Boarding Awards Ceremony 🥇

Today, our vibrant Boarding community gathered for one of the most highly anticipated events of the year—the first leg of awards. This special occasion served as a platform to acknowledge and celebrate outstanding achievements in Boarding Life, Activities Participation, and Academics.

A heartfelt congratulations goes out to Adam and Kristian, whose exceptional efforts and commitment earned them well-deserved medals in the first two categories—Boarding Life and Activities Participation. Their dedication and positive contributions to the community have truly set them apart.

The entire Boarding community takes pride in recognizing and applauding the achievements of these remarkable individuals. This recognition not only highlights their current successes but also sets the stage for continued excellence in the future. Keep up the fantastic work, Adam and Kristian! Your achievements are a source of inspiration for us all.

The 7-6 Keyboard Skills Showcase

This evening, Firdavs and Andrew, along with their 7-6 classmates showcased their collective skills on the keyboard.

Well done to the boys and to everyone involved – you were all fantastic!

Firdavs wowed the crowd with the lvl 11 Tourelay, Tourelay

Andrew amazed everyone with the lvl 14 Can, Can

Celebrating Excellence: Our First Awards Ceremony

Tonight marked a milestone as we celebrated outstanding students. Medals were awarded for excellence in Activities, Boarding Life, and Academics. These boys exemplify well-rounded individuals, contributing to the vibrant spirit of our community. From active participation in diverse activities to fostering a positive boarding life and achieving remarkable academic grades, each recipient deserves applause.

We were very pleased in the House to see our very own Michael (Boarding Life and Academics), Shiryu (Boarding Life and Academics), Ariel (Activities) and Vincent (Activities) winning well deserved awards.

This ceremony not only acknowledged individual accomplishments but also showcased our collective commitment to excellence. Congratulations to all the winners; your dedication and passion make us proud!

First Boarding Awards Ceremony of 2023/2024

Grade 8 Winner

Activities Winners

Boarding Life Winners

Grade 9 Academics Winners

Our Wellbeing, Our Priority. (Chapter 2.2: Protecting against Bullying and Respecting Diversity)

This week, our wellbeing meeting was moved to the weekend due to our wonderful concert featuring students.

This time, we focused on understanding people with disabilities, illustrating the challenges faced by kids or teenagers with disabilities. We discussed the need for help, assistance, or additional time. Additionally, we explored the topic of babies born with disabilities.

Some of the boys were touched by the discussion and shared insightful thoughts. Being empathetic is key here.

With this session, we conclude our Pillar 2, and we can already sense the holidays approaching.

About last weekend… 😊

Last weekend, even though it was cold, the boys managed to do some activities, Horse Riding and Tennis were the favourites.

We leave some snaps here and well done Kristian who woke up early to play Tennis for the first time in the year.

first time on the year.


Montreux Christmas Market

The first Sunday of December is a cold, yet sunny one! Many of the boys went on a trip to Montreux, in order to enjoy the charming Christmas market along the eastern end of the lake. Even in sub-zero temperatures, the sun ensured the trip was both relatively warm for the month of December, and relaxing, as we approach the end of the first term.Image previewImage previewImage previewImage preview

Chill in Concha

The first weekend of December is a bit of a rainy and cold one. However, the boys found plenty of things to do around the house.
Daniel is also attending a fencing tournament today, for which he has prepared rigorously.

Although the pen is mightier than a sword, fencing is an elegant sport.

Let’s get the holiday vibes on with a bit of saloon blend on the piano.


Liverpool v. Fulham is tomorrow but let’s try to predict the outcome!

The Guitarist and the Vocalist

Yesterday evening, beneath the enchanting glow of the Boarding Winter Concert, Nikita graced the stage, serenading the entire boarding community. With the gentle strumming of the guitar, Ana Sofia’s ethereal voice intertwined, creating a mesmerizing, romantically-charged performance. Together, they painted a canvas of pure gold talent, casting a spell of romance that lingered in the air.

Hockey Match – Geneve Servette vs Berne

Excitement filled the air as a group of enthusiastic students eagerly attended a thrilling hockey match. Their faces lit up with anticipation as the players showcased impressive skills on the ice. Cheers and applause echoed through the arena, creating a vibrant atmosphere of camaraderie. The students, clad in team colors, immersed themselves in the exhilarating experience, creating lasting memories of a spirited and memorable hockey outing.

Lucky we had Adam with us, who plays for the Geneva Servette Hockey Team U15; he explained the rules and helped us find our way in the crowd of the huge stadium. We all hope to wear a Geneva Servette Hockey jersey with Adam’s name on it one day.


Baking Competition: The Creation of the ‘Concha Caramel Mess’

Dear all,

Today, the boys in the house took part in an inter-house baking competition, and they decided to try their hand at a caramel cake, which was aptly called the ‘Concha Caramel Mess’. While some might argue that other cakes were better, we at Concha know that ours was secretly the best.

How could it not be? The Concha boys made it, so, of course, it’s good!

A shout-out and a huge thank you to Emir, Shiryu, and Firdavs for the brilliant effort they put in.

Best regards,

The Concha Team

A selection of the other competiton

The final product

From humble beginnings to victorious bakers

A team effort

Lets get cooking