Bohdan’s Art

And now Bohdan’s drawing skills… What an amazing talent!!!!

Bohdan’s drawings express intensity and energy while they encompass a bucolic feeling in them.

It’s incredible what he can do with his Stylus Pen.

Congratulations Bohdan and keep nurturing this gift you have. 🙂

Wellbeing Pillar 2 – Sexual Orientation & gender identity

This week our wellbeing session took another shape from the usual format.

The topic of sexual orientation and gender identity can be a delicate one… Doubts, fear, embarrassment and prejudice can surely hinder ones willingness to openly talk on his views and needs.

Thus, our advocates have created a platform where any student can place his or her own questions, in a totally anonymous way, and have them answered back.

Despite the fact that we are an open community, where dialogue is encouraged and tolerance is paramount, we feel this can be of great help to some who can be not so confident to talk about these matters.

It’s great to know that CDL is a school that always tries to develop strategies to support the students and to give them voice.

Exciting days

Weekends are a synonym of fun at CDL and this weekend was particularly exciting with a group of 8 Léman boys joining the EuropaPark trip, in Germany.

EuropaPark was a blast and the boys have created memories of the days spent there that will link them for the rest of the year.

But for those staying on Campus, there was also some quality time reserved for them. A big group joined Tennis and others went Running despite the winterish cold day 🙂

More adventures to follow, in the next few weeks 🙂

Volleyball Skills

A huge well done to Adi and Masafumi for their performance today in the Volleyball Match. Representing CDL is always an achievement to be proud of and they do it with pride and skill. Check these images out 😉

Guitar improptu

We were immensely proud of Adi for playing guitar in our monthly assembly last evening. Guitar is one of his passions and Adi gifted us with a showcase of his talent, since he had little notice to prepare his performance, a technical version of “Take me to church” by Hozier. Real artists are like this, willing to step up when needed… The show must go on 🙂 Well done Adi, and thank you

Happy Birthday Amir

Special day to Amir today. Turning 17 is a landmark and after celebrating with his friends, he got the traditional chocolate cake.

Lots of things to celebrate in his life. He is our Head Boy, Piano magician, brilliant in academics… and a source of energy and joy on a daily basis.

We can only wish for him to continue like this.

Happy Birthday Amir. We wish you lots of joy.


Happy 17th Birthday Dmitry

Dmytry, our guitar hero, turned 17 today and after a nice meal out, we gathered his closest friends for a mini celebration in the House.

Chocolate cake and good moments were part of the celebration.

We wish you the best Dmitry 🙂

Teachers visiting the House

It’s great to have visitors in the House, particularly if the visitors are the High School teachers who came to the House to visit the new Léman facilities and share some pleasant moments with our boarders in a relaxed and classroom free atmosphere 🙂

This initiative always produces good results as it allows teachers to see the boarders “at home” while the students get to see more the person, than the teacher they have in the classroom.

Here are some snapshots of these good moments.


Stefan, passionate about photography and aviation. In his free time Stefan loves to visit the airport and photograph airplanes, landing, taking off or taxiing…

A lot of talent indeed. We are looking for more photos and wonderful views.


Saturday activities

Happy to be back to our weekends here in Léman. As usual, Saturday was full of exciting activities where our boys could make the most of their time… being it simply by chilling at home while playing Uno, climbing a wall, playing basketball or paddling in the lake.

What a lovely way to enjoy the summer mornings that this beautiful area offers us 🙂

Induction days

The first days in a new school are always a little intimidating  but thanks to the induction days, everybody is now more familiar with the new place, new faces and new challenges.

Attached some pictures of the Escape Room activity which helped “breaking the ice” among everyone. The smiles on the faces vouch for the success of this initiative.


Welcome back everyone

Happy Birthday Aydan

Happy Birthday Aydan.

Despite the packing for the holidays, we would not miss the opportunity to share the cake and celebrate with you.

