Coaching with CDB

One of our older boarding students, Chady from Leman Boarding House (Grade 9), was kind enough to step in as Coach for our young football enthusiasts. It was great to see them all running drills, listening to his advice and most of all having fun!


Sunday Walks in the Woods

After a delicious Sunday brunch we went for a lovely stroll through the trees. We followed the stream and then detoured to the Sports Centre, where we did some laps, worked out a bit and played some more football.


CDL International Day

At CDL we manifest the acronym ”RISE”, ”I” stands for Internationalism. CDL International Day was a magnificent event planned by the PFA to raise money for charities. CDL families from as many as 25 nationalities set up food stalls with their home country’s cuisine for all to try. It was amazing to see an incredible mix of all cultures and everyone enjoying themselves.

Art Shop

Jin started getting artsy this weekend using some spray paints and experimenting with new techniques of art that he hadn’t tried until now.