Old Portena’s healthy eating

Healthy eating is one of our main points of focus for this year, but eating healthy doesn’t mean not enjoying what we eat. Today Miss Cristina made us a delicious apple cake with cinnamon and dates. Dates are an amazing natural sweetener, full of nutrients and good energy 🙂 The girls definitely approved!



Disney Land Paris


This weekend we had an amazing experience in DisneyLand Paris. Our girls could enjoy the time with their friends and get to know some other Boarding students from different Houses.

What a magic place to spend a sunny weekend!

Wellbeing in Versoix

We don’t need to do great things in order to improve our wellbeing, sometimes the simple things like a walk or making healthier snack choices can have a big impact! Some of our girls stayed closer to school and tried this at the local supermarket. They were all encouraged to make at least one healthy choice in their weekly shopping and these are some of the results.


La gastronomie à Genève

As every Saturday, our girls today enjoyed a shopping afternoon in Geneva, the perfect way to relax and disconnect after a long week in school 😁 Today they took advantage to enjoy the delights of French and Japanese cuisine, and even did some shopping to cook at home!

Friday wellbeing – drawing meditation

For our wellbeing session of today we proposed a drawing meditation to our girls. First, they closed their eyes and tried to be aware of their bodies and emotions. After, they drew freely with their eyes still closed listening to the meditation guide. Finally, they started filling their drawings with the shapes that expressed best their present state. We love the results 🙂


Afternoon plans:

Thank you very much Elsa for this amazing treat!

Alana, Chisa and Elsa enjoyed the quiet in the House to have an afternoon movie party with yummy Chinese food.

They also had a lovely walk to the local shop.



House dinner in Old Portena

Wellbeing is a complex combination of a person’s physical, mental, emotional and social health factors. Wellbeing is strongly linked to happiness and life satisfaction.

Today we put all of this in our plates and had an amazing time at home.


Welcome to Old Portena Anna Mariya!

Today Anna Mariya came home and we spent the evening showing her around campus

Elsa got a new bike!!!

We also participated in the September Fitness Challenge – How long can you hop on one leg for?

Chisa holded it for nearly 1:3o – WELL DONE!



Old Portena is our new HOME!



Our Well-being is one of the most important part for us. We are all starting to miss home a lot, therefore we want this to be our new home. We are trying to give ideas to make Old Portena cosier.

When you feel home and comfortable all your habits change. In this Pillar we are working on Sleep and how to get more sleep and of the best quality and feeling at home is key.

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

These are the pastries to celebrate the mid autumn festival in China.
The moon’s roundness symbolises harmony and prosperity, and the festival celebrated the harvest, often bringing together family members from near and far.

Chess afternoon

Rin and Chihana decided to sign up for chess this afternoon with our own chess master, Mr. Gordon. Maybe they will beat him soon with a little bit of training 😊


Horse riding

Weekends are always packed with activities! Today some of our girls decided to take a horse riding lesson in our local school in Versoix. They are both advanced, so we are sure that very soon we will see them jumping high 😉

Mountain Weekend!

Chisa and Chihana took the most challenging experience, they decided to join the group for an overnight stay, up the mountains at 3000 metres.

So proud of you girls!


House Meeting – Body image

Yesterday in the House Meeting we organized the Mountain Weekend to come, some news and we watched a video about body image. Here some quotes from our girls:

“Societies beauty standards are generalized. We should all love each other for who we are, non of us were born the same and we will never be the same”

“Don’t judge by looking. Inside of the body is more important than looking”

“Everyone should be confident in their own body. Everyone is different”

Happy birthday Rin!

It was great to celebrate Rin’s birthday today. We are so lucky to live in an international community, we were able to sing for her in English, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Ukrainian!


Fitness Football Challenge!

This month we are dedicated to wellness. As we know, taking care of our body is a great part of our wellbeing, so our girls are taking part in the Fitness Challenge organised by Mr. Rob 🙂 Today the challenge was to hit a football as many times as possible. Of course, the winner was Chihana, with a record of 3 minutes 14 seconds, and she could have kept going!

