Adam & Bryan’s Geography Lego Project

Adam and Bryan had an assignment in their Geography class: Build the city of the future, based on renewable energy. Both boys chose a different approach. Adam chose to use Mr. Stéphan’s Lego Class Bricks and build a project from scratch. While Bryan went to Geneva and bought a gigantic Lego City set of a modern and ecological city.

Both of them had fun building it, and we wish them to get the best grade.

Repas indien à la maison / Indian dish at the House

Sur un campus recouvert d’un épais manteau de neige  les élèves Concha et Concha Annexe ont tissé des liens chaleureux autour d’un banquet indien exquis. Les arômes envoûtants de currys aux épices riches ont embaumé l’air, dansant avec les naans dorés et les saveurs de chutney sucré. Un festin coloré, symphonie gustative de l’Inde, où chaque plat était une invitation à explorer l’authenticité d’une culture riche, fusionnant délices et amitiés dans une expérience sensorielle inoubliable.

On a campus blanketed in a thick coat of snow, students from Concha and Concha Annex wove warm bonds around an exquisite Indian banquet. The captivating aromas of spice-laden curries filled the air, dancing alongside golden naans and the flavors of sweet chutney. A colorful feast, a gustatory symphony of India, where each dish was an invitation to explore the authenticity of a rich culture, blending delights and friendships into an unforgettable sensory experience.

Winter Ball evening

Last Saturday, the entire Boarding community attended the Winter Ball to celebrate the end of the first semester.

Everyone did their best to dress up like true gentlemen, as we try to instill in them at Concha Annexe.

Unfortunately, Adam, Nikita, and Mr. Manuel couldn’t join us for this great moment.

Escalade celebration

Les garçons de Concha Annexe se sont réjouis de l’esprit de l’Escalade, savourant les délices de la marmite en chocolat. Des rires et une camaraderie remplissaient l’air alors qu’ils embrassaient la tradition, partageant des moments de joie. L’atmosphère festive capturait l’essence de la célébration, forgeant des liens et créant des souvenirs durables au cœur de cet événement annuel tant chéri.

Concha Annexe’s boys reveled in Escalade’s spirit, savoring chocolate marmite delights. Laughter and camaraderie filled the air as they embraced tradition, sharing sweet moments of joy. The festive atmosphere captured the essence of the celebration, forging bonds and creating lasting memories in the heart of this cherished annual event.

The traditional sentence “Ainsi périssent les ennemis de la République” translates to “Thus perish the enemies of the Republic.” The oldest and youngest persons in the room say this before smashing the marmite during the Escalade celebration in Geneva.

The Guitarist and the Vocalist

Yesterday evening, beneath the enchanting glow of the Boarding Winter Concert, Nikita graced the stage, serenading the entire boarding community. With the gentle strumming of the guitar, Ana Sofia’s ethereal voice intertwined, creating a mesmerizing, romantically-charged performance. Together, they painted a canvas of pure gold talent, casting a spell of romance that lingered in the air.

Hockey Match – Geneve Servette vs Berne

Excitement filled the air as a group of enthusiastic students eagerly attended a thrilling hockey match. Their faces lit up with anticipation as the players showcased impressive skills on the ice. Cheers and applause echoed through the arena, creating a vibrant atmosphere of camaraderie. The students, clad in team colors, immersed themselves in the exhilarating experience, creating lasting memories of a spirited and memorable hockey outing.

Lucky we had Adam with us, who plays for the Geneva Servette Hockey Team U15; he explained the rules and helped us find our way in the crowd of the huge stadium. We all hope to wear a Geneva Servette Hockey jersey with Adam’s name on it one day.


The Infinity Cake

In a sweet twist of creativity, students brought the Marvel universe to the kitchen in a baking competition. One standout creation was a cake inspired by the Avengers and adorned with edible replicas of the iconic Infinity Stones. As taste buds embarked on a heroic journey, the delicious spectacle proved that baking can be a true superpower.


A Finger-Lickin’ Birthday

Kristian celebrated his birthday at favorite fast food : ChicChicken  with friends, turning a simple fast-food hangout into a memorable bash.

Amid laughter and buckets of crispy chicken, the laid-back atmosphere and tasty treats made it a celebration to remember.

Who needs fancy venues when you’ve got good friends and finger-lickin’ food?