Weekend Activities

This weekend our little ones took part in various activities that were on offer. On Saturday we all went to a climbing gym and Sunday started off with an adventurous walk through the nearby forest and ended with a House sports competition. What a fun weekend we’ve all had!

After School Fun !

The Champs des Bois children have enjoyed a wonderful first week of school. During their free time after completing their homework, the children had lots of fun playing in the garden and racing their way to dinner.

Welcome Back !

We are very excited to welcome all the superstars back to Champs des Bois! We have some returning boarders as well as some new students to get to know. The house is all ready and we can’t wait to meet everybody!

After dinner fun

On this lovely warm evening we made the most of the big Concha garden that we have at our disposal. The children had enjoyed swinging and hanging from the climbing frames all together.

Europa Park Trip!

This weekend some of our boys participated in the Europa Park trip to Germany. They had lots of fun and were very proud of themselves for going on the scary high-speed rides! Firdavs was lucky enough to celebrate his birthday there on Saturday as well. The children spoiled him with lots of sweet treats!


Trip to Chamonix

On Sunday, the boys got to enjoy a fun outing to Chamonix. We took the scenic train all the way up the mountain and then ventured back down into the ice caves. The children found it very interesting to learn about the impact of climate change has had on the glacier.

Saturday Activities

The children had lots of fun participating in their activities today. The super climbers reached new heights, the arts and crafters learned how to crochet and Matvei showed off his skills in volleyball. We are proud of all of them for wanting to continue learning and improving !