End Of year Wishes From The CDB Boarding House

As we bid farewell to this year 2023-2024, A Huge Thank You to parents and Agents for your trust, collaboration and support. May your holidays be filled with joy, peace, and wonderful experiences.

Warm wishes for a happy and healthy holiday season !

With heartfelt thanks and best wishes,

The CDB Boarding House Team

Graduation Day!

Celebrating the graduation of our boy Mana to grade 6. This marks the end of one chapter and the beginning of an exciting new journey. As he move up to the next grade,we are confident that he will continue to excel and make us proud in grade 6 and beyond.

Celebration time :-)

Congratulations to our boys for receiving their silver and bronze certificates, Jin finalist and cup winner of May fitness Challenge and Mana for graduating to grade 6. The future is bright, and we are excited to see all that you will accomplish!


Science Project and End Of Year Event

Sunday was a truly fun day! We started the day with Mr Zach and Mr Georges Science Project. The boys made rafts about of recycled materials. The rafts were then tested on the pool. We tested buoyancy, load limit and hydrodynamics. In the afternoon we joined a boarding wide party at Concha which celebrated the end of the year. Lots of fun had by all.


Runners vs Riders 6KM

On Saturday, Mana, Chika and Me George embarked on an epic 6KM run in the Runners vs Riders event. The two groups were competing against each other. The cyclists rode 170KM around Lake Leman and the runners had a 60KM relay. The cyclists won by about 20 minutes. Amazing effort from everyone involved, especially our very own Mana and Chika!

Genève et Dodgeball

Saturday saw our boys take a house trip to Geneva to buy some important end of year presents and treats from their home country’s. After dinner we went to the Primary Campus to enjoy some dodgeball! A very busy day, enjoyed by all.

Judo Graduation

We are very proud of our CDB student Chika for earning his new belt during graduation.This sport require these values in each lesson Courage, Respect, Modesty, Friendship, Honour, Sincerity, Self-control and Politeness.


A Great Shakespeare Play

 Grade 5  Today!

Today was a truly remarkable day as the talented students of Grade 5 put on a spectacular performance  of William Shakespeare’s classic plays. Their hard work and dedication were evident in every scene, and they brought the timeless story to life with enthusiasm and creativity.

A Wonderful International Day :-)

Our end-of-year event was a great celebration, bringing the CDL community together in a vibrant display of cultural diversity. The flavours from around the world were exquisite, the entertainment kept us enchanted throughout the afternoon. From captivating performances to engaging activities, there was something for everyone to enjoy.

Splashing Around at Aquapark

Champs des Bois embarked on a Boarding Day Trip to the Aquapark. While there we enjoyed a relaxing ride down the Lazy River, sped down some looping slides and splashed around with our friends. A great time and all the students had massive amounts of fun.

Outing in Geneva

While some boys chose to relax in the Boarding House Kimi and Chika rathered a trip into Geneva. They made some nice memories, Chika bought a gift for his brother and Kimi did his casual shopping.

Little Bakers

Amazing young chefs have done it again. This time making use of local fruit. We were lucky enough to recieve 5 apple pies! Each one was baked by Jin, Mana, Chika, Kimi and Donny. Good thing their hungry boys!

Pillar 5 Building Resilience Against Peer Pressure ! Final week

Mr. Manu, house parent, recently conducted engaging workshops for our younger boarders on how to respond to peer pressure. He thoughtfully adapted the resources to ensure active student participation, making the session both informative and interactive.

1.The workshop began with a video introduction, setting the stage for the topic. Following this, a student advocate facilitated a game where students were presented with real-life scenarios and asked to discuss how they would respond to peer pressure in those situations. This hands-on approach allowed students to actively engage and think critically about their responses.

2.The following week, the focus shifted to tips on decision-making. Students filled out a toolkit designed to help them make informed and confident decisions when faced with peer pressure.

This small but impactful workshops provided a platform for students to brainstorm ideas and share their strategies for handling various scenarios. We are pleased with how Mr. Manu adapted this important topic for our boys, and we truly enjoyed the experience.



