Weekend Fun

Leonardo enjoys Golf on a sunny Sunday.

Diego eyes up the flag.

Diego has been attending the Climbing club since we started and each week it is great to see him progress.

Diego enjoyed Tennis on Saturday morning.

Dionisio also enjoys playing Tennis with Diego on Saturday morning.


This weekend in Louis Degallier 60

This weekend in Louis Degallier 60


This weekend, the student had some wonderful activities to choose from!

From Padel to Sailing to Go Karting!

Plus an enjoyable dinner at home with some homemade Lasagne & Panna Cotta. Delicious!


CDL in the Mountains ✨

This weekend, we took the entire Collège du Léman Boarding community to the Swiss mountains and had a fantastic time!

Our students went to the popular town, Verbier, where they were spoilt with blue skies & endless sunshine 🌞

There were a range of activities available including; mountain biking, zip lining, ropes course, hiking, rock climbing, mountain scooters and plenty of traditional sports, which meant there was something for everyone 🏀🏓🏸

It was great to see our students discover and enjoy new activities 🛴🚴‍♂️

Sangeetha bravely opted for the zipline! Starting at 3,330m, with a vertical drop of 383 m and a total length of 1.4 km, the Mont 4 Zipline the highest in the world and the longest in the Alps.


Well done, Sangeetha! We are very proud of you! 🎉

On Sunday morning, everyone participated in the Mountain Mini Olympics 🥇🥈🥉

In groups of 10, the students had to work together as a team to try and win the overall competition 🏆

And of course, the best ‘Fancy Dress Photo’ station was a clear favourite from our students! We very much enjoyed their style and creativity 👗🎩👒👑

All in all, the students made lovely wonderful memories and new friendships over the course of the weekend. A weekend we won’t forget! 🧡💛💚💙💜


Discovery Days


Our recent overnight trip to Chamonix, France was an unforgettable adventure that left us all with a deep sense of appreciation for nature and camaraderie. The highlight of our trip was undoubtedly the exhilarating canyoning experience, where we challenged ourselves and conquered the elements as a team. Chamonix provided us with the perfect backdrop to reconnect with the natural world, surrounded by the stunning beauty of the French Alps.

During our downtime at the hotel, we made the most of our free time, creating lasting memories as we bonded over games of pool, shared delicious snacks, and engaged in meaningful conversations. It was a fantastic opportunity to strengthen the bonds of friendship within our school community.

Our exploration of the region through hiking allowed us to immerse ourselves in the breathtaking landscapes and appreciate the serenity of the mountains. The sense of accomplishment and unity that we felt after each hike was truly rewarding.

Overall, our trip to Chamonix was a perfect blend of adventure, relaxation, and socialization. It not only allowed us to step out of our comfort zones but also encouraged us to embrace the beauty of nature. This unforgettable experience has left us with a deep sense of gratitude and excitement for future adventures, reinforcing the unique and enriching experiences that the CDL life has to offer.

Defne Inal

Chamonix, France: A Popular Destination You Will Want to call Home - Pure  Travel

House Competition 🏆🏀⭐

Today, the whole boarding community came together to take part in the first house competition of the year! And what a competition it was! ✨⭐🙌

Following tradition, we started the House Competition with our annual Sports Day! 🏀

Spread across the Concha gardens, there were 6 different games to participate in, all of which required a different set of skills 🏸

The challenges included: three legged race, badminton rallies, basketball shoot out, musical chairs, ping pong spoon race and finally, the most competitive of them all, TUG OF WAR!

Our students worked together as a team and fought brilliantly in the games. The results will be revealed later on in the week, but whatever the results may be, we are extremely proud of our Louis Degallier representatives who demonstrated excellent teamwork and amazing support towards one another 💛

Well done everyone! ⭐