February Break!

As we bid adieu to our Boarding French lessons for a brief respite, Let’s embrace the joys of February break with delight. May your days be filled with laughter, adventure, and fun.

Whether you’re exploring new places or simply taking it to calm at home, may this break bring you the happiness that you’ve come to know. So seize the moment, cherish each memory you make, and return refreshed and rejuvenated for our next period.

Bonnes vacances et profitez-en bien!

Poème :

Les mois de l’année

Janvier pour dire à l’année ” bonjour”.

Février pour dire à la neige ” il faut fondre”.

Mars pour dire à l’oiseau migrateur ” reviens”.

Avril pour dire à la fleur ” ouvre-toi “.

Mai pour dire ” ouvriers nos amis”.

Juin pour dire à la mer ” emporte-nous très loin “.

Juillet pour dire au soleil ” c’est ta saison “.

Août pour dire ” l’homme est heureux d’être homme “.

Septembre pour dire au blé ” change-toi en or “.

Octobre pour dire ” camarades, la liberté “.

Novembre pour dire aux arbres ” déshabillez-vous “.

Décembre pour dire à l’année ” adieu et bonne chance “.

Et douze mois de plus par an,

Mon fils,

Pour te dire que je t’aime.

Alain Bosquet


In Louis Degallier’s house this is our definition; “Among friends in school, internationalism means valuing diversity, respecting different cultures, and embracing diversity, regardless of nationality. It’s about learning from each other, sharing experiences, and working together to create a welcoming and inclusive environment where everyone feels accepted and supported. ” 🙂


This Sunday we decided to go aaaall the way to create our OWN Pizza.































Baking with Blueberries 💜

Sakura & Regina produced a real crowd-pleaser this weekend with their delicious blueberry cheesecake 🧁

They made a big cheesecake for the house, and then, kindly delivered some mini cheesecakes to the boys in Louis Degallier 60 ⭐

Here is a video showcasing the skill and effort that went into making this, what can only be described as, lilac coloured MASTERPIECE! 💜💜💜


As always, plenty of fun and laughter was had during the process! 💖

Thank you girls for treating us this weekend! 🙏💕

Fun Evening

This evening Sakura and Regina called by to cook with the boys and watch a movie. An evening full of laughs, learning and sharing cooking styles and fun.

Sakura prepares a sauce for the pasta while Leonardo prepares the meat.

Dionisio, Leonardo, Sakura, Diego Didier and Regina are ready to enjoy their meal before the movie starts.

Wellbeing Pillar week 4 – Toxic Friendships & Relationships

Recognizing warning signs within relationships is crucial for maintaining healthy connections. Whether it’s a friendship or a romantic partnership, certain behaviors can indicate that the relationship may be becoming toxic. These signs include a lack of trust, breakdowns in communication, constant criticism, unbalanced dynamics, repeated boundary violations, lack of accountability, and feeling stuck in the relationship. By paying attention to these warning signs and trusting our instincts, we can protect our well-being and foster relationships that are supportive, respectful, and uplifting.

Collège du Léman hits the mountains once again!🎿🏔

The only January blues we are experiencing are the crystal blue skies in the incredible Swiss Alps 💙❄✨

This weekend was our second weekend spent in the mountains and once again, we were spoilt with the most glorious weather 🌞

Our older students had the opportunity to visit Crans Montana, a popular ski resort in the Swiss Alps. Everyone who went on the slopes spoke of the great snow conditions and amazing ski runs ⛷🎿

The mountain weekends are always a great way to get to know other people within the CDL boarding community, and our students always return with lots of special memories made with their fellow boarders💕

Below are a few photos from both Louis Degallier 56 & 60 from the last two mountain weekends ✨



Wellbeing Pillar week 3 – Microaggressions

Microaggressions, though often subtle, can wield a significant impact on friendships. These seemingly harmless comments or actions may unknowingly undermine trust and connection. Addressing and understanding these nuances is essential for cultivating inclusive, supportive friendships. By fostering open communication and mutual respect, we can create spaces where all friends feel valued and understood.

Leysin our first ski weekend.

We had a wonderful week-end in Leysin! Over the weekend, our boys had the opportunity to enjoy many winter activities. Many of them decided to conquer the Swiss slopes by skiing or snowboarding with an instructor while others decided to visit Glacier 3000 where they enjoyed the fresh air and the views. In the evening, they had the chance to discover and enjoy typical mountain dishes such as raclette. 

The view from the hotel Saturday evening.

Rodrigo at the top of the mountain.

Leo embraced the cold to show the Brazil jersey.

Didier learning his first turns.

A photo that sums up our weekend.