social Time. We have instant access to knowledge, entertainment, communication and being connected with others. Most of our students use a form of Social Media in their daily use of the internet. The major ones being SnapChat, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, VK, WhatsApp, WeChat, YouTube etc.

This is a great way for remaining in contact with our loved ones and friends no matter where they are in the world. We can also document our travels, adventures and life with pictures and follow others. With the ease of access, it allows us to be connected to those we find inspirational or enjoy the entertainment of.

However, when we post a picture, or make a comment, or write a blog- we need to be conscious that when it goes online, it stays online. 

A picture that we think is funny, may not appear that way to everyone. Indeed, once it is online and people can see it, then we are no longer in control of it as they can download, share it, pass it on, or post it elsewhere. We therefore, need to be conscious of whether we would feel comfortable with other people seeing that picture- parents, teachers, university, employers….

Even something we send in private to a friend – once it is in their possession we are no longer in control with what happens to it.

This becomes even more worrying when we share things publically or with hundreds of followers, subscribers or ‘friends’ who we don’t know.

Next week we will be focusing on Who are your followers?

Fly me to the moon!

A fun evening of water rocket launches while taking advantage of the wind conditions!

Amir going for height points

Vlad and Shintaro setting distance records

The same rocket on another launch. NASA take notes!

Another Great Weekend

The first weekend back after the February break and we again had it action-packed. While many of the boarders were up in the slopes enjoying the fresh snow, we still had many back on campus enjoying the activities on offer. This weekend it included tennis, badminton, table tennis, cooking, horse riding, fitness, chess, photography, Olympus facilities and a day trip to Vevey!

Wellbeing Pillar 4: Online Safety

Continuing our Wellbeing Programme we have now started our 4th Pillar. This will be on Online Safety.

This is an extremely important topic for this generation. We know that our students spend more time than we would like on their phones and laptops.  Much of this leisure time is spent on social media. While we know the benefits of this in staying connected with our family and friends, there are also things that can make us vulnerable online. These include things such as bullying, privacy, identify theft and harassment. It is therefore imperative we ensure our students have the tools to stay safe online and keep their activity healthy.

We will therefore be focusing on three elements under this umbrella term;

What Goes Online, Stays Online

Who are those Followers?

Online Harassment

For this upcoming week we will be focusing on the thought- ‘What Goes Online, Stays Online’.





It is both a PALINDROME and an AMBIGRAM! Which means you can read the date from left to right, right to left and also upsidedown!


Chinese New Year

Last night we celebrated the Chinese New Year.


This is the year of the Ox. Oxen are the hard workers in the background, intelligent and reliable, but never demanding praise.

The dining room was decorated to add some atmosphere to the occasion and the kitchen really impressed us with the meal provided.

It is important in the International community that we have in boarding, that we share in each other’s celebrations.

This links in with our first wellbeing pillar of promoting Diversity.

It was a wonderful occasion, enjoyed by all. We wish all our family and friends a successful and prosperous year.

Ski Day Number 3

This weekend we had another one of our Ski Days. These are proving to be very enjoyable and gaining great feedback from the students. This weekend we were split between the two resorts Les Crossets and Morgins. We had an extra surprise when the sky turned a strange hue of yellow. This was not a photographic error but rather a rare meteorological phenomenon that occurs around three times a year in Switzerland due to dust sand travelling from the north-west African Sahara Desert and upward towards Europe.

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♬ Monster – LUM!X & Gabry Ponte

Peer Pressure Can Be Positive

As part of our Wellbeing Pillar 3- Building Positive Friendships, we are looking into peer pressure. We are all familiar with the feeling of being coerced to do something by our friends. Feeling that in order to fit in, or not be judged negatively, or to gain influence or credit, that we do something we ordinarily would not feel comfortable doing.

This week we explored whether Peer Pressure can also be positive. Can that pressure from friends be felt in a positive way. To instil motivation in us, or self-confidence, or help us grow.


Continuing the schools effort to celebrate the motto of R.I.S.E. this coming week will be Respect Week. To show our contribution to this effort, the Boarding Community demonstrated how we Respect the environment. On Sunday every Boarding House was challenged with caring for a particular part of Versoix. The boys of Leman undertook the forest paths behind the school and armed with tongs and bags, they cleared the area of any trash and recyclable items.

Ski Day 1

This year we are having ski days! For 5 Saturdays throughout the next couple of months, we will be offering the students the opportunity to do a full day of skiing. These are at local resorts in Switzerland which we can easily get to for the day. This Saturday we were split between the resorts of Villars and Leysin

Wellbeing Pillar 3- Building Positive Friendships

We have continued this 2nd semester with our Wellbeing Programme. We are now onto our 3rd Pillar which is Building Positive Friendships. While this title may seem simple and straightforward, there is a lot more context behind it. Friendships are without a doubt an important and essential part of our existence as humans. We are sociable beings and now more than ever like to be connected with people. It is however important that these Friendships are positive, that the relationship is healthy, symbiotic and mutual. And finally, within the Boarding context, we are given the instant opportunity to build new relationships as soon as we arrive, from the diverse population we have. Therefore, bringing these three features together we understand its important we share without students how to Build Positive Friendships.

Within this Pillar, we will be looking at

  • Authentic Connections
  • The Power of Listening
  • Peer Pressure
  • Conflict
  • Changing Friendships
  • Online Friendships

In addition, we will be asking the students to again be working towards and Individual and Community Project.

Showing Solidarity

On Friday 4th it was 4 months since the explosion which devastated the lives of so many people in Lebanon. As we have a Lebanon community within boarding we wanted to show our respect and remembrance of this occasion. The students from Lebanon created the ‘Light for Hope’ event which was then embraced by the boarding community on Friday evening.