A Farewell Dinner At CDB

Our senior volunteer and friend to the boys visited last night and treated them to a delightful sushi feast as a token of appreciation for his time at Champs Des Bois. As he prepares to leave for university, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude for his unwavering support and dedication to our young students. Thank you for everything you’ve done; you will be greatly missed!

Talented Photographer in CDB

We are proud to showcase Mana’s latest photographs. He has been attending an after-school photography club all year, and his teacher has praised his progress and the quality of his work. We will continue to encourage him to further develop this skill.

Great Pentecost Day

The boys cycled with Mr George 15 Km straight after breakfast, they truly enjoyed riding their bikes and later in the day they went on a  trip to Luna Park in Lausanne. Whilst Jin completed the final designs to the tepee sheets.  Our project is almost done 🙂

Gonet Geneva Open

On Saturday, our own tennis fanatic Jin went to the Geneva open to watch some first class tennis. He stayed the whole day and watched all the games that the Centre Court had to offer. Amazing experience!

A Journey Through Time

As you stroll along the corridors, immerse yourself in Champs des Bois’ latest project through history and time.

From the Magna Carta to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, each milestone represents a step forward in our collective quest for dignity, equality, and justice.

Enter the realm of the samurai, where honor, discipline, and courage reign supreme.

From the genius of Isaac Newton to the brilliance of Albert Einstein, our timeline celebrates the towering figures whose scientific discoveries revolutionised our understanding of the universe.

Immerse yourself in Anne Frank’s diary, penned in the midst of World War II, offers a poignant glimpse into the life of a young girl grappling with the horrors of persecution and prejudice. Their stories on our timeline serve as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and a solemn vow to never forget the lessons of history.

Among the pages of history, we find the universal language of football, a sport that transcends borders, cultures, and languages. As we celebrate the passion and camaraderie of the beautiful game, we honor the athletes who have graced the pitch with their skill, dedication, and sportsmanship.

Finally, our house’s timeline isn’t just a chronicle of events; it’s a reflection of our shared humanity and the enduring quest for justice, knowledge, and excellence. It’s a reminder that, despite our differences, we are bound together by a common heritage and a collective aspiration for a better world. So, as you walk past our walls, take a moment to pause, reflect, and draw inspiration from the stories held on our walls.



Performing Arts Evening

A Night of Marvellous Performances

This evening, our auditorium was transformed into a stage of inspiring talent, the students showcased their exceptional abilities in vocals, instruments, and stage acting. It was an evening filled with electrifying energy and breathtaking moments, leaving the audience utterly captivated. Congratulations to all the students and to our boarder Mana who played beautifully his violin and looked the part.


Bird Feeder Project

During the woodwork workshop last weekend, the boys made a bird feeder for our garden, It took them 3 hours to complete. Our senior helper Coco assisted the boys to put the finale touch. The results is just fantastic!

Pillar 5 Wellbeing: Making Safe and Responsible choices

We have embarked on our last Pillar of the year, supporting students to understand how peer pressure can affect their decisions. During this topic, we will discuss their views and develop some strategies to overcome any issues they might face. Mr Manu House Parent in Concha Annex is leading this Pillar and he has visited us in CDB to introduce this topic.

May Sports Challenge

The boys at Champs Des Bois partook in the May Fitness challenge. Today’s challenge was: How many ‘around the worlds’ can you do with a ball in one minute? Transferring the ball around your waist as quickly as possible.

We achieved some of the highest scores in the school, well done boys!

Hello weekend!

Hello weekend!

The boys from Champs Des Bois enjoyed the warm spring evening with a fun game of football. The perfect way to ‘kick off’ the weekend!

Wishing you all a fantastic weekend ahead.

Fun Hiking Afternoon in Saint-Cergue with Mr. Nathan

CDB students embarked on a hike to explore Saint-Cergue. Mr. Nathan’s passion for the outdoors ignites a spark within each student, fostering a deep appreciation for the beauty that surrounds them. They’re all about climbing trees and finding awesome spots in nature. It’s all laughs and adventure as they make memories and soak up the outdoors together.