House Rep and House Captain

In our boarding houses, we have a House rep and House Captain to support their fellow students and give them a voice if they feel they have something they want to share. Two of our students came upfront and volunteered to take on these roles. Both of them will be a role-model to our community and we feel they are capable of this and more 🙂 Allow us to introduce them to you…


Paria Jowkar

Paria was house captain last year. As an experienced and returning student, she will lead by example and give voice to our girls in front of the whole community. She presented her candidature in the form of a poem which warmed our spirits and demonstrated her amazing use of words. We knew right away she would be perfect for this role!


Manuela Kapose

Manuela is a new student at school, but since the first day her warm and caring personality has brought her many friends and made her a support for those around her. We believe she will be a great leader for our girls.


What a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon! Today, Annie, Amy and Berru decided to spend their time baking some sweet treats. Cupcakes, apple crumble, peach cobbler… Old Portena smells like cinnamon!


What a fun way to spend a Sunday!! We had so much fun at the Aquapark this weekend. Pirate ships, slides, swimming pools… The perfect balance between fun and relaxation 🙂

Saturday Geneva outing

This afternoon we enjoyed our usual afternoon in Geneva. It’s a great opportunity to relax, do some shopping, enjoy the city atmosphere and enjoy some of our favorite snacks! Today was specially busy, as we needed to get the last bits and pieces for our upcoming Mountain Weekend 🙂 after our long day, we are getting ready for a Disney movie night!

STEAM club egg drop

STEAM stands for Science Technology Engineering Art and Maths. For the first session of this year, our students participated in the Egg Drop challenge! Helium balloons, recycled materials, PET bottles, parachutes… and of course a little bit of art to give life to our eggs. Chisa did an amazing job and both of her eggs survived!

We love our sports

Social hour is the perfect time to enjoy playing some sports with friends. With the last weeks of Summer rapidly approaching, some of our girls decided to spent their time participating in some outdoor activities.


New WellBeing space in Old Portena

If you have a moment come and visit our new wellbeing space in Old Portena. Here we will inform you of all the news, activities and ideas we will use for all of us.

This year as usual we will start with our Pillar 1: Healthy minds and healthy bodies and we will focus this first week on:

 How do we find our balance?

How much sleep is enough?

Afternoon at the lake

This afternoon, we had the perfect Summer afternoon in Versoix, so we thought it was the perfect opportunity to enjoy an afternoon by the lake! We walked down all together and enjoyed some local snacks.


Welcome Dinner!

Classes have already started at Collège du Léman, and we thought the best way to celebrate was having a traditional Swiss dinner. Yum! Our students enjoyed a lovely night all together, filled with cheese, laughter and lots of Swiss flags. We captured some of their best moments 🙂

It is never easy to go to a new school and a new house, but with these lovely girls, everything is easier

Busy day for our new girls

Today we welcomed our new students and their families.

We are very happy to see the House getting full of happy faces.

The Welcome Assembly and Cocktail took place today in the Eiger Auditorium.


Alana and Ella are full of energy and ready to join any activity, the pool was awesome!

Welcome home ladies


Alana and Ella met today, they will be roommates and they are the first girls to come this year. Welcome to Old Portena ladies 🙂


Chisa also arrived today. She had a great week of fun during the Summer Camp Excursion Week. She looks tired but happy. Welcome back home Chisa!

End of Year Party

This evening the girls had so much fun at the end of year party! They played in laser tag, water activities, slides and many more, while enjoying some delicious ice-cream!

Old Portena Memory Books

Over the past year, Old Portena have made wonderful memories with friends and taken part in so many activities, that we have enough photos to fill up our Memory Books! The girls will be able to keep these books forever to remember our special year together! We are looking forward to seeing the finished books next week!

Wellbeing Happiness Project

This week the Old Portena ladies took time to think of someone that had been truly inspirational in their lives, and they wrote a letter of gratitude thanking them for all the ways that they had made a difference. Soon afterwards, the girls sent these special messages to the person that they had in mind via photos of their letters, phone calls, and emails. Many families, members of staff, and friends were contacted throughout the evening. These tokens of appreciation brought much love and true happiness to both people involved. It was a special evening as we heard of the truly inspirational ways that people can make a difference in another person’s life, and of the power that a grateful heart has towards everyone’s happiness.

