The chef prepared us a delicious kebab tonight. There was a choice of beef, veil or chicken with the vegetables. This was topped of with an amazing Algerian sauce. If kebab was not your thing, you could go for lentils with curry/coco.

As always, the students could make their own colourful salad.

A deliciously sweet pavlova was waiting for dessert!

Italian night

Tonights’ dinner was Italian themed, which of course called for pasta. We had farfale with a choice of sauces and vegetables. Their was bolognese sauce, mushroom sauce and tomato sauce. The children could add several vegetables to the pasta such as broccoli and carrots.

La vita è una combinazione di magia e pasta

Chicken drumsticks

The children enjoyed some chicken drumsticks, mashed potatoes en a mix of vegetables tonight. As always there was a salad option. Some children went back for seconds and even thirds. They truly enjoyed the meal!

For dessert there was some vanilla/chocolate cake with coconut flakes.

As always their was an amazing vegetarian option: wraps with beetroot.