Ricotta and Spinach Tortellini

The delicious combination of ricotta cheese and spinach inside a tortellini, an explosion of flavour in your mouth, if you haven’t tried it yet we suggest you do, we are enjoying it.

There was also a spiced rice and breaded turkey with vegetables.

A example of our salads, this time with chickpeas, egg and lettuce, dressed with oil and vinegar.

Salmy Patty

Welcome to CDL’s dining hall!

Where you can find our famous salmy patty, delicious salmon burger, served with sweet potato fries and other vegetables!


Also in our salad buffet today you can find some delicious seafood skewers, wonderful and tasty!

The latest addition to our fantastic brunch!

We can confirm our latest galactic signing, our new coffee machine! A coffee and hot chocolate superstar who debuted this weekend, brunch was the highlight of the day and our students put it to the test, so far with excellent results.

Accompanied by the titular Sunday line-up, with a variety of sweet and salty foods, fruits and juices.

Do you know texturised soya?

Texturised soya is a derivative of the soya plant, it is used in cooking as a meat substitute for vegetarians and has a high nutritional value due to its high protein content.

It is usually a regular in our kitchen as an alternative option to meat, although today we could also find it as an accompaniment to pasta, turkey and battered fish.

We could also choose rice noodles and vegetables, lots of options!



Soirée Ethiopienne

Today we had a visit from an Ethiopian chef!  We were lucky to be able to discover new cultures through gastronomy, the menu presented all kinds of specialties. As a major discovery, we met the Injera, a large sourdough flatbread made of teff flour, a discovery that has put our senses to the test.

Our dinning hall has been transformed, once again, into a little corner of Ethiopia making us feel the food much more.

Many thanks to the kitchen team and all the guest chefs!


Brunch o’clock

If it looks beautiful in the photos, imagine how tasty it will be!

It will be a pleasure to have another Sunday brunch, the perfect moment to share a chat with friends and remember the good moments of the week.