After school Club Photography

Ms Dia the Photography teacher shared these pictures with me today, the topic was friendship. The students captured some fantastic shots of each other, and at the same time, they were having a fun time. The first picture speaks for itself !!!

A fantastic ride by the lake Leman !!!

Jin impressed us by cycling 27 km, he kept a good pace despite a small tumble on the pavement, we stopped at Coppet for refreshments then we checked a wonderful annual town sale where people sell unwanted items from their attic. I found Jin’s perfect present an old tennis racket dating from 1940’s. He was thrilled and happy with this special gift. Then we continued our venture to another nearby town Nyon, for a well-deserved ice cream. The cycle back was slightly harder for me but we’ve done it. A great day 🙂

Foodie trip

On Saturday, June 3rd 2023, Cinar, Nicholas and I went for a trip to Geneva.

The boys had a great time: we went to MANOR, bought Japanese snacks and went to McDonald’s. Cinar had bought the Oreos McFlurry with caramel coulis for the first time and he actually loved it !!

A fabulous morning at the stables

Today I was delighted to take my two girls to the stables, their commitment to attending weekly shows excellent effort. They are so comfortable being around horses. We left for a nice local woodland walk, the weather was beautiful. What a FANTASTIC start to a day 🙂


Random pictures of CDB students daily life

Donny worked on his school project with a senior boarder, she was very patient and supportive.
We decided to make miniature animals out of soft clay, and the results are not bad on the first try. Donny decided to make his own object the results is quite astonishing.
Thank you, Mr Manu, for a surprise visit with a nice cold treat during this hot weather.

Melissa invited her friend Julie for a play at CDB, the girls are just adorable xoxo

Melissa’s mum paid us a visit this afternoon and brought some delicious cakes for all the boys who celebrated their birthdays *Cinar, Jin and Luca.* A thoughtful treat thank you
 Prior to taking his shower, Donny acted out being a chicken, he was so funny 🙂 these are priceless moments with younger boarders!


An extra day off for the students, who clearly enjoyed a day trip to Luna Park Funfair in Lausanne. Whilst other boarders stayed and equally enjoyed activities in CDB, we went for a long walk that stopped by the lake. As soon as the boys got back they wanted to play football, and then they returned home to sample Jin’s cake. The verdict was very positive no leftovers 🙂

Coaching with CDB

One of our older boarding students, Chady from Leman Boarding House (Grade 9), was kind enough to step in as Coach for our young football enthusiasts. It was great to see them all running drills, listening to his advice and most of all having fun!


Sunday Walks in the Woods

After a delicious Sunday brunch we went for a lovely stroll through the trees. We followed the stream and then detoured to the Sports Centre, where we did some laps, worked out a bit and played some more football.


Sunday Good Vibes :-)

James a day student, and a friend of our boarders invited them to the best Ice cream in Nyon and a stroll by the lake.

Thank you Coach Roquain for taking the time with my Tennis Challenge, 85 strokes in a row! Not bad

Another day of repotting after seed germination, an ongoing process!!!

Thank you so much Ms Bea for this lovely gift, he is sleeping in my room tonight 🙂

Hello Saturday at CDL

A quiet but fulfilling day overall!! a milder weather today we sat and finished our stone painting activity, please stay tuned for the end result:-) As always there is always something for the students to enjoy, from baking brownies, climbing, tennis, Olympus court, afternoon movie and some gardening. Fun Fun Fun…

Ascension long Weekend…

Fantastic day out in Geneva sightseeing, shopping and enjoying a delicious artisanal ice cream by the lake. The boys invited their best friend James for a sleepover. Overall we had an enchanting day together 🙂

Happy Birthday Jin :-)

Today we are celebrating Jin’s 11th Birthday, he was delighted to have a slice of his cake prior to the big party on Thursday. We wish him an amazing day with his friends and may all his dreams come true.

CDL International Day

At CDL we manifest the acronym ”RISE”, ”I” stands for Internationalism. CDL International Day was a magnificent event planned by the PFA to raise money for charities. CDL families from as many as 25 nationalities set up food stalls with their home country’s cuisine for all to try. It was amazing to see an incredible mix of all cultures and everyone enjoying themselves.

Pokemon is the way to go – Geneva trip

The kids really liked the trip today. The weather was beautiful and very sunny. Cinar bought a white Nike t-shirt, some Japanese snacks and a white water bottle, to go with his t-shirt. Donny bought some Pokemon cards, a skateboard in miniature, a miniature basketball ball and other little things. Finally, Nicholas bought some shoes and some Japanese snacks.

Art Shop

Jin started getting artsy this weekend using some spray paints and experimenting with new techniques of art that he hadn’t tried until now.

Welcome Back to CDB

We are excited to welcome back our young boarders from their Easter Break.  We are embarking on the last leg of the school year, and we will try our best to provide them with a rich experience, filled with exciting summer activities and lots of fun!!!

Happy 9th Birthday Luca

Luca’s 9th birthday falls during the Easter break, and tonight we wanted to celebrate with him. We shared a delicious double chocolate cake, sang happy birthday in 5 different languages and wished him all the best for the year ahead.

Hanging Around at the Climbing Club and Much More

Climbing is a top choice for the boys on the weekend, they like to attend this club together and have really helped each other improve by pushing themselves to do harder climbs.

Also, we love going to Olympus sports gym to play whatever sport that we feel like. Today we tried a bit of table-tennis, basketball, football and even some improvised dances by Donny.

Fun on the Farm

Melissa and Hannah love spending time at the stables with their favourite horses and ponies. It was a bit rainy this weekend but still nice under the shelter that the stables provided.

Microscopic Finds, Macroscopic Fun

Today we spent our afternoon in Villa Franconis and helped Mr. Tarun set up a microscope. We then used tweezers and other tools to collect things from the garden and around the house to put under the lenses and investigate. We tried pollen from the flowers, onion peel and even a hair from Mr. Tarun’s head!

Pillar 4 Online Safety

At CDB we covered the topic of Online Safety for over 2 weeks, To conclude this pillar students completed an online game and a quiz. Then we discussed their safety during their online activities. This led nicely to explaining the rules at Champs Des Bois on devices and why they are in place.

  • 30 minutes of device time weekly and 1 hour during the weekend
  • Using their devices downstairs and not in their rooms
  • Call to their parents are permitted anytime and can be done privately in their room.
  • Ipads and phones are kept safely in the office

Thank You Mr Gordon

The second part of St Patrick’s Mishap,

This has been by far the best St Partick’s quest the students have encountered, it kept us all very much entertained these past 3 days.

  1. The students had to find 7 puzzles hidden in the dining hall
  2. Put them together and solve the challenge
  3. They had to take 7 selfies with items described in the challenge and then forward these pictures to the highest building on campus.
  4.   This led to today’s  challenge as the students earned the trust of Seamus they had to help find over 200 coins scattered in the garden
  5. If the students found at least half they will receive a huge reward
  6. The reward was BIG 🙂

A massive Thank you Mr Gordon from Champs Des Bois Students, we truly enjoyed this mystery mission and solving the clues was fun! The reward was super generous and we shall enjoy every bit of it immensely.


Sunday Brunch!

If one place can do Brunch, CDL can! Every Sunday our Boarders and House Parents look forward to this wonderful selection of food. Our chefs and kitchen staff are incredible Thank you 🙂

St. Patrick’s Day Mishap!

A massive thank you to Senior House Parent Mr Gordon for engaging CDB students in this quest, they truly enjoyed receiving a hand-delivered letter this morning to begin this St. Patrick’s Day Mishap, their curiosity and eagerness to solve the mystery were enchanting. We agreed to continue this quest and wore something green for dinner. We collected a box left in our pigeonhole, and the boys were keen to open it as soon as we got home, challenge 2 was complete we drew our Leprechauns on the mini canvas provided. STAY TUNNED, the quest continues…

Talent show this evening

The boys meant to perform on stage this evening but unfortunately, stage fright changed our plan. Nevertheless, we came up with a plan B, You can watch the video below which captures that moment. The fastest challenge to solve a Rubik’s cube goes to *Jin 41 seconds*, *Nicholas 54 seconds* and *Luca 1 minute 30*You can watch the video below that captures that moment.


Sunday Park Madness

A short drive from Collège du Léman and we are in such an awesome park. We had a great time playing tag, swinging on the swings, climbing on the jungle gym and whizzing around on the zip-line!

Skater Boys!

The boys remembered the skateboards that were tucked away in the house and wanted to try skateboarding this weekend. With a few helpful tips they manged to get on the boards and ride. So cool guys!

Building Boats Together

Jin and Donny made some mini boats together and went to the stream to test them. They managed to float and they had a little race against each other. It was a lovely walk down to the lake were the boys stopped to take in the scenery.

The boat trip tied in nicely with Jin’s IPC homework as a nice experiment of the topic that they are studying in his class.

Well done boy!

Dixie visits CDB :-)

This four-legged dog has made many happy people today in  Champs Des Bois, her friendliness and playfulness were a breath of fresh air. The boarders really enjoyed having a dog home the wellness Dixie brought was priceless.

Crumpets For Tea

CDB students learned how to make these lovely crumpets, they didn’t know the difference between a crumpet and a pancake? Crumpet batter is similar to a pancake batter but with a raising agent which makes it bubble and become thicker, light and fluffier than a pancake.

Wellbeing Pillar 4: Online Safety – Online Life vs Real Life

Children must know that the internet, and social media in particular, can make it very easy to share our information with people we don’t know. For example, on a social media profile, they may disclose their full name, the area in which they live, and where they go to school. Would you drop your information for others to find? The internet leaves trails too… Don’t let STRANGERS find your details. these are the type of reflective questions we will discuss in the house.                                                                                                                                            Teaching children the importance of social media safety is essential, here in Champs Des Bois students will start brainstorming this important Pillar about online safety throughout the next 2 weeks.



Saturday Activities

Another great start to the weekend. Luca and Nicholas did a fantastic job representing Champs des Bois in our inter-house ski competition, Hannah was reunited with her favorite pony Candy and Cinar, Donny and Jin improved their climbing skills. What a fun day!

Saturday Mode

Lazy snooze this morning for some boarders after an intense week at Crans Montana, the weather was splendid today we decide to start planting our seeds in line with the spring early planting guide. Jin had a marvellous time on the trampoline, Whilst the others were busy building a new lego kit! Later in the afternoon we went for a stroll in the area and pick up some sushi treats. After dinner, we decided to have a little game in Olympus. Overall it was a chill day doing what we enjoy most 🙂

Thank You Boarding Management

CDB students arrived this afternoon to find this wonderful addition to our garden, and they were thrilled with this superb trampoline. A massive thank you to our head of boarding for purchasing this trampoline for the kids. They love it

Sunday what a fantastic dumplings day!

This afternoon, Melissa’s mother came to teach us how to make the perfect dumplings, she catered for all including the vegetarians, and it was truly an amazing experience with all the students. Sharing a culinary experience on Sunday with several visitors who filled the house with such a warm homey feeling. We agreed to repeat this again with another dish from around the world.

Sunny Saturday!

Despite a cold start here in Versoix, the weather changed and we had a lovely sunshine today 🙂 We enjoyed a long cycle in the area, then we picked up Donny from woodcraft. After lunch, we left for Geneva for some more treats!!! In the meantime Ms Erika took the girls horse riding. Overall it was pretty good day!!!


IMG_9875 IMG_9881

Friday Night @ Olympus

As always, Friday evening our young boarders can stay later than usual, the weekend mode is on, and the boys love playing in Olympus so much. We captured that moment, some fierce games were on last night!!!

Quiz Tonight!!

Number 1  🙂

Nicholas made us proud this evening by representing CDB during our boarding quiz night, he was fast and knowledgeable !! He prepared well and reviewed random questions about Switzerland. It paid off!!

“Partage” the Love !

At Collège Du Léman, charity and service for others is something that we like to embed with our Boarders. With this type of contribution, we allow all students to understand why these actions are taken! Collectively we can support people in need and locked in poverty. Hopefully one day together we can abolish hunger in the world and around us.

Weekend fun in the sun

This weekend the children wanted to relax and play in the big garden we have here in Champs des Bois. They also had fun participating in their weekly activities and clubs such as climbing, woodcraft and ice skating!


Ski weekend at Fiesch

A fantastic 2nd weekend at Fiesch, the students were able to enjoy various snow activities from snowboarding to skiing, ice-skating or trips for non-skiers. I took a group to a near town from Fiesch called Brig where we had a great time sightseeing this lovely place and we enjoyed  a shared lunch at McDonald’s, students’ favourite place to eat 🙂 overall it was a fabulous weekend that ended too fast.

Pillar 3 Friendships

Tonight we discussed this wellbeing Pillar with our boarders, and we decided to conduct several games throughout the week to emphasise the importance of positive friendships. We also would like to foster these friendships qualities amongst our students in the boarding house and school. To complete this pillar we asked each boarder to make a friendship bracelet to give to their best friend as a token of appreciation.


“Friends share, play together, laugh with each other, a good friend cheer you up, be there for you, listen to you, makes you feel good, friends you can trust and share memorable moments”.

Mountain Weekend 1

Low temperatures but high spirits up in the Swiss Alps. What a remarkable weekend we’ve had together.

Champs des Bois and the rest of the Boarding Houses traveled to a lovely ski resort high in the mountains. We all wrapped up warm and spent our time snowboarding or skiing, relaxing in the thermal baths, playing Bingo or board-games or even hiking to the summit at 3984m – with a little helping hand from a gondola and a chairlift.

Lunar New Year

Our New Boarder performed in his primary assembly to share with his peers how the Lunar New Year is celebrated,  alongside him other students who also contributed to this wonderful event.

Weekend part 2

The second part of our weekend was filled with Chess club, Escape rooms, Nature Walk, Climbing, the best Brunch ever and a birthday party all happening here in CDL. Our younger boarders picking up some new skills and having lots of fun.

Assembly Tonight

This evening during our 1st welcome-back Assembly, these 2 students made us proud House Parents. They stood in front of an audience and read beautifully a lovely poem that we wrote about diversity. I am delighted that our senior House Parent Mr Antonio gave our younger boarder an opportunity to showcase their work.





 If I could change the world to a rainbow

What if everyone was forced to see

The world exactly like me

A world where all think as one

So, we do not judge anyone!


What if one person chose to know

In unity we stand is the way to go

What if one person desire to grow

And invites humanity to this show


What if one person’s heart sought love

To purify and unite us all

What if that person rose above

Throw away hatred, spread only love


If someday I sit on top of this world

Bring on changes with a single word


A rainbow of diversity

A rainbow of beauty

A rainbow of bright happy colours

A rainbow of happiness

A rainbow of forgiveness

A rainbow sent from above with a blazing brilliant sight

A life multicoloured is a life unified


Staying In On Rainy Days

A good old classic game of Monopoly is just the perfect way to spend the afternoon when it’s too wet to go outside and play! Plus this super cool Dragon Ball Z version is great, thanks for sharing and letting us play Nicholas!

Farewell Yifan!!!

This afternoon we had a lovely farewell party for our boarder Yifan, who is sadly returning home earlier. We couldn’t let her go without a proper celebration. The afternoon started with a scavenger hunt they made 2 teams, of course, boys vs girls. Followed by a sweet and chocolate search around the house 🙂 the students had a marvellous time! We had dinner at home and Hannah’s mother surprised us with a delicious cake. We had many visitors from other houses too. Yifan’s was thrilled and sad at the same time. So we took this opportunity to present her with an end-of-semester portfolio filled with many memorable moments made at CDL.  GOODBYE, YOU WILL BE MISSED!!!


Fête de l’Escalade

On Sunday, the boys took part in the traditional breaking of the chocolate Marmite. This
Geneva tradition celebrates the Mère Royaume pouring her cauldron of hot soup over the
enemies during the Savoyard invasion in 1602, keeping them from advancing any further.

Gingerbread House Competition

At CDB the students each decorated their piece of the gingerbread house to enter another fierce competition, some boarding houses delivered some fantastic designs. Stay tuned for the announcement !! which boarding house will win?? let’s hope we made the first 3 🙂

Award Ceremony

The boarding life Award has been given to Nicholas for his outstanding contribution in day to day life in CDB and the Activities Award has been given to Hannah for her sheer commitment and hard work in attending a wide range of activities.

Sunday at Champs Des Bois

At Champs des Bois we discussed how insects and birds needed shelter during these winter months so we decided to start a little project to make a bug hotel. The boys learned some great DIY skills and it helped their creativity by using various resources and upcycling them 🙂

Saturday at Champs Des Bois

Jam-packed schedule this Saturday * Climbing, horse riding, Thai massage, movie and Take away, Melissa’s parents attended horse riding lessons and invited our boarders for lunch, only one student could attend a fabulous Japanese lunch and treats for all (bubble tea for House parents and students) later in the afternoon a private tennis lesson followed by a Thai massage. In the evening an older boarder from Olympus invited the boys to pick up some sushi and we happily watched a movie.

Little Masterchefs

Today all the Boarding Houses competed in a Bake Off Competition. Our boys decided to make a sponge cake and decorate it with strawberries, cream and lots of sprinkles! We hope the judges liked it!

Thanksgiving Dinner

This past Thursday we were lucky enough to be treated to a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner. The Chefs prepared a delicious meal and students and staff had decorated the dining hall very nicely. We all shared what we were thankful for and had a lovely celebration together.

Saturday Horse Riding

Today both students had an incredible day at their horse riding lesson, the weather was just fabulous the teacher decided to take them on a ride locally, it was just perfect. We then cleaned the ponies and she taught them how to care and use all the equipment accordingly to their use . We took time to stroke other horses and truly embraced the experience immensely and that includes me.

Painting with Light!!

At Champs Des Bois, we had a private session with our professional photographer Dia who came to our boarding house and taught our students how to create fantastic picture effects using various strategies. The pictures below were made by using different lights and movements then the camera captures these movements and sequences of lights, together the outcome is just incredible. We had lots of fun, messing about and creating these outstanding art pieces 🙂

Pillar 2 Protecting against bullying and respecting diversity

Our students covered a very important topic part of our wellbeing program, we took the time to watch a short video on respecting diversity and being mindful of bullying others, we then brainstorm what the words meant in real life. They all discussed how important to support and respect others despite their background and ethnicity and we came up with written quotes for our display board. We truly enjoyed this group activity  helping our young boarders to understand the importance of words and acts.

Yifan’s 10th Birthday!

On Sunday, Yifan celebrated her 10th birthday. We were very excited to be able to share this special day with her. We enjoyed playing laser tag with the other Junior Houses, classic party games like ”the floor is lava” and ”hide n seek”. Then we all gathered together to sing her Happy Birthday in the afternoon.


Weekend at Champs Des Bois

A great weekend filled with many wonderful activities, the kids made a start  deweeding an area of the garden, we are planning to create a sensory garden *project ongoing…* continue following our blog to watch the progress.  Cooking and baking club made some delicious brownies and biscuits. Each week students who takes on the same activity such as horse riding  shows a great deal of improvement in their skills.  Saturday the weather was pleasant we went to Geneva for some shopping and sightseeing and finally Sunday we indulged in our Sunday brunch then I performed my sound bath therapy with a special assistant 🙂

Pumpkin Competition

All boarding houses entered a fierce competition to win points for their houses. The students in CDB took this seriously, they first emptied the pumpkin carefully taking turns, then decided on which template to choose for their design, finally carved and decorated it creatively.  These innovative activities bring so much to our younger boarders, creativity, team work, fine motor skills and fun.

Farewell Dinner at home

We had an exceptional dinner at home last night, the kids helped to mark a special moment In CDB with our House Parent Alex! *First shopping trip to Coop  * Menu agreement Chinese meal  * Menu prep and table set up * scrumptious supper * games to complete the night. It was a great evening overall 🙂

Fun at the park

We made the most of the sunshine today by taking a trip to the local park. The boys were very excited and had lots of fun, particularly on the swings and the big climbing frame!

Brunch @ CDL!

Without a fail another wonderful brunch at CDL, we all looked forward to Sunday to enjoy a great selection of food, pastries, smoothies, breads, fruits, donuts and much more… served by our skilled chefs and kitchen staff. Thank you 🙂

Teachers and primary leadership visit at CDB

We were excited and looking forward to hosting an open door at our boarding house, primary teachers and leadership paid us a visit this afternoon, the students were so happy to show off their rooms,personal things and the entire house. We sat and socialized over a selection of cold, hot drinks and treats. This gave us an opportunity to share a moment to familiarize with each other. We played a quiz game to break the ice and bring a homey atmosphere throughout this visit. It was so enjoyable that we have agreed to plan a second get together but this time we will ask our students to invite a friend each from their classroom too.

Swiss Vapeur Parc

Here is a wonderful photo of Nicholas and Liam. Liam was a Primary Boarder with Champs des Bois last school year, it was nice to see him looking after Nicholas and being a role model to our young ones.

At Swiss Vapeur Parc the children and House Parents were lucky enough to see the sun and ride many small trains around the park visiting lots of miniature Swiss towns and villages.

Hannah and Horses

Hannah has again joined a Horse-riding lesson this past Saturday. Covered from the rain, Hannah and Candy (the horse) worked on improving her ‘trot’ and Hannah is building up the courage and skill to start to ‘gallop’.

After school clubs and activities

We have amazing packed days to enjoy various things throughout the week, house visitors, clubs, special dinners, cooking, photography, Lego and lastly just socializing over a good puzzle. At Champs des bois, no day is the same 🙂



Friday after school

Just after school, we take  time to unwind and enjoy the outdoors, We walked back from the woodland path which our students love, then we had various board games before supper. After dinner the boys played basketball with older boarders. This led us smoothly to our Friday night movie and popcorn. The kids also wrote some ideas and posted them in our office letter box with suggestions. keep following us and I will share the outcome of the box very soon.

Pillar 1 & Pillar 2

At Champs des bois,we discussed the importance of nutrition for a healthy body. Students had to work in teams to assemble foods groups. We then discussed what makes a balanced diet, and created the perfect balanced plate. This activity is part of our well-being pillar 1 to support and bring awareness to our students to stay active and make good choices during their meals.

1st Dinner @ Home


We enjoyed a lovely dinner at home, we were spoiled with a delicious marinated chicken, roast potatoes and vegetables. The students embraced the homey feeling this dinner has brought us.

La Tzoumaz mountain weekend!

A wonderful weekend at Les Elfes international resort in La Tzoumaz, the students enjoyed a wide range of activities! from Shelter building, rope climbing, biking, trekking, Olympics games, evening entertainment, prizes and much more. It was a full packed weekend where students also had an opportunity to socialise and get to know each other better; Building on strong friendships. A massive Thank you to our colleagues at Camps who put together this fantastic outing for CDL students.

Olympic Museum!

Today was the Jeûne Genevois, a traditional festivity that takes place every year in canton of Geneva. This meant our young boarders could enjoy some time off from school.

We made the most of this and traveled to Laussane to visit the Olympic Museum. Lots of history, knowledge and memorabilia interested the children and there was also some fun games to take part in and feel like Olympians.

House Captain and House Rep @ Champs Des Bois

At the beginning of each year we encourage students to come forward if they would like to take part in the role of House Captain and House Representative. I am delighted to announce these two students Nicholas and Jin who were voted  anonymously by their fellow housemates yesterday. We discussed the role and responsibilities, we would like them to encourage students to participate in house activities and competitions. Being supportive, helpful and sustaining the spirit of the house.


Weekend Activities

This weekend our little ones took part in various activities that were on offer. On Saturday we all went to a climbing gym and Sunday started off with an adventurous walk through the nearby forest and ended with a House sports competition. What a fun weekend we’ve all had!

After School Fun !

The Champs des Bois children have enjoyed a wonderful first week of school. During their free time after completing their homework, the children had lots of fun playing in the garden and racing their way to dinner.

Champs Des Bois All together!!!


All together on our way to school! A wonderful experience awaits our younger boarder at CDL. We are so proud of them they have tried their best to settle in, in their new environment and embrace the new journey ahead of them. Watch this blog closely and watch them flourish!!