✨⭐ Paragliding ⭐✨

Today, Marcela was lucky enough to go Tandem Paragliding here in Switzerland ✨

Thankfully she had good weather, the clouds literally cleared the second they were in flight mode, meaning she had beautiful views over Lake Geneva and it’s surroundings 🌎

Marcela said it was an amazing experience, something she will never forget! ⭐

Class of ’24 celebrations ✨

It’s been one week and we are still reminiscing about the endless celebrations from last weekend.

Below are some photos and videos of our graduates at prom and the official graduation ceremony 👩‍🎓🎉



We are beyond proud of their achievements, both academic and personal. Not only have they have worked incredibly hard to reach this point, but they leave CDL with memories & friendships to last a lifetime 💕

We can’t wait to see what they will get up to during this next chapter of their lives and whatever they choose to do, we have no doubt they will fully embrace this part of their journey ✨

Best of luck to our wonderful leavers,

The World Is Your Oyster 🌎⭐


Graduation Class of 2024

Yesterday marked a significant milestone as the graduation ceremony for the class of 2023/24 took place. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the graduates for their hard work, dedication, and achievements. This momentous occasion is a testament to their perseverance and commitment to excellence.

As they embark on new journeys and pursue their dreams, we wish them all the very best in their future endeavors. May their paths be filled with success, happiness, and fulfillment. Congratulations once again to the class of 2023/24, and here’s to a bright and prosperous future!


Well-being Pillar 5: “Making Safe and Responsible Choices¨

This week, we concluded our Wellbeing Pillar 5. To wrap up this pillar, our well-being advocates have created a conclusion video addressing some of our boarders’ questions. Over the past four weeks, we have been deeply engaged in discussions with our students about peer pressure and decision-making. We explored how peer pressure works, its various forms, and the profound impact it can have on our lives and decision-making processes. Through these conversations, our students gained valuable insights and tools to better understand and navigate the influence of peer pressure in their daily lives.

Time off!

Seven ways to reset and relax between finals

Clean your area
No matter how you feel an exam went, at least the class is now over. Celebrate (quickly) by clearing your space, even if that just means moving all of your study materials out of sight. Having them literally out of the picture helps solidify that you’re done with that class and makes it easier to move on to your next subject. Even if you’re just moving everything to the floor so that you can more thoroughly organize it later, it’s pretty satisfying to shove everything to the side. A clean workspace will minimize distractions and boost your productivity once you return to studying.
Watch your favorite TV show
Grab your computer and put on your favorite light-hearted show. A movie’s probably too long, because you don’t want to sacrifice your limited study time, but a 30- or 45-minute show is great for calming and clearing your mind. Pick something you don’t have to pay much attention to, as you’ll probably start the episode and still be focused on what you wrote down for the essay question or whether you drew that graph correctly. But by the time the episode’s over, you’ll be smiling and ready to attack your next exam!
Take a walk or exercise
If there’s still light outside, get out of your living space. Being stuck inside surrounded by textbooks and notes can get overwhelming, and having a physical separation between you and your work is helpful. If you can’t get outside, try doing an at-home workout or meditation, however short. It’ll get your blood pumping and your focus off mental stress and onto physical sensations, helping you to reset. As an added bonus, exercise has been tied to better moods, concentration, and lower stress.
Cook and eat food
When we’re so busy, it’s easy to skimp on meals that take more than a few minutes to prepare. While your mind’s still busy reciting equations from your exam, take the time to cook a more nourishing meal. You’ll have the added bonus of more nutrients and better taste. If you don’t have any talents in the kitchen, order take-out. You just finished an exam, treat yourself!
Catch up with friends
Call or video chat with a friend. Having an interaction with someone who cares about your well-being can relieve the stress of the finals. Schedule a time to have a conversation after your exam, or plan a socially-distanced picnic. Alternatively, spend some quality time with your family or roommates. You might be tempted to unload your worries onto others, but take a break from all that stress and have a fun conversation with them. Talking about good things is a worthwhile activity to put yourself in a positive mindset. Hanging out with a buddy (even online) and having any semblance of human interaction can boost up your mental health.
Listen to your favorite podcast
If you feel the need to be productive during your break, listen to a podcast on a topic that interests you the most. There is a podcast for nearly every subject, from current event updates from the New York Times’ The Daily to conversations with the former first lady in The Michelle Obama Podcast. Give your eyes a break from the screen and close your eyes. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, listening to a podcast will lighten your busy day.
Sleep and don’t set an alarm
After those midterm all-nighters, you deserve to catch up on your sleep. You might wake up in three hours or not until the next day, but keeping your circadian rhythm on track is crucial to staying awake during the day and feeling good. Hang that “Do Not Disturb” sign on your bedroom door, grab your pillow, and count some sheep. Alternatively, if it’s the middle of the day and you need to study later, there’s no shame in afternoon naps! Get your beauty sleep to be refreshed to tackle your next final.
By Aliza Rabinovitz and Emma Cho