Sushi Workshop :-)

Thank you so much to Ms. Lucelia, our wonderful activity leader, for organising all the groceries to permit such a fantastic workshop for our boarders. We had a blast diving into the art of sushi making! Each student had the chance to craft their own unique sushi creation, mastering the delicate technique needed to seal the rolls perfectly and achieve those flawless, evenly sliced pieces that hold together beautifully. Lunch was an absolute triumph, and we’re all eager to repeat this experience again in the near future.


The Jump Spot

Sunday was a fantastically bouncy day. We went to the local trampoline park and spent all afternoon jumping, racing, flipping and flopping. We were all very tired from all the fun we had when we got back to the school campus.

Gaming in VDL

On Saturday we visited another of our neighbouring Boarding Houses, Villa du Lac. They were kind enough to let us play on their PS5 and we all played a racing game.

Guitar Hero

Donny was amazing in his Guitar Assembly. Alongside his peers from Guitar Club they played a beautiful piece of music from Beethoven’s 9th Symphony.

A Warm welcome back to CDB Boarders

We missed each and every one of you, and we hope that your Easter break was filled with joy and relaxation spent among cherished family and friends. Now, let’s embark on this final stretch of the academic year with enthusiasm, determination, and a positive mindset, aiming for successful achievements and embracing every opportunity for happiness along the way.


Weekend Updates

Another creative weekend, the students enjoyed cooking, and baking. We had a couple of visitors for a playdate, Jin attended a great session of pilates and Mana and Kimi went to the thermal baths in Lavey.

Festichoc Versoix

The largest festival in Switzerland dedicated to chocolate, a family-friendly event with free entry which brings together more than 30 Swiss artisan chocolatiers. Tastings, sales, exhibition of chocolate sculptures, activities and food stands allowed us to have a delicious… & chocolatey time!

Weekend Clubs

Well done to the boys in CDB for always being enthusiastic about joining clubs. Just this weekend we’ve had boys take part in Cooking Club, Tennis Club, Art Club and Climbing Club. It’s nice to see them so active and making the most of their weekend.

Fulfilling Day :-)

The boys started their day making a wonderful black forest gateau. They brought me back a huge slice, the cake was creamy and light in texture. I truly enjoyed it! After lunch, we went to Geneva, where the stores displayed some incredible chocolate selections for Easter. We finished our evening in front of a good movie with our guest from OP Boarding House.

Fast and Futuristic Cars

Kimi and Donny had a fantastic time at the amazing Geneva Motor Show. There they saw old cars and all types of new innovations from car makers. They had lots of inteligent questions about how cars will progress in the future. All the boys showed good behaviour towards the House Parents who went with them.

Welcome, Come On In!

It was a nice to have some of the boys’ friends from Old Portena Boarding House over on Sunday afternoon. They played outside on the swings, kicked about the football, bounced on the trampoline, played a game of ”Jenga!” while singing songs together and also played Hide ‘n’ Seek. We were all very grateful that our guests had baked a nice chocolate cake for us too. Thank you, it was very tasty!


Football Fans

A perfect way to spend the afternoon, a little kick about with the boys. Final score 4-4 and well done to all boys for playing so nicely together and working hard.

Busy is the New Happy!

Students participated in their weekend activities, and they started helping me with planting our seeds in time for spring planting outside in the garden beds. We went to our local grocery shop to get some essentials. As twilight descended, we extended an invitation to the Old Portena girls, joining together to immerse ourselves in an old classic: Titanic. The movie swept us away, evoking emotions that saw each of us sharing in heartfelt moments, shedding a tear or two as we were captivated by the film’s profound resonance.

Ice Skating Stars

Sunday the boys put their skates on and were all keen to learn or improve their skills on the ice. They all showed great enthusiasm to push for better technique and had a fab time while doing so!

Jump Around!

