Fun at the park

We made the most of the sunshine today by taking a trip to the local park. The boys were very excited and had lots of fun, particularly on the swings and the big climbing frame!

Swiss Vapeur Parc

Here is a wonderful photo of Nicholas and Liam. Liam was a Primary Boarder with Champs des Bois last school year, it was nice to see him looking after Nicholas and being a role model to our young ones.

At Swiss Vapeur Parc the children and House Parents were lucky enough to see the sun and ride many small trains around the park visiting lots of miniature Swiss towns and villages.

Hannah and Horses

Hannah has again joined a Horse-riding lesson this past Saturday. Covered from the rain, Hannah and Candy (the horse) worked on improving her ‘trot’ and Hannah is building up the courage and skill to start to ‘gallop’.

Olympic Museum!

Today was the Jeûne Genevois, a traditional festivity that takes place every year in canton of Geneva. This meant our young boarders could enjoy some time off from school.

We made the most of this and traveled to Laussane to visit the Olympic Museum. Lots of history, knowledge and memorabilia interested the children and there was also some fun games to take part in and feel like Olympians.

Grade 5 Graduation!

Well done Louis, Firdavs, Liam, Matvei and Amir!


You have graduated from Primary school, you are growing up very fast and are moving up to Middle-school. We hope you are very proud of yourselves for such an outstanding year, we know we are extremely proud of you! Even though some of you are moving up to the Middle-school Boarding House we hope that you will remember with a smile the time spent with us in Champs des Bois. We hope to have given you the foundation to become kind, hard-working children and hope that you will use the tools we have given you to continue to thrive in the next chapter of your lives.

We hope you will still come to visit us because we will miss you so much. Thank you so much for all the great memories!

Sunny Weekend At CDB

Here we have a few photos of the various fun activities the children have been doing this weekend.

We have had Amir joining again another wonderful Creative Writing Club with Mr. Jakob, a few ideas about a story involving a fisherman and his best friend…we can’t wait to read the whole thing soon.

A couple of our young boarders went with the Biking Club this weekend. They went through the forests that surround our lovely village and did well to keep up with the older boarding students. Well done!

Also, this is one is not to be forgotten, an amazing day with the best weather, the children were lucky enough to visit the pretty lakeside town of Montreux. There they went to do some sightseeing and had a tour around the famous Château de Chillon to learn about it’s history and secrets.