FIFA House competition!

Today we had another House Competition: the FIFA challenge.

We were really good! Amir did his best but at the end lost at the semi finals. Edward & Gleb were there to support him. Thank you all for your efforts and participation. The last game was a real challenge!

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Italian dinner!

Yesterday on the 17 th of February we had an Italian dinner and it was a REALLY GOOD dinner! The preparations took us around three days. The school provided us the best  quality Italian ingredients from which we prepared: as buffet a dish of  mozzarella, tomatoes, basil as a starter bresaola with Italian cheese in addition there was bruschetta, bread with philadelfia and bread with prezzemolo. The main dish was three different types of pasta:  pesto, ricotta and tomatoes sauce. After the pasta there was parmigiana di melanzane which is a kind of lasagna but with eggplant. The dessert was tiramisu. A lot of people liked it and complimented us. We wish we will have a chance to do it again!!!





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