Singaporean night

We are back! After a well deserved Easter break the routine returns to CDL, and above all the best, the interational dinners are back, today we have been visited by a chef from Singapore, no doubt our kids love these dinners, many can discover new flavours and others feel at home thanks to the food.

Here are some photos of the delicious dishes of today’s dinner.

Tamarin fish

Turkey with vegetables and rice 


Vegetables with soja seeds


Saturday lunch: gourmet edition

Today we had a different meal, besides the main course, we had today, risotto with chicken in barbecue sauce, very tasty.

We also had a great variety of canapes, each one better and better, also accompanied by small cheese sandwiches and fresh cured meats.

Definitely, a gastronomic adventure in our dining room, the great variety and small size of the canapes allowed us to try quite a few and have a friendly chat about which were the best.


Patty’s Friday

It is Friday and we always like to celebrate with a special dinner and we all love burgers, so patty’s Friday!

We had two options, the falafel burger with cheese and vegetables or the beef burger with onions and a special touch of colour as you can see.