Smells like summer !

This weekend felt just like summer, over 30°, sunny skies, humid weather… But still, activities went on as usual, and our girls kept up with a busy lifestyle here at CDL !

What did they do, you ask ?

Well, let us show you…

Some of them went horseriding

Others worked their brains in a game of chess

then some cooked some deliciousness

or went for a bike ride through the woods

or even played some volleyball, very appropriate with the current weather !


and more !


Next week, the girls will enjoy an especially long weekend of 4 days ! What will you do for the long weekend ?

La côte d’Yvoire

Today, the girls went to the picturesque city of Yvoire, in France. The weather was beautiful and shiny, perfect to fully enjoy the day of wandering around in a postal-card place !

The coast of Yvoire

When on a boat, you have to try…

Sunny Saturday at CDL

It’s another week-end at our boarding house, and as usual, the girls had a lot of different activities to choose from. Some of our girls went to play some tennis. Some went horseback riding. However, as usual, cooking is a winner !

And when you’ll see what they made, you will understand why.

Separating egg whites and yolks takes concentration !

Cooking is always better with good friends.


Mousse au chocolat, with langues de chat !


This month is also the fitness challenge, and today’s challenge was made for one of our girls. They had to do uppy-keepys with a football… Chihana was so good at it, that she didn’t stop at failure, she stopped when she got to 1000 !

1000 keepy-uppys for Chihana !


Some of our girls also went to Geneva. Perfect time for a bit of shopping, of course !



That’s it for today. Tomorrow, all of the girls will have the opportunity to visit the beautiful town of Yvoire ! And they will get there by… boat ! Pretty exciting, no ?

Social hour, active hour.

Yesterday night, some of our girls took opportunity during their social hour to do some extra sports, as they usually do on Thursdays.

It’s always great to see our girls moving and enjoying doing some sports ! Great job girls !

You’ve got this Darina !

We’re riding on sunshine !

We’re one month into spring and right now, the sun is shining full blast ! The trees are full and green, temperatures are nice enough and our winter jackets are gone.

You know what this means ? This means that outside activities will be possible again, biking, kayaking, walking by Leman lake, enjoying sunny evenings outside the house… We can’t wait to enjoy the beautiful weather even more !

I’m sure there will be a lot more outside pictures to share soon. 😉

Perfect weather for a bike ride !

Cyprus and Greece trip

Two of our girls, Luciana and Kylie, spent their Easter break surrounded by beautiful landscapes… They went to Cyprus and Greece with a fantastic group of people !

The girls got to do some historical visits, as you can imagine, but also had the opportunity to snorkle, swim, try out some survival tricks building tents, kayak, etc.

Good food, beautiful weather, fun activities, great people, it was a good break !

Thank you to the team for making this possible !

Our online lives

The approach of Easter breaks also means the end of this term’s wellbeing theme : our online safety.

Through the weeks, we talked about many different subjects, going from how we present ourselves online, to the pictures that should or should not be posted, and who do we follow, do we know them in real life ?

The girls brought up many good points during these discussions. Most of us agreed that we only post the good sides of our lives. And we shouldn’t believe everything influencers post, because it’s mostly a facade. We’ve also taken some time to see how much time we spend behind our screens, and to be more careful about our privacy and who we follow and who follows us back.

Although internet will continue to play a central part in all of our lives, we are now more aware and able of how to handle it.

Thank you girls and CDL team for making this a very interesting pillar !

Another weekend at Old Portena

And another round of diverse activities on the campus !

Between horse riding, cooking, running, chess, etc. There was a lot to choose from.











One activity is consistently popular on weekends… Cooking !

After all, who wouldn’t want to learn how to cook their own choux à la crème ?








Others put their brains to the test thanks to a chess game.


And others went for a walk, got to bake, or play some music. In any case, it was another busy week-end for our girls at the house !

Friday afternoon at Old Portena

Finally, it’s Friday ! More time for the girls to meet up with each other in other houses. Today, Luciana, Darina and Nastya spent some time at Concha Annexe.

And they got an amazing treat thanks to Miss Maria who made them some amazing chocolate and peanut butter rolls as well as jam rolls. Made with oats and apples, for our health ! Needless to say, it was delicious.

What better way to start the weekend and all the activities it brings !