Happy birthday Chady !

Today we are celebrating Chady’s birthday, he is 13 today and we are eating a great chocolate cake for the occasion. For his birthday Chady scored a great goal against Olympus in the football match tonight.

Congratulations Chady!

Big football match against Olympus.

Today we had a great draw against Olympus. One of the best games since the beginning of the tournament. Herman scored twice and Chady for his birthday scored too. The result ended 3-3. All the kids are very happy with the result and hope to win the next game.

How and where can we promote diversity?


Being aware of the contexts and settings where bullying (and any other kind of discrimination) takes place is the key element to fighting it.ย  As two sides of the same coin, diversity and tolerance are on the opposite side of the spectrum of these same settings.

  • Cultural diversity / discrimination.
  • Racial diversity /discrimination.
  • Religious diversity / discrimination.
  • Age diversity / discrimination.
  • Sex or Gender diversity/discrimination.
  • Sexual orientation diversity/discrimination.
  • Disability diversity/ discrimination.
Therefore if on one hand, we should promote diversity in all these fields, we need well to be aware that for each of these fields there might be discrimination. They are opposites and we should opt for the good one!
The list above allows us as well to have a clearer view of the variety of situations where discrimination takes place in society. It is really present in many domains and it is easy to find it when we are involved or engaged in any of these fields.
Thinking particularly about bullying, this also allows us to perceive that bullying does not affect only young people or takes place only in schools. Adults are also targeted and the results can also be absolutely devastating.

Sports weekend for the children of concha.

This weekend was very sportive for the children. With cycling for some, tennis for others but also cooking and climbing. They are ready for a new week!

Chady has a great forehand.

The boys taking a break after many kilometers of cycling.

Manuel loves to climb upside down.

Gift Box Appeal

All the boys in Concha and the rest of the CDL Boarding Community have donated 58 gift boxes to be distributed to children in need, in eastern Europe.

A wonderful contribution by our boys to a fantastic cause!