Thursday Lunch! 🍽

Dear all,

For lunch today, we had the theme Stop Food Waste a Eiger.

In Leman, we had hash browns, turkey ham quiche and spinach coulis!

We also had Biryani chicken and wok vegetables! 😋


Collège du Léman Team


International Dinner – Albanian Food 🍽

Dear all,

Our International Dinner is back and yesterday, we had Albanian food! 🙌

Facts about Albanian food:

  • Albanian cuisine has its fair share of vegetarian dishes. Meats like beef, lamb, pork, and poultry are common ingredients in meals, too. They are, however, not necessarily a part of all traditional Albanian food recipes.
  • Albanian cuisine is primarily based on healthy ingredients such as vegetables, fruit, fish, and seafood, like the renowned Mediterranean diet. Olive oil is the most popular—and by far the oldest, dating from Roman times—cooking fat used in traditional Albanian dishes.


Thank you to the kitchen staff! 🤩



Collège du Léman Team 

Fresh from the Herb Garden! 🥦🥬🥒

Dear all,

Today, for lunch, our students had the opportunity to discover the taste of parsley, tarragon, mint and basil!

In Eiger, we had Risotto with basil, spinach shoots and roasted peppers (first dish) and lemon-rosemary thyme chicken and mash potato with herbs (second dish)! 😋

In Leman , we had herd crusted salmon! 😋

Thank you very much to the kitchen staff! 👏🏻



Collège du Léman Team