Sunny Saturday at CDL

It’s another week-end at our boarding house, and as usual, the girls had a lot of different activities to choose from. Some of our girls went to play some tennis. Some went horseback riding. However, as usual, cooking is a winner !

And when you’ll see what they made, you will understand why.

Separating egg whites and yolks takes concentration !

Cooking is always better with good friends.


Mousse au chocolat, with langues de chat !


This month is also the fitness challenge, and today’s challenge was made for one of our girls. They had to do uppy-keepys with a football… Chihana was so good at it, that she didn’t stop at failure, she stopped when she got to 1000 !

1000 keepy-uppys for Chihana !


Some of our girls also went to Geneva. Perfect time for a bit of shopping, of course !



That’s it for today. Tomorrow, all of the girls will have the opportunity to visit the beautiful town of Yvoire ! And they will get there by… boat ! Pretty exciting, no ?

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