Our fantastic Boarding Activity Coordinator booked us in for a thrilling day at the trampoline park in Geneva. The boys were very happy and excited to jump and chase each other.

Pillar 3, Microaggressions “2nd phase completed”

As part of our ongoing well-being program, we discussed a sensitive topic during Phase 2: microaggressions. These are subtle words or actions that unintentionally discriminate against individuals from diverse ethnic backgrounds. After educating our students about the impact of microaggressions, we facilitated discussions where they shared real-life instances where they had encountered such behaviour.

To make these experiences tangible, we encouraged them to express their encounters through cartoon strips. This creative outlet allowed them to depict moments when they felt saddened, rejected, bullied, or subjected to racial inequality. By addressing these issues head-on, we empower our students to understand and articulate their emotions, fostering a more inclusive and empathetic community.

Mountain Weekend at Leysin

Embarking on Weekend 2 for all our boarders, we found ourselves in the middle of the breathtaking beauty of Leysin, a remarkable ski resort nestled in the mountains. Thank you to our Camp team who organised this amazing weekend gateway, we came back well-recharged.

Swiss Kahoot !

Today, students tested their knowledge of Switzerland, and each team put in a great effort to earn the most points. Team 1 and Team 2 both scored 25 points, while Team 3 emerged victorious with 35 points. It was a fun time with our fantastic prefects!

Snow Topped Mountains

What a fantastic weekend we enjoyed in the mountains, a fresh layer of snow made for perfect conditions on the pistes and the sun kept shining throughout the whole weekend. Some of our boys went skiing, we also had snowboarders and a few of them joined non-skier activities such as tobboganing and igloo building.

Nurturing Well-being: Pillar 3 Focuses on Cultivating Positive Friendships and Relationships

As part of our well-being program; Pillar 3 has begun! In our ongoing commitment to holistic well-being, this takes centre stage, dedicated to the cultivation of positive friendships and relationships. At Champs des Bois, our boarders recently engaged in a collaborative brainstorming session to explore the nuances of this crucial aspect of personal growth. Excitingly, we are set to embark on a series of weekly activities, each thoughtfully designed to underscore the significance of recognizing and fostering the characteristics that define positive friendships.

Each week will introduce a distinct and engaging activity aimed at reinforcing the importance of positive friendships. From team-building exercises to reflective discussions, these activities are crafted to impart practical insights and skills that enhance our collective ability to build and sustain positive relationships.

Week 1 & 2: Identifying characteristics of positive friendships and reflecting on the type of friend you are. How can I be a better friend?

Week 3:Delving into international friendships and addressing microaggressions.

Week 4:Examining toxic friendships and relationships.


Weekend On Campus!

The weekend kicked off with an exhilarating start on Friday evening as we delved into the world of jungle puzzles. The boys, brimming with enthusiasm, were determined to conquer as many puzzle pieces as possible. However, Mr. George couldn’t resist the challenge and ended up putting the finishing touches on it. Little did we know, that once you start working on a puzzle, it becomes an addictive adventure that’s hard to walk away from!

In the afternoon the kitchen became a hub of creativity as we embarked on a baking adventure, concocting a banana and chocolate cake that left our taste buds dancing with joy. The boys participated in a fantastic cookery workshop where they crafted cordon bleu paired with creamy mashed potatoes.

As the day progressed, Donny revelled in the exhilarating experience of scaling new heights and other boys revamped the old flower pots this activity added a therapeutic touch to the already dynamic weekend.

Let it Snow!!!

Look! it’s snowing outside! Let’s Go and Play!

Students loved playing snowball fights, slip and slide, running down the hill, snow angels and a fat snowman. Simply having fun before it melts away.

SNOW you are truly magical 🙂

2024 has arrived!

Exit 2023, enter 2024. We are delighted to welcome back our boys to Champs Des Bois. During the arrivals weekend, the boys have been helping us to spruce up our home. Aiding our French language learning along the way.

Wishing you all a fantastic year ahead!