Happy Mother’s Day!!

To the mothers of all these blessed kids who are far from their children on this special day; we are thinking of you and wishing you a very happy Mother’s Day! Your kids are very special to us, each one unique in their own extraordinary way; all gifted and talented in different areas that create our CdL family.


Dear Old Portena Ladies,

you have all left and the House is quiet without you! We are comforted by the fact that you will be back in a couple of weeks and fill the House with fun loving energy, each one of you in your unique way. In the meantime, we wish you the Happiest of Holidays with your families and friends!! See you in a couple of weeks..

International Women’s Day!

The 8th of March is International Women’s Day that grew out of the labour movement to become a recognised annual event by the United Nations. The seeds of it were planted in 1908, when 15,000 women marched through New York City demanding shorter working hours, better pay and the right to vote. The idea to make the day international came from a woman called Clara Zetkin. She suggested the idea in 1910 at an International Conference of Working Women in Copenhagen. There were 100 women there, from 17 countries, and they agreed on her proposal unanimously. It was first celebrated in 1911, in Austria, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland and in 1975 the United Nations started celebrating the day officially.

International Women’s Day has become a date to celebrate how far women have come in society, in politics and in economics. Please join Old Portena as we celebrate this day by honoring our Director General, Pauline Nord, and thanking her for building an excellent school community and helping our students achieve outstanding academic results by inspiring them with her hard work and dedication, to becoming the world’s future leaders.




Etiquette, Manners and Grace.

This week we began our new project on etiquette and manners. The focus in our meeting last night was on the importance of greeting people correctly.

The girls enjoyed the role-plays and we hope to provide them with some life skills which they can use with confidence and grace.

Happy Chinese New Year!

Karina, Annie, Amy and Elsa  have been having a wonderful day of celebrations and have sent us some lovely home photos of their special meals. The Old Portena girls thoroughly enjoyed the  Chinese dinner in the dining hall last night too!

Saturday skiing in Morgins & Les Crosets!

Our students enjoyed a day of skiing unlike any other! In fact, the yellowish light and brown skies that you see are not a photographic error but rather a rare meteorological phenomenon that occurs around three times a year in Switzerland due to dust sand travelling from the north-west African Sahara Desert and upward towards Europe. Until next Saturday!



Games, Games, Games!

Part of building positive friendships in our house has come from the fun games nights! After much laughter, we have made many great memories together!

Getting ready to start Speed Smarties and Trying to beat the two dice chocolate game using gloves and cutlery!

Peer Pressure Workshop for Wellbeing Pillar 3

Miss Jody, the Boarding Counsellor, gave a workshop on Peer Pressure to all the Middle school students last Friday. This was followed up by some positive and negative peer pressure acting! After these scenarios, we discussed how each of us felt about being in that particular situation and how we could help others in need or promote positive friendships.

A Chain of Respect!

Our Chain of Respect reminds us of all the qualities that are needed to make friendships stronger by respecting each other despite our differences, in our similarities and by standing up, together, against bullying. With all of these qualities that the girls identified this evening, we see that we can build feelings of trust, safety and wellbeing. We enjoyed Chisa’s birthday cake as we learned some valuable lessons.

Samedi du Partage – A Collective Charity Activity

Paria, Rin, Taisiia, Vlad, Sasha and Oscar all volunteered at Coop Versoix supermarket today to collect food and hygiene products from customers. These products are stored by the Geneva food bank Partage and distributed throughout the year to charitable groups all over the city, which collectively provide around 900 free meals every single day to those in need, thanks in part to the generosity of the public. Great Job guys!

Friday dinner in the house

Last night we had dinner in the house. The girls helped me cook Moussaka. They really enjoyed the opportunity to learn different dishes and how to make a healthy dinner. GOOD JOB!! 👏👏👏