Dining hall is open again!

We hope you had a wonderful October holiday, and above all that you enjoyed the tasty food in the countries you visited.

The chefs were looking forward to having us back and offering us new dishes to enjoy with the food, today the menu included:

-Two different types of pasta, one of which was dressed with paprika.
-A spiced lentil cream soup, quite tasty.
-Fried chicken with sauce.
– An amazing meatball hot dog with cheese.

And of course, our wonderful salad buffet, full of different vegetables, cheese and eggs, with various sauces to choose from, as well as oil and vinegar.

We hope you’ve come back with a taste for good food, the chefs are ready!


Italian dinner

Today both menu choices were deliciously Italian. The children going to Italy this autumn break could already start dreaming about the amazing Italian food they would have there.

First off there was gnocchi with gorgonzola sauce that pleased even the pickiest cheese lovers.

Furthermore there was beef ravioli in a tomato sauce. This could be topped of with a bouquet of arugola or other vegetables.

Sri Lanka visits CDL 🇱🇰

Today chef Thiyagaraja has transported us to Sri Lanka, dishes full of flavour and colour, of course including curry and rice, as well as a curious decoration of the whole dining room.

Our salad buffet today had a more special touch than usual, with some more legumes and vegetables with curry.

As a special dessert we had this delicious mango cream with small pieces of this tropical fruit.

Woks and stews

Tuesdays’ dinner tasted sweet and sour with the shrimp wok accompanied by rice.

There was also a beef stew with carrots.

Or you could go for the chickpeas and many other vegetables in a curry sauce.

For dessert the chef prepared a delicious panna cotta, with raspberries or passion fruit.

Sunday brunch

Another beautiful morning, another tasty brunch.

Our students have been able to recharge their energy 100% to enjoy Sunday and prepare for this week.

Fresh fruit, refreshing and super healthy!

Cheese mix, speciality of the country.

Today the star of the brunch was our salmon, delicious!

Foodie feast

Tonight the foodies at CDL had a great night with what the chef had to offer. There was a lovely spinash and ricotta annelloni topped if with a chorizo sauce.

This student is a real pasta lover and enjoyed the annelloni with a hand picked salad. For dessert he went for the sweet taste of watermelon.

For the vegetarian option the chef prepared some croque’s, which could be had with cauliflower or a mix of carrots, zuchinni and peas. The chef truly know how to make a great vegetarian twist on some classics.

“طعام جيّد” means good food 🇸🇾

Today our chef Hmaidi has invited us to get to know his culture, the Syrian culture. Today’s international dinner was a success, the dining room was decorated with Arabic music in the background and Syrian delicacies were served.

One of the stars of today’s meal was, among other things, the Arab tea.

Rice is cooked with aromatic spices, and pieces of chicken with almonds and toasted pine nuts are placed on top. The kebab (skewered meat, usually chicken or lamb) is cooked on a barbecue. Another dish is kafta, which is prepared with minced lamb, onion, and spices, topped with a parsley salad, hummus (chickpeas and sesame), baba ganush (smoked aubergine), and the refreshing keshek (yoghurt, cucumber, mint, garlic, and oil).

Semolina cake, It is prepared by adding butter-toasted semolina into boiling water that is mixed with sugar and sometimes cinnamon pieces. It is then served with a variaty of toppings including but not limited to white cheese, cinnamon powder and pistachios.

Tough decisions

On one side, a burger with a choice of sauces and a side of Texas-style fries, on the other side, citrus-marinated salmon with wedge fries.

Never has a decision been so difficult, but the good news is that soon our chefs will bring us another delicious choice.

Another of our protagonists today is Feta cheese, we love to add it to our salads, creating a wonderful Mediterranean salad with oil and balsamic vinegar.


And for dessert a good sweet, our famous apple cake.