Ski weekend at Fiesch

A fantastic 2nd weekend at Fiesch, the students were able to enjoy various snow activities from snowboarding to skiing, ice-skating or trips for non-skiers. I took a group to a near town from Fiesch called Brig where we had a great time sightseeing this lovely place and we enjoyed  a shared lunch at McDonald’s, students’ favourite place to eat 🙂 overall it was a fabulous weekend that ended too fast.

Pillar 3 Friendships

Tonight we discussed this wellbeing Pillar with our boarders, and we decided to conduct several games throughout the week to emphasise the importance of positive friendships. We also would like to foster these friendships qualities amongst our students in the boarding house and school. To complete this pillar we asked each boarder to make a friendship bracelet to give to their best friend as a token of appreciation.


“Friends share, play together, laugh with each other, a good friend cheer you up, be there for you, listen to you, makes you feel good, friends you can trust and share memorable moments”.

Lunar New Year

Our New Boarder performed in his primary assembly to share with his peers how the Lunar New Year is celebrated,  alongside him other students who also contributed to this wonderful event.

Weekend part 2

The second part of our weekend was filled with Chess club, Escape rooms, Nature Walk, Climbing, the best Brunch ever and a birthday party all happening here in CDL. Our younger boarders picking up some new skills and having lots of fun.

Assembly Tonight

This evening during our 1st welcome-back Assembly, these 2 students made us proud House Parents. They stood in front of an audience and read beautifully a lovely poem that we wrote about diversity. I am delighted that our senior House Parent Mr Antonio gave our younger boarder an opportunity to showcase their work.





 If I could change the world to a rainbow

What if everyone was forced to see

The world exactly like me

A world where all think as one

So, we do not judge anyone!


What if one person chose to know

In unity we stand is the way to go

What if one person desire to grow

And invites humanity to this show


What if one person’s heart sought love

To purify and unite us all

What if that person rose above

Throw away hatred, spread only love


If someday I sit on top of this world

Bring on changes with a single word


A rainbow of diversity

A rainbow of beauty

A rainbow of bright happy colours

A rainbow of happiness

A rainbow of forgiveness

A rainbow sent from above with a blazing brilliant sight

A life multicoloured is a life unified