We wish you the best… and a lovely summer 😉


Visit to the Astronomic Observatory

An afternoon of science, astronomy and radioastronomy for Seyed who joined the visit to the Astronomic Observatory of Geneva. There we could know a little more about the science of space, how we look at it and how we study it. It’s a complex activity, relying a lot on technology and there is so much to unveil that what we know is so little still… But progress is on track and we are making major steps and breakthroughs almost every day.

A good, different outing for Seyed this afternoon

World Bicycle Challenge

The World Bicycle Relief is an action who aims at supporting underprivileged children in Africa who walk long distances only to attend school. All the fundraising is used to supply bikes to many of these children so they can make their way to and from school easier.

Coach Jamie set the challenge to Mr Rob, who mobilized many of his colleagues and Léman students to participate in a challenge. A 10 x 5Kms run, in relays vs a bike ride around the lake ( roughly 175Kms ). The first team to complete the challenge wins the bikers vs runners cup 🙂 Mr Rob, on his bike, was accompanying the runners for support.

The two teams: Riders vs Mr Rob and Antoni, just before the start of the challenge… and the cup.

Amirhossein celebrating with Mr Rob the end of their relay under the hot sun.


Mr Rob encouraging Teo for another relay of 5kms.


Teo, in full effort

Roi and Mr Rob… team spirit

… after the effort, a shade does wonders to Roi 🙂


The runners from Léman house were: Antoni, Ablai, Martin, Amirhossein, Teo and Roi. Well done for their effort and competitive spirit… and the runners won the challenge !!!

Panthers Awards 2023

Well done to Martin and Kosei for their Panthers Sports Awards which celebrate all those who during the year have excelled in dedication, sportsmanship and effort in our extensive sports programme.

Praise also to Gabriel and Max who were both also awarded but could not make it to this ceremony. Léman House is always committed to the values of sports, being them individual or in teams and we certainly are proud of these boys for their E in RISE ( Excellence ).


Romantic Dinner for Quique

It was a special evening for our Quique and the lovely Marusya who enjoyed a special dinner yesterday.

This privilege dates back from when we did a Charity bid in support of the victims of the Turkey earthquake. Marcelo won the bid but he felt he should offer the privilege to his friend Quique who then shared it with Marusya.

Lovely gesture from Marcelo who showed how great his heart is.

And in every lovely story there’s an element of comedy and that was provided by Mr Antonio who, as part of the deal, did all the table setting and waitering for the lucky Marusya and Quique… they only had to sit down and enjoy the food and the service.

The menu consisted of:

  • Green salad, tomato and cucumber salad with its balsamic vinegar sauce
  • Couscous
  • Lemon pie
  • Ice Tea and water

A lovely, generous gesture from all of us and a special moment for two of them 🙂


Joyeux Anniversaire Jeff

Birthdays are always a big celebration in Leman House and today was Jeff’s turn to get his cake and to receive all the affection from his friends.

We wish you all the best in your life Jeff. Happy Birthday to you 🙂

Final term



Whoa… we are back again 🙂 It’s always surprising to realize how quick time can fly when you’re having fun


We hope everyone had a great spring break and we are now open for business as usual. For the coming weeks a lot of excitement is planned to take place hand in hand with some serious work to be done.

On the academic side, the end of the year means exams approaching: all boys will be focusing on these important tests which will have an effective impact on their grades. This is even more important for those who are now seniors and working for their university applications. For our grade 12s, in early June we will have the emotional Leavers Ceremonies, crowned by the formal Graduation on June the 3rd.

With the first rays of Summer approaching, the Lake Activities will pick up again. We expect to explore this unique natural feature again as it is such a privilege to have a beautiful lake, minutes away from our school.

And of course on sight we have the summer break… 🙂 These next two months will be eventful so here is a good reason to watch this space.

For the moment we are welcoming back all the boys and we wish them a wonderful final term.

Break, oh break…

…and so another term is over and we attack the Spring break with a lovely sense of accomplishment. So many things to celebrate, moments spent together, academic and personal successes… and obviously some struggles which are only part of life.

For now it’s time to enjoy the break, recharge batteries, see the family and friends. In two weeks we will embrace the final stretch of the year: end of Marking Period, exams, lake activities, trips and for our grade 12s, Graduation.

A lot to look forward to… just watch this space.

End of Pillar 4 Online Safety and other discussion topics

Almost end of term means end of Wellbeing Pillar. Today in the House Meeting it was time to wrap up the reflections done these weeks and find some conclusions.

We thank Emad for his Advocate work and below we can see the final video of this Pillar


Online Safety ! Well done to the advocates. First video credit to @tamar #thatboardingvibe #onlinesafety #pillar4 #passwords #stoptheloop

♬ original sound – CDLivin’


Secondly we had the presentation of the Léman Candidates for the Student Government.

Our House is strongly represented and we encourage the boys to work hard and do their best for the school community.

Good luck boys and stay safe online 🙂

Online safety part 2. All the dangers we face everyday when we are online.


The second part of our Wellbeing topic on Online safety was discussed today. Everybody got engaged in a Kahoot on online safety where we got hints and tips on how to be safe online. Spam messages, phishing, stolen passwords, scams and so many other features are strategies to retrieve personal information from us which will surely be used illegally.

Our safety therefore depends a lot on our reflexes and our knowledge in selecting in what we click on the web. Being aware is a first step… being smart and suspicious is a second one. Better safe than sorry, online as well.

Well done to Ablai and Emad who did a great job in leading this session and being reliable and eloquent advocates of this Pillar.

Wellbeing Pillar 4 Online safety

In today’s House Assembly we have started discussing the first take away point for the 4th Pillar of our Wellbeing Programme.

Online Life Vs Real Life

Our House Advocate was Emad who took over the job of running the session and launching the debate with his housemates.

How many hours per day do you spend on your phone?
Which social media do you have? 
Thinking of your followers – do you know them all?
On a normal day, do you speak more with friends in person, or via your phone?
Do you use your phone in the last 30 minutes before sleeping?
From what age do you think a young person should be allowed on Instagram / TikTok / Snapchat?
Do you think people only show a ‘good side’ of life on social media?
Have you ever experienced something negative online? 
Are we conscious of how much time we spend on our phones – do we spend an equal amount of time living offline?
Answers differ from person to person and it was great to see how all the group engaged into the planned reflective activity.
Thank you Emad for the preparation work you have done and for taking on the challenge of presenting in front of everyone.
Finally, we had some time to discuss, plan and rehearse our Talent Show. We had Timur taking the lead with a couple of suggestions and we are not going to disclose anything but expect an “extravaganza”

Welcome Mr Julien

We happy to announce that the Léman team has now the invaluable support of Mr Julien Fournier. Julien is joining our team and his first main task will be to support all our students with their school work and we are sure it will produce great results.

Julien is a qualified teacher with years of experience in several different countries in Europe and Africa… so he embodies already our spirit of Excellence and Internationalism.

Welcome Julien, to the Léman family


Welcome back

After a lovely February break we are now back in business until the April break.

For some of us, this was an opportunity to go home, see the family and friends and somehow recharge our batteries for the weeks ahead. Others, perhaps the lucky ones :), had the fantastic possibility of spending a whole week in Crans-Montana. The weather was a-ma-zing even if it meant that we didn’t have as much snow as we would have dreamt of. However it was still enough to enjoy the slopes, spend time with friends, relax, do some activities and even witness the Ski World Cup happening right next to us.

Charles focused on his curling skills

Asiimwe, up or down the slope 🙂


Aijuka and Oleg getting ready

Chady… aprehensive 🙂

Quique, excited

Asiimwe the curling master.

Aydan… the CR7 of curling 🙂

House chores

Everybody helping out sweeping 😛


Now it’s time to get back on track and prepare for the important weeks ahead. Energies should be high and we can’t wait for the coming weeks to unfold.


Welcome back everyone 🙂