Discover Geneva

On Sunday we invited all the new students on a tour of Geneva. This allowed them to get to know the different areas of Geneva for when they have the freedom to explore the city with their friends in the coming weeks. They saw all the main highlights and tourist attractions. They left the school and walked into the local town of Versoix where they boarded the boat to Geneva. Unfortunately, the weather was not accommodating but it didn’t stop the students from getting to know each other and Geneva better.


Photography with Karim

On Saturday Karim took part in the photography activity. His inspiration was littering and upon finding a plastic carton used it in various scenarios to see which would look best. As part of our Community Service we often do Litter picking. We can therefore use Karim’s photos to show some of the effects of littering.


First Week

What a fast first week we had. We had our new students arriving on Sunday and by Tuesday night had the majority of our returning students. School started on Wednesday, followed by our Welcome Assembly, Welcome Dinner and House Meeting.

It was great to see the returning students coming back to their second home after soo many months away. The boys were happy to meet with their friends and reclaim their rooms.

It was also great to see the older students welcoming and helping the younger students to the House. We have a number who moved up to the Senior house as they enter Grade 9.

We also have 3 new students who join us for the first time and now become part of our Leman family and CDL community.


Have a great summer!

We have now reached the end of the school year. While it has been an unexpected start to 2020, I think we have a lot to celebrate and be proud of from when we came together in August 2019.

The school year started strong with the boys bonding well and us seeing a great comradery form. It was great to see returning students help to guide and assist new students and for older students to help out the younger grades. The inaugural Mountain Weekend which we had at the beginning of the year allowed the students to bond over activities and get to know each other. This then allowed us to put forward strong results in the House Competitions in which we held 1st place.

The beginning of the school year seen us enjoy our activities program after school but also at the weekends. This also included our weekend trips and events. We also started our Wellbeing Programme in which we tried to educate our students on being responsible world citizens and also put focus on looking after themselves.

When COVID-19 disrupted our school year this demonstrated the resilience and adaptability of the school and the students. We engaged in a new way of learning and interacting with each other which will only make us stronger.


Wellbeing Tutorial

This weeks wellbeing tutorial continued us on the fourth pillar of Making Safe & Responsible Choices

This week we focused on Responsibilities

We discussed with the students that each of us have different responsibilities within our roles here at school. From the teachers, to management, to House Parents, to the students. We focused on what they believed where their responsibilities as students in CDL. We did a brainstorming session on the board to view their thoughts. These included; studying, being good, no fighting or bullying, being nice to everyone, respecting teachers, working hard in class, making parents proud, signing out, using study hall well, having fun, meeting new people and many many more.

We then tried to group these together to find the main themes. These were narrowed down to; Doing well academically, Respecting the rules and having Healthy relationships.

We then focused on Doing Well Academically and looked at an online test hosted by The test was only 20 questions but helped the students identify what kind of learning style they had. The students found this test quite accurate. However, most importantly the test also provided helpful hints and tips for the students based specifically on their learning style. Such as Tactile Learners, having something to fidget with in class. Visual learners, making sure they use a highlighter on their notes etc.

It was then proposed to the students, that this is an example of their responsibility. Aimed with advice and knowledge on how to improve, would they then take on the responsibility to apply it.

Wellbeing Tutorial

This weeks wellbeing tutorial started us on the fourth pillar of Making Safe & Responsible Choices

This week we focused on the Introduction to the Pillar and Facts about Drugs

For this week we first explored what the fourth pillar would include. This is a vast topic which incorporates many aspects of life. We will be covering drugs, alcohol, vaping, student voice, sexual consent, time management and risk awareness. This is such an important topic for our students at this age. They are surrounded by many influences both online and in real life. There is much temptation and it’s important they develop their own strong healthy morals and ideals.


This will be a two-part topic, with this first session being an overall introduction to gather initial thoughts and opinions as to what the student’s perception is towards drugs. We started by gaining the student’s knowledge of what they considered recreational drugs to be. We explored the names these drugs were known by and also the nicknames. We then divided the group into pairs and each pair took a drug to do some research on. They fed back to the group facts about the drugs to break any myths or preconceptions they may have had.

International Dinner- British

On Tuesday night, as usual, we had our celebration of international food. This weeks theme was British. This was of great interest to Mr Morgan and Mr Gordon to see what would be produced to celebrate their culture. There was no disappointment with a traditional Fish & Chips, along with Roast Beef and Baked Potatoes.

February Boarding Assembly

This week we had our monthly Boarding Assembly. A great opportunity for everyone to get together and share news from the month along with any announcements and any accomplishments.