Grade 4 Snowflakes Pantomime

Christmas festivities at school always bring an abundance of joy and entertainment. Today’s highlight was undoubtedly the splendid pantomime put on by Grade 4 students. The combination of enchanting songs and captivating acting truly made it a remarkable spectacle.

Donny delivers his lines flawlessly while commanding the centre stage. Ending the term with such a fantastic showcase filled everyone with immense pride.

Such moments truly make the holiday season unforgettable.

Winter Ball 2023

Seasons greetings!

On Saturday 9th December, Champs Des Bois dressed up to attend the annual Winter Ball. It was a beautiful occasion with all boarders in attendance. There was food, dancing, photos and important speeches. Well all enjoyed it and look forward to the next school celebration that brings all of our boarders together.

Boarding Award Ceremony

Today was a day of immense pride for CDB House as we celebrated the outstanding achievements of three remarkable students.

  • Mana’s triumph in clinching the Best Boarding Live Award speaks volumes about his exceptional attributes and dedication.
  • Chika’s win for the Best Boarding Activities Award. His enthusiasm and commitment to actively participate in all after-school activities and engage in various clubs during the weekend is truly commendable.
  • Jin, whose remarkable academic accomplishments have earned him the best Academic Achievement Award with 85%.

Well done boys 🙂

Gingerbread Competition

Another delightful evening spent crafting our annual gingerbread house competition, with the kids turned out to be quite an adventure this year. Despite a few mishaps with the foundation collapsing, we had an absolute blast exploring our creative sides.  A couple of biscuits and smarties might have mysteriously disappeared while we were hard at work constructing our masterpiece. The competition among the boarding houses was fierce, but it added an extra layer of excitement and joy to the experience. I will let you know the result soon!!

Happy 11th Birthday

A great birthday celebration, we were spoilt with cakes and homemade pizzas made by our grade 12 students as part of their CAS project. Our best wishes to Muyan, and may all your birthday wishes come true.

Time to deepen our Swiss Knowledge

Each month, Champs des Bois students and house parents deepen their knowledge about Switzerland. This month, the focus is on natural landmarks, famous monuments, and historical places.” Keep checking our blog to discover next month’s Swiss topic!

World Children’s Day 2023


A moment of immense pride for our Champs Des Bois Boarders unfolded when their painting was enlarged into a billboard proudly displayed at the entrance of CDL. The students found great joy in participating in this project on World Children’s Day. The concept revolved around a painting created by the students, symbolizing the essence of love and a warm embrace of inclusion for children worldwide. The underlying message of this artwork is to raise awareness and serve as a reminder that children’s rights must be honored, safeguarded, and fulfilled, regardless of their location in the world. Irrespective of diverse cultural backgrounds, every child deserves an equal opportunity to soar and carve their own unique path. This concept is represented by painting the children uniformly in grey, while using contrasting colors for the worlds and doors to depict the diverse possibilities and experiences children face globally, each with their own set of limitations and challenges.

“I would like to extend a huge thank you to Mr. Roger, the Senior House Parent from Leman, for selecting CDB for this project, and to  Ms Manuella, the digital content creator for the billboard.”

Celebrating connections Pillar 2

Embracing Unity in Diversity!

Students gathered to discuss and reflect on the similarities and differences that make each of us wonderfully distinct. To bring these insights to life, we employed a Venn diagram exercise, pairing roommates to explore the intricacies of their individuality. The beauty of this exercise lies in its simplicity. Students eagerly shared in conversations, discovering facets of their roommates’. The Venn diagrams, serving as visual representations of their discussions, became windows into the rich tapestry of our diverse community. Through exercises like these, we celebrate the uniqueness of each student and house parents.

Enjoying the Theatre Show

What a spectacular show we saw this Sunday! We went to La Rosey and they told a wonderful story about a siberian tiger, and an incredibly talented sand artist was creating art simultaneously with the play that was being performed.

Being inside on a rainy Sunday

On one of those rainy Sundays, we thought to enjoy various indoor activities and games, we had senior visitors who joined in and we made a start on a painting project. Whilst others boarders went to Cailler chocolate factory and Tennis lessons.

