Well-being pillar 5!

Last night during our House Meeting we discussed a few topics we needed with the girls and then we watched a video Mr. Salva sent to us to launch the last pillar of our wellbeing program.

We started the delivery phase of Pillar 5: Making Safe and Responsible Choices.
As announced during the Assembly the key take-away points will be:
Time in: how do you connect with inner world?
Attachment figures: how our attachment style influences the way we make our decisions?

This week we will focus on Time in!
What we experience in our inner world, which includes our feelings, thoughts, perceptions, memories, beliefs, hopes, dreams, desires, motivations, longings etc, can occur even without us being aware of it. The lack of self-awareness entails the failure to see the patterns in our behaviors and thinking. As a result, we risk making choices that are not aligned with what we really are and with what we really want.
On the contrary, when we develop the habit to pay attention to these inner experiences we become more self-aware. This can help us have more control over the decisions and choices we make and prevent us from being at the mercy of our own feelings, desires, and external negative pressure.

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