Festichoc Versoix

The largest festival in Switzerland dedicated to chocolate, a family-friendly event with free entry which brings together more than 30 Swiss artisan chocolatiers. Tastings, sales, exhibition of chocolate sculptures, activities and food stands allowed us to have a delicious… & chocolatey time!

Weekend Clubs

Well done to the boys in CDB for always being enthusiastic about joining clubs. Just this weekend we’ve had boys take part in Cooking Club, Tennis Club, Art Club and Climbing Club. It’s nice to see them so active and making the most of their weekend.

Fast and Futuristic Cars

Kimi and Donny had a fantastic time at the amazing Geneva Motor Show. There they saw old cars and all types of new innovations from car makers. They had lots of inteligent questions about how cars will progress in the future. All the boys showed good behaviour towards the House Parents who went with them.

Welcome, Come On In!

It was a nice to have some of the boys’ friends from Old Portena Boarding House over on Sunday afternoon. They played outside on the swings, kicked about the football, bounced on the trampoline, played a game of ”Jenga!” while singing songs together and also played Hide ‘n’ Seek. We were all very grateful that our guests had baked a nice chocolate cake for us too. Thank you, it was very tasty!


Football Fans

A perfect way to spend the afternoon, a little kick about with the boys. Final score 4-4 and well done to all boys for playing so nicely together and working hard.

Ice Skating Stars

Sunday the boys put their skates on and were all keen to learn or improve their skills on the ice. They all showed great enthusiasm to push for better technique and had a fab time while doing so!

Jump Around!

Our fantastic Boarding Activity Coordinator booked us in for a thrilling day at the trampoline park in Geneva. The boys were very happy and excited to jump and chase each other.