Louis Degallier takes to the slopes in Crans Montana!

Louis Degallier and the whole boarding community packed their skis and headed to Grans Montana this weekend. The boys enjoyed perfect weather on Saturday and took the time to master their skiing skills.


The weather was perfect on saturday, even if the snow was getting a little bit think on the ground.

Guess who????????
Aitik hiding from the cold

This was Arshia’s first time on skis

He perfected the snowplough.

Then we all packed up our skis and headed straight back to Louis Degallier. There was no rest for Arshia who jumped straight off is skis and into his studies.

About Friendships.

Louis Dégallier students met today to speak about Friendships, what it means for each of us and what we consider is essential in a friendship relationship.

We also spoke about the Purpose of Friendship and discussed about the 4 components suggested on the video of the link: Networking, Reassurance, Fun & Clarifying our Minds.

Joy of Football, Flamengo Campeão!

Saturday Evening is synonym of football in Latin America! And this evening Thiago and I could witness how his team became champion of the Copa Libertadores (Champions League equivalent in south america)

Lots of nerves and tension watching the final with our lovely Brazilian student. We are so happy to share this moments with him. Bora Flamengo!

I come from…

On the last Well- Being Session, our students prepared a short presentation about the countries and cities they come from and they grew up in.

It was a very interesting and enriching experience for all the students and house parents.

They spoke not only about geography and sightseeing but about culture, leisure and gastronomy.

Many questions came up from the audience.

It was a very productive session where all of us learnt many new things about Russia, Ukraine, China, Hong Kong, Ireland, Brasil, Japan and Ecuador.