This month was led by Mr Salva and we covered the topics of our News Reporter initiative and the Coronavirus, along with the sharing of good news and information.

We also had our very own Gabriel giving an impressive music performance which can be seen HERE.


Christine did a fantastic presentation on the Coronavirus which gave factual information and urged people to not stigmatise anyone else and remain level headed regarding this.

“This is time for science, not rumor,

this is time for solidarity, not stigma”

Mr Rob and Mr James presented the new initiative for the World Reporter. This will be a committee of students who have an interest in world news, current affairs or journalism. They will meet each month to decide which current topics are most relevant to our student population and then present these in our Boarding Assembly.

Gabriels Musical Performance

In our monthly Boarding Assembly, we had the privilege of Gabriel performing for us.

Gabriel has self-taught himself how to use a looping machine. With this device, Gabriel can create a sound with his voice, such as beatboxing, record it, and then have the machine play it over and over while he then records another sound or sings.

Everything you will hear in this video has been made by Gabriels voice recorded live on the evening.

International Dinner- Portuguese

On Tuesday we had our weekly international dinner evening. This time we got to enjoy the delights of Portugal. The best part of the evening, in my opinion, was the Pasteis Nata which are a delectable dessert. Thankfully we can also get these desserts at our local Epicerie Pont-Céard.

Wellbeing Tutorial

This weeks wellbeing tutorial was continuing on the third pillar of Building Positive Friendships

This week we focused on Role Models

For this week we first explored what our definition of a role model was. Although each of us has an understanding of what a role model is, the boys found it difficult to come up with a succinct description. It was easier to compile a list of words regarding what a role model should be. However, we landed to the simplicity of “someone you look up to”. This allowed us then to discuss that this could either be positive or negative and therefore concluding a role model must be a positive influence that we look up to.

We then shared a worksheet with the boys that asked a number of questions, here is a summary of some of the answers (repetitions have been omitted);

What are the characteristics of a good role model? 

honest, helpful, successful, humorous, wise, smart, respectful, loving, interesting, ambitious, achiever, caring, happy, kind, doesn’t do bad things, nice, friendly, social, a leader, strong, fair, hard-working, peaceful, open-minded, loyal, brave, never gives up, encouraging, calm, inspiring, genius, ambitious, talented, iron-willed, great, polite, likeable, thoughtful, rich, handsome, healthy, good appearance, power, cool, chilled, funny.

Who is a role model for you in your life?

Julias Caesar, My Dad, Bill Gates, My uncle, JoySad, Captain America, Henry, Parents, Lebron James, Warren Buffett, My grandfather- (the majority choose their parents)

Why are they a role model for you?

he is honest; they are successful; they have the qualities above; because he is rich and successful; I look up to his achievements; they reached everything they could wish for because they worked hard; because he has the spirit to win and works hard which encourages me; if you watch the Marvel movies you would know; because he is perfect; because he is the best support for everything and always helps people and never gives up; he gives me good advice and helps me in and out of school; he earned alot from using a clever mind; they worked hard; because I want to make him proud; he was the greatest ruler of all time; he is funny.

Who is your role model within your peer group/boarding community?

Adam; Minghe; Tom; Henry; House Parents; Mishaal; Zihao; Mr Usher and Salva

Do you think you are a good role model?

No – 3    Yes- 11    Not Sure – 12

What characteristics of a role model do you have?

I am smart; to be honest; everything; nice, good, respectful, wise; caring, loving, pure-hearted; im kind, helpful and people look up to me; Friendship, cleverness, strongness; success and I’m clever; nice, smart, helpful; friendly; funny; kind; handsome and helpful; smart; helpful, a good friend and brave; calm; intelligent, shrewd, talented, wise; chill;


This was a great exercise to do with the boys as it not only taught them; what a positive role model should be, it also got them to appreciate those that they do have in their life and to reflect on whether they were presenting themselves as a role model to others.

Ski Day in Villars

On Saturday the students had another opportunity to go skiing or snowboarding. This is in addition to our two mountain weekends. We had 4 people from Leman 1 choose to take advantage of this and they had great conditions for a good day on the piste. They went to a new location in Switzerland called Villars. We will offer another two ski days in March.

CDL Talks

On Tuesday we had our 3rd instalment of CDL Talks. This was with guest speaker  Ismael Fernandez who came to talk about “How to turn your passion into your job”


Crans Montana

Last weekend we had our first Winter Weekend up in Crans Montana. This is an annual opportunity for the students to get to experience the snowy mountainous area. They had the options to Ski, Snowboard or take part in a varied amount of other activities.

We will have a 2nd weekend in Crans Montana at the end of February.