A Rollercoaster of a Weekend!!

The latest instalment of our adventurous trip programme saw a group of our Boarding Students travel to German this weekend to visit the incredibly fun Europa Park!! Although all our students are very tired now, they all had a brilliant time!

Wellbeing Pillar 5 – Making Safe and Responsible Choices

This week we will be focusing on the second takeaway point for this pillar.

Attachment figures.

The attachment theory focuses on relationships and bonds (particularly long-term) between people, including those between a parent and child and between romantic partners. The quality of our early attachments profoundly influences two things:

• Our personality
• Our relationships later in life

Depending on their attacment style, our students are either able to empathize with others, to share
feelings with other people, show trust, engage in long-term relationships, have high self-esteem, enjoy
intimate relationships, seek out for support etc or not.

Since our attachment styles are formed so early, we neither remember much about this stage of
development nor do we have control over it. Therefore, our attachment traits are typically subconscious and automatic. As a consequence, we might find ourselves repeating the same unhealthy patterns – in our relationships with ourselves and with others – over and over again. Therefore, we may make unsafe and irresponsible choices.

So, since Awareness is the beginning of change, this week we will ask our students to take an attachment questionnaire quiz to help them figure out their attachment style.

WELLBEING PILLAR 5 – Making Safe and Responsible Choices

Welcome to the fifth and final of our Wellbeing Programme : Making Safe and Responsible Choices.

The key take-away points from this pillar will be as follows:
1. Time in: how do you connect with inner world?
2. Attachment figures: how our attachment style influences the way we make our decisions?

This week we will focus on Time in!

What we experience in our inner world, which includes our feelings, thoughts, perceptions,
memories, beliefs, hopes, dreams, desires, motivations, longings etc, can occur even without us
being aware of it. The lack of self-awareness entails the failure to see the patterns in our behaviours
and thinking. As a result, we risk making choices that are not aligned with what we really are and
with what we really want.

On the contrary, when we develop the habit to pay attention to these inner experiences we become
more self-aware. This can help us have more control over the decisions and choices we make and
prevent us from being at the mercy of our own feelings, desires and external negative pressure.

Happy Holidays!!

Happy Spring break to all our families, agents and students!

We hope all our students have a fantastic break with their family and friends.

The Boarding House reopens on Friday 22nd April at 4pm. We look forward to seeing everyone after the break. We hope they all return fully refreshed and ready to work for the remainder of the school year.

CDL Boarding Talent Show

The Talent Show returned with a bang yesterday evening!! There were incredible performances from all the Boarding Houses. We are so proud of the boys for getting on the stage and putting in an incredible musical performance. Well done boys!!

Results pending……………………


Weekend Trip to Barcelona

This weekend, Léman 1’s very own Shintaro spent the weekend with a group of Boarding students seeing the sights of the incredible Spanish city of Barcelona. This trip is the latest weekend trip of our exciting trips programme. Next stop: Greece and Cyprus during the Easter Holidays.

Wellbeing Pillar 4 – Online Safety

We are now entering Week 4 and will be focusing on “Online Wellbeing.
We all use our electronics in every part of our lives – whether at work or in our free time. However, it is the imbalance of use in our free time that can then cause issues. Who is guilty of being with friends but still checking their phone and sending messages; Or watching Netflix but sneaking in a game of Candy Crush; Or ignoring the moment in favour of getting the best picture for Instagram. Addiction is a strong word, but obsession may be more appropriate in these scenarios.
We want the students to think about the following points;

  1. Are you conscious of how much time you spend on your phone?
  2. Who really wins by you spending more and more time on your apps?
Here is the most recent video that has been made by the Student Advocate Group regarding mobile phone obsession.

We have alos presented to our students, The Phone Detox Challenge. This could be a a really interesting project for some of our students as we aim to pose the question to them –  just how obsessed are you with your phone?

Wellbeing Pillar 4 – Online Safety

This week we will be talking to our students about their “Online Life”.
Students are not able to open Insta, TikTok, Youtube etc, without being bombarded by the Life of Influencers. It has been glamorised and normalised as an aspirational pursuit to have 1000s of followers, likes and comments.
We want our students to think about the following points;

  1. What is our true reason for posting our pictures, videos etc online?
  2. Why do we think society now values followers, likes and comments on someone’s post as a measure of their success?
Here is the latest video that has been made by the Student Advocate Group to raise awareness to the other students.

Happy CDL Day – The Return of the Annual Grand Prix

The atmosphere on the school campus today was vibrant, as we celebrated CDL day, a day where we aim to raise awareness about climate change. This special day also saw the return of the Grand Prix, an anuual running race on campus for all grades. Due to the global pandemic, the Grand Prix hasn’t been able to take place on campus for 2 years. Well done to all the Léman 1 boys, and all the Boarding students who took part in this incredible event today.

Space – The Final Frontier

On Saturday evening Karim went with a group from CDL to attend the Swiss Tech Convention which was showcasing the Legends of Space show.

The Crew, plus their Captain Mr. Antonio, our resident Space Buff.

They had the incredible opportunity to be around astronauts that have actually set foot on the moon – a rare and memorable moment.

Two of the legendary Moonwalkers, Charlie Duke (Apollo 16) and Dave Scott (Apollo 15)

Mark and Karim enjoying the show. Is that the moon or just convenient over head lighting?

A Run In The Sun

This sunny morning Ablai woke up bright and early for a 5km run.

While he feels he could have pushed himself more, we’re impressed by his motivation!

Ablai, warmed and blinded by the giant flaming orb in the sky.

Morning Warriors

Let’s Cut To The Cheese

On Saturday morning, a few of our boys attended the Cooking activity and made some lovely cheesecake.

The Cake of Cheese, with accoutrements of white chocolate shavings, raspberry syrup and biscuits.

Chef Timur – previously known as simply Timur prior to the cooking activity – preparing his cheesecake.

Amir Strikes Again!

We are quite proud to announce that Amir has won Gold for his Romantic Period Piece Performance, Silver in the 15 and Under category and a prize for Fantastic Technique in the London Young Musicians International Competition!

We are quite proud of this talented young man.

Amir with his eyes on the prize.

Wellbeing Pillar 4 – Online Safety

Introducing, the fourth pillar of our Wellbeing programme – Online Safety.

Each week we will be working with our students and focusing on specific sub topics relating to this pillar.
This week, we are talking about Cyberbullying and ‘What you post….in that moment’.
We want the students to think about the following points;
  1. When we think we are being funny or witty or purposefully insensitive towards someone else’s post are we really aware of the potential harm or hurt we can cause.
  2. Posting a funny picture or video of someone or your friend can be online– forever!
Please watch this important video made by some of our students including some of the Léman 1 boys. This video was brought you by the Student Advocate from for Online Safety. There is an important message in here that all our students must bear in mind when using social media, and when deciding what to post.