Happy 12th Birthday!

Happy 12th birthday Yingfan! 🎉🎂🎈

May this year be full of exciting adventures, new discoveries, and wonderful moments. Enjoy every moment of being 12 and make beautiful memories to cherish. Here’s to an amazing year ahead and a fantastic birthday celebration!

Boarders Vs Day Students

A truly enjoyable game took place between CDL day students and boarders, Thank you to our dedicated colleague Perrine who organised this wonderful entertainment for us all. Despite losing, we can only congratulate the boarders for their performance.

J’apprends le Français

C’est merveilleux de voir nos élèves du secondaire s’investir avec autant de dévouement dans l’enseignement du français et partager leur bonne humeur avec les jeunes internes. Ils ont consacré du temps à préparer des jeux interactifs pour captiver leur attention et passer un moment agréable. Un grand merci à eux pour leur précieuse contribution et leur engagement envers l’apprentissage et le partage de connaissances. C’est grâce à de tels efforts que notre communauté scolaire prospère. Bravo!

Amazing Mana!

Today, our grade 5 student Mana was the only boy from Champs Des Bois to run the 5km race organised by our school. Both students and staff took part in the race. And our very own Mana was a medal winner. We are all so proud of his bravery and determination. Well done Mana!


Happy Last Day Of September :-)

On a beautiful sunny day, the students enjoyed the afternoon in our garden exploring, playing and gardening, especially in a world filled with screens and gadgets, there’s something truly magical about watching students getting their hands dirty in the soil and discovering the wonders of nature up close.

Je parle Français

As a school, we couldn’t be prouder of the initiative taken by our Prefects and senior boarders. Their willingness to share their knowledge and make learning French fun is an opportunity for senior boarders to connect and mentor younger students.

Weekend At CDL

We have a wide variety of amazing Clubs and Activities to offer in Collège du Léman. It’s wonderful to see our young boarders so engaged in these wonderful opportunities!

Lake Leman

This afternoon we all went for a lovely stroll to the nearby stoney lakeside beach. We spent time chatting, skimming stones, enjoying the wildlife and admiring the spectacular views across the water.

Middle School & Primary Teachers at Champs Des Bois

Teachers paid a special visit to our boarding house. It was an afternoon filled with warmth, excitement, and a delightful afternoon tea.Our students took immense pride in guiding their teachers through the boarding house, offering insights into their room setups, and all the communal areas in the house. It was a chance for teachers to connect with students on a personal level, to understand their daily routines, challenges, and joys.

Thank you to our dedicated teachers for taking the time to engage with our boarding house students. Your presence today meant the world to them, and it’s moments like these that make our school community truly special.

Exploring Switzerland: A Journey of Learning and Discovery


Are you ready to embark on a thrilling journey of discovery and education? At Champs Des Bois, we’ve launched an exciting initiative to learn more about the beautiful country we call home – Switzerland. Our goal is to dive deep into Switzerland’s rich culture, stunning landscapes, and unique traditions. Each month, we’ll search for a different aspect of this incredible country and test our knowledge with engaging Kahoot quizzes.

Month 1: Switzerland Cantons

Month 2: Landmarks that Define Switzerland

Month 3: Savoring Swiss Delicacies

Month 4: Navigating the Lakes of Switzerland

Month 5: Scaling the Swiss Mountains

Month 6: Putting Knowledge to the Test with Kahoot Quizzes

What’s Next?

Join us on this educational adventure as we discover the hidden gems of Switzerland and foster a deeper appreciation for the place we call home. Stay tuned for more updates and insights into our monthly explorations.


Pillar 1 The better sleep Challenge!

Our focus this week centred around one of our essential pillars – the significance of adequate sleep and maintaining a healthy balance in the lives of our young boarders. 

The importance of this foundational pillar cannot be overstated, as it plays a pivotal role in our young boarders’ growth and overall well-being. Here is an overview of what we covered: (Understanding sleep, creating healthy sleep habits, unwinding before bed, reading, meditation, and yoga) We also watched an interesting video adapted to their age to understand why sleep is important.

The students voted to follow a weekly challenge to meditate 15 minutes before bed. This method can assist them in winding down and achieving a state of calm before bedtime. 

Mountain Bliss


A perfect weekend escape for CDL boarders at Fiesh Resort, the students shared unforgettable moments, breathtaking views, and lifelong memories in this mountain haven. Thank you to our fantastic Camp team who organises these fabulous outings.

Hello Weekend, I am So Happy To See You!!

Looking for an adrenaline rush and some serious outdoor fun? Look no further! This weekend, our boarders have two fantastic activities lined up that are guaranteed to get their spirits soaring – Acrobranche and Paddle Boarding! 🌊🌲 Others enjoyed joining a new woodwork workshop and watering our vegetable-raised beds 🙂 We decided to end this beautiful day by stopping at our local grocery store for some essentials.

Weekend Clubs at CDL

We are lucky to have such an amazing variety of activities and clubs over the weekend. Our children chose a nice mix between sporty and hands on activities, cooking, wood works, climbing and tennis.

Homework In Our New Home – CDB

We started off this evening with a little bit of studying. Nothing too serious, we wanted to see the children’s reading levels. Some of our young ones wanted to get an early start in learning French and Mr. Alex is here and ready to help with pronunciation.

Music Performance Grade 3

Bravo, young musicians!

I want to take a moment to applaud and celebrate the grade 3 exceptional musical performance. Your talent and dedication were truly remarkable, and you captivated the audience with your wonderful music and singing abilities.

Well Done Ms Picasso and her Team!

I Love Sunday

Donny was at the observatory learning about space, he came home enchanted with his day trip, and the rest of the boys enjoyed an afternoon by the pool. Today was our last Brunch together, we took time to enjoy this copious meal and discuss our summer plans!!



Donny ran and Bomb Dived in the pool, he swam, swam and swam until closing time.  LOVE IT

Thank you Coach Roquain, My last private tennis lesson of the year!!

Nicholas attending his classmate’s birthday, a nice day at Aquapark

Boys having fun in the garden, Big thank you to Ms Bea for this archery set!!

Bravery at its best!!!

I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.” ― Nelson Mandela 

Jin was anxious about this fun boat activity, so I accompanied him this morning when he saw the first student in action. He took his courage and overcame his fear! The quote above just resonated with this FABULOUS Achievement.



End Of Year Get Together!!

Today, we shared a wonderful moment with the students, teachers, Boarding staff and all the people who made this experience memorable for the young boarders. This afternoon’s drinks were a token of appreciation. The students were able to make little speeches, and they were presented with their end-of-year boarding portfolios. which they truly loved!!!  I knew this personalized present will give them their timeline since their arrival at Collège du Léman.  Thank you Everyone for being part of this wonderful Journey at CDB:-)

Judo Belt Ceremony

Remarkable graduation ceremony, every child was awarded a new belt, and we had a chance to try some katas, this sport teaches students to learn about the values of perseverance, respect, loyalty, and discipline. Well done Donny for this great achievement.

Grade 5 Dance Performance

All grade 5’s performed a fantastic performance this evening, their dance teacher proudly shared that they chose and agreed on the choreography themselves. Well done to Cinar and Nicholas for taking part.

FUN FUN and more FUN….

A fantastic afternoon organised by our boarding activity leader Ms Lucélia, Champs Des Bois students played all the games available to them whilst Donny spent 4 hours swimming none stop 🙂 we indulged in yummy ice creams, popcorn, candy floss and drinks. Later, in the evening dinner was at a great food truck with Mexican wraps. Great way to finish this year on a happy note and fun day! Thank you Lucélia

Smile it’s Saturday!!

This morning started with an amazing cookery workshop, the students baked a delicious Charlotte cake, and the end result was superb. Whilst Donny enjoyed scootering around campus and exploring the banana leaves 🙂 For lunch Jinwoo a senior student invited Jin for a belated birthday treat, it was postponed until he finished his exams, Jinwoo has been volunteering at CDB since the start of the year, he has been a role model for the younger boarders and his help every Wednesday was very much appreciated and valued. Later in the afternoon, the students enjoyed an old classic film, Mrs Doubtfire.


After school Club Photography

Ms Dia the Photography teacher shared these pictures with me today, the topic was friendship. The students captured some fantastic shots of each other, and at the same time, they were having a fun time. The first picture speaks for itself !!!

A fantastic ride by the lake Leman !!!

Jin impressed us by cycling 27 km, he kept a good pace despite a small tumble on the pavement, we stopped at Coppet for refreshments then we checked a wonderful annual town sale where people sell unwanted items from their attic. I found Jin’s perfect present an old tennis racket dating from 1940’s. He was thrilled and happy with this special gift. Then we continued our venture to another nearby town Nyon, for a well-deserved ice cream. The cycle back was slightly harder for me but we’ve done it. A great day 🙂

Foodie trip

On Saturday, June 3rd 2023, Cinar, Nicholas and I went for a trip to Geneva.

The boys had a great time: we went to MANOR, bought Japanese snacks and went to McDonald’s. Cinar had bought the Oreos McFlurry with caramel coulis for the first time and he actually loved it !!

A fabulous morning at the stables

Today I was delighted to take my two girls to the stables, their commitment to attending weekly shows excellent effort. They are so comfortable being around horses. We left for a nice local woodland walk, the weather was beautiful. What a FANTASTIC start to a day 🙂


Random pictures of CDB students daily life

Donny worked on his school project with a senior boarder, she was very patient and supportive.
We decided to make miniature animals out of soft clay, and the results are not bad on the first try. Donny decided to make his own object the results is quite astonishing.
Thank you, Mr Manu, for a surprise visit with a nice cold treat during this hot weather.

Melissa invited her friend Julie for a play at CDB, the girls are just adorable xoxo

Melissa’s mum paid us a visit this afternoon and brought some delicious cakes for all the boys who celebrated their birthdays *Cinar, Jin and Luca.* A thoughtful treat thank you
 Prior to taking his shower, Donny acted out being a chicken, he was so funny 🙂 these are priceless moments with younger boarders!


An extra day off for the students, who clearly enjoyed a day trip to Luna Park Funfair in Lausanne. Whilst other boarders stayed and equally enjoyed activities in CDB, we went for a long walk that stopped by the lake. As soon as the boys got back they wanted to play football, and then they returned home to sample Jin’s cake. The verdict was very positive no leftovers 🙂

Coaching with CDB

One of our older boarding students, Chady from Leman Boarding House (Grade 9), was kind enough to step in as Coach for our young football enthusiasts. It was great to see them all running drills, listening to his advice and most of all having fun!


Sunday Walks in the Woods

After a delicious Sunday brunch we went for a lovely stroll through the trees. We followed the stream and then detoured to the Sports Centre, where we did some laps, worked out a bit and played some more football.


Sunday Good Vibes :-)

James a day student, and a friend of our boarders invited them to the best Ice cream in Nyon and a stroll by the lake.

Thank you Coach Roquain for taking the time with my Tennis Challenge, 85 strokes in a row! Not bad

Another day of repotting after seed germination, an ongoing process!!!

Thank you so much Ms Bea for this lovely gift, he is sleeping in my room tonight 🙂

Hello Saturday at CDL

A quiet but fulfilling day overall!! a milder weather today we sat and finished our stone painting activity, please stay tuned for the end result:-) As always there is always something for the students to enjoy, from baking brownies, climbing, tennis, Olympus court, afternoon movie and some gardening. Fun Fun Fun…

Ascension long Weekend…

Fantastic day out in Geneva sightseeing, shopping and enjoying a delicious artisanal ice cream by the lake. The boys invited their best friend James for a sleepover. Overall we had an enchanting day together 🙂