Splashing Around at Aquapark

Champs des Bois embarked on a Boarding Day Trip to the Aquapark. While there we enjoyed a relaxing ride down the Lazy River, sped down some looping slides and splashed around with our friends. A great time and all the students had massive amounts of fun.

Outing in Geneva

While some boys chose to relax in the Boarding House Kimi and Chika rathered a trip into Geneva. They made some nice memories, Chika bought a gift for his brother and Kimi did his casual shopping.

Little Bakers

Amazing young chefs have done it again. This time making use of local fruit. We were lucky enough to recieve 5 apple pies! Each one was baked by Jin, Mana, Chika, Kimi and Donny. Good thing their hungry boys!

The Jump Spot

Sunday was a fantastically bouncy day. We went to the local trampoline park and spent all afternoon jumping, racing, flipping and flopping. We were all very tired from all the fun we had when we got back to the school campus.

Gaming in VDL

On Saturday we visited another of our neighbouring Boarding Houses, Villa du Lac. They were kind enough to let us play on their PS5 and we all played a racing game.