International Vegetarian Day 🌱

Hello everybody,

To celebrate the International Vegetarian Day our kitchen staff prepared some delicious dishes: rice with vegetables, veggies burgers and vegetables meatballs, tortillas with potatoes, and a lot more!!

Everything looks delicious 🤤 Many compliments to the kitchen staff 👏

Collège Du Léman Team 😊

International Dinner – Thailand 🇹🇭

Dear all,

Today for International Dinner we had Thai food 🥘

Saying goodbye to you, with some facts about Thai Food:

  • Thai people almost never use an oven, but they love to stir-fry, deep fry and grill their food.
  • Thai cuisine likes to combine different flavors: spicy, sour, salty, and, last but not least, sweet. Many dishes, also those you wouldn’t expect, have sugar in them.
  • This might be a surprise to many, but Thai people don’t use chopsticks to eat Thai food.

Thank you to all the staff!

Collège du Léman Team 😊

Lunch at CDL 🥗

Hello everybody,

Every meal is important and it has to be well balanced: meatballs, rice and vegetables for our students 😋

Everything looks delicious!

Collège du Léman Team 😊

Sunday Brunch 🍽

Hello Everyone,

We hope you all are enjoying this rainy Sunday 🌂

Today we had a usual brunch and it’s so tasty and full of variety!


Thank you to our kitchen staff!

Collège du Léman Team 😊

Friday Dinner 🌟

Good Night Everyone,

Today for dinner, we had an Spanish inspiration – Tapas 🙌
And delicious dessert 😍

Leaving you so interesting facts about Tapas:

  • There a tapas competition that take place in many areas of Spain.
  • The name comes from the Spanish verb “tapar”, which means to cover. In the old days, drinks were covered to protect them from flies, hence the idea of having a snack to go with the drink.
  • Spanish linguists literally invented a verb for it because they eat tapas so much.

We wish you all an amazing weekend! 🌟

Collège du Léman Team 😎

Friday Lunch 😋

Hello Everyone,

Today for lunch we had Breaded Hoki with Sweet Potato Fries in Eiger 😋

Breaded Hoki with Sweet Potato Fries

Breaded Hoki with Sweet Potato Fries


In Léman cafeteria with had Spinach Gnocchi 😋

Spinach Gnocchi

Spinach Gnocchi


Once again, thank you to our kitchen staff!! 🙌

Collège du Léman Team 😊