The city of canals ✨

This weekend, 4 of our Louis Degallier students joined the school trip to Venice and had an incredible time in the beautiful sunshine! 💕

The students enjoyed visiting the fabulous Doge Palacio, where they were able to discover its history through a guided tour. After, they had some free time to explore the famous city of canals 🌎

And of course, you can’t visit Venice without enjoying a Gondola ride through the beautiful turquoise canals ✨

On the last day, the students went to Murano Island to discover the history of glassmaking. They were mesmerised by the skill and talent of the craftsmen, a truly memorable experience 👏

Italian food was enjoyed by all, including pizza, pasta and every flavour of gelato. Below is a picture of Marcela’s seafood spaghetti which she said was incredible! 🍝

They returned this evening with big smiles on their faces, they truly loved this magical place and made some wonderful memories 🥰

Weekend Fun

Hamza enjoyed boxing and working up a sweat this weekend.

Hamza is in the zone.

Rodrigo enjoyed a few games of Tennis this Sunday morning.

Diego joined the climbing club which he really enjoys each Saturday.

Rodrigo was back out enjoying our lake activity program on Saturday morning, wakeboarding, now that the weather is improving.


May Fitness Challenge

Today, we kicked off an exciting fitness challenge in Boarding to support students navigating the stress of upcoming exams and staying active. With a unique challenge awaiting them each day, our aim is to provide both physical activity and stress relief.

A weekend in Berlin 🌏

This weekend, 4 of our Louis Degallier students joined the school trip to Berlin and had a fantastic time! 💕

During this trip, they enjoyed an active guided tour, visiting some of the famous historical monuments – some of which you will see pictured below 🗺🚶‍♀️✨

In addition to the tour, they also did the Berliner Odyssey VR adventure which took them through the history in a more visual way, giving them an idea of how Berlin was during the last 9 centuries 🕌

As expected, they got to enjoy traditional German food during the weekend, including an urban Alpine experience at the famous Lindenbräu restaurant 🥨

And of course, they were able to enjoy their free time to visit the shops and local markets 📸

All in all, they had a great time on this cultural city break and managed to dodge the rain here in Versoix! 🌞

Mother Earth Project CDL

Since 1970, April 22nd has been designated as Earth Day, a time to recognize and celebrate our remarkable planet and highlight the immense potential in conservation and sustainability. Our school would like to share this video about Earth Day and the impact of plastic on our planet. Please remember to prioritize sustainability and take care of our planet. The future will appreciate it. 🙂

Some Weekend Fun

Diego has been an active member of our climbing club since the start of the club. He enjoys the sense of achievement from his improvement week after week.

Leonardo enjoyed working on his Golf swing and getting some practice in for his upcoming Tournament.

Welcome back 💕✨

Today we welcome back our returning students to the boarding houses and we are excited to hear all about their adventures from the break! ✨🌏

And as you can see, Spring has definitely sprung here and our garden is blossoming beautifully 🌸 May this glorious weather continue 🌞

Enjoy your Spring Break!


As the campus blossoms with the promise of spring, we bid farewell to the cosy embrace of winter and welcome the vibrant energy of the new season. To our cherished boarding school community, we extend our heartfelt wishes for an enriching and rejuvenating spring break ahead!
Reflecting on the past months fills us with pride as we recall the countless memorable experiences and remarkable achievements within our boarding family. From thrilling outdoor adventures to captivating performances on stage, our community has embraced every opportunity for growth, camaraderie, and self-discovery. Wishing you a wonderful spring break filled with cherished memories and new discoveries!


A wholesome weekend 💕

This weekend, our students spent quality time with their friends, enjoying each other’s company over beautifully cooked meals.

Kseