Slam Dunk !

Our girls played a basketball match against the girls from Villa du Lac on Thursday night. We didn’t win but our girls gave it their all, a lot of them participated and they showed good sportsmanship ! Maryam is our big scorer of the night, but there was also a good team work between everyone.

Well done girls !

Weekend in the mountains

This weekend was extra special, as we all went together to the mountains in La Tzoumaz ! A calm ski resort situated 1500m above sea level. Fresh air assured !

The girls had different activities to choose from, some of them went biking down the mountain, others went climbing, others hiked up and some even did some shelters or rope courses in the woods.

The weather was amazing for the occasion and our girls were all so well behaved and nice, we are super proud of them and had a great time. Thank you girls !

Mid-Autumn festival celebrations

and Jeûne Genevois day out in Lausanne…

Today was a beautiful and busy day for our girls ! First, since it’s a bank holiday for Geneva, there was no school, and all the shops of the canton were closed. Not a problem, we took this opportunity to go to Lausanne ! Plan for the day ? Olympic museum and little bit of shopping in the city.

The museum is very modern and interactive, we particularly enjoyed the last part testing our memory skills, reflexes, etc. Vladi and I got 46 at the reflex skill ! None of the girls wanted to race though, I wonder why… 😀

Afterwards, when back in the house, our girl Annie was super kind to bring some mooncakes for all of the house ! A Chinese cake to celebrate the mid-Autumn festival (中秋節). This was a great discovery for a lot of us, and just shows again how amazing it is to live in an international house, celebrations from everywhere ! Thank you Annie for sharing with us.


Our OP girls get 1st place, of course !

Mooncakes with or without nuts !

Old Portena

The summer vacation is coming to an end and… We can’t wait to meet our new girls! And to welcome our older girls back!

What did you do during the summer vacation ?

We enjoyed the sun, the lake, sometimes even the sea, and most of all, we enjoyed spending some time with our loved ones.

In the meantime, house Old Portena will be open from tomorrow morning, 9AM, for all our newcomers ! There will be a welcome assembly as well as a welcome cocktail from 17PM until 19PM, where the parents are also welcome !

Sweet summer holidays !

After loads of packing and cleaning, our lovely house of Old Portena will soon be closed for the summer…

Thank you to all of our girls for an amazing year full of memories and love ! Thank you also to the parents, agents, all the CDL team, for making this year so enjoyable.

We wish you all a beautiful summer holiday.

We will be back soon, and we can’t wait to see our girls again and meet our new girls. Take care of yourselves and enjoy the summer !



As it’s the last weekend of the school year, it is a good time to reminisce of everything that has happened in Old Portena since August. So many beautiful memories to cherish while getting ready for this last weekend before the great summer holidays !

Something’s cooking !

In Old Portena, a lot of our girls like to get creative in the kitchen. You will often smell some ramen, eggs, bread, some vegetables, etc. being cooked !

Today, our girl Yustyna decided to make dango, and make a video out of it. She also helped me making the crêpes and showed of her amazing flipping skills ! See for yourself, she can even double-flip !

Preparation : check


Both the crêpes and the dangos turned out amazing of course !

Crêpes : almost done

Hard work to success !

This Saturday, despite the heatwave, our girl Chihana and her amazing team had a veeeeery long day at their football tournament with 14 teams in Bern… 7 matches in one day !

And guess what ?

They got second place ! It was a long, exhausting, but fun day for them. We are so proud of Chihana, and her team of course, well done !

It’s not over yet

It might be Sunday evening, but the weekend is not over yet ! Nevertheless, let’s have a look at what our girls have been doing these last two days.

A super fun activity made its’ appearance on Saturday : wakeboarding. Perfect in this sunny and hot weather ! An exciting opportunity to say the least.



Our girls also had the opportunity to cook some delicious cupcakes, or go horseback riding, chess, biking, baking, etc. A lot of things to choose from !


The process…

The result ! Miam.










Tomorrow, our girls will be out for the afternoon at Lausanne’s fair : Luna Park. Enjoy it !

House spirit on the RISE

This Saturday was a very exciting day for Old Portena and Concha Annexe. We had a common house activity proposed by CA girls : Paintball !

Two teams, but one common goal : just have some fun. We have to admit that the girls got us at every match… One day, we’ll have our revenge ! In any case, great game girls ! Also, great behaviour and spirit for this day, very proud. 😀


Beware !

Concha Annexe + Old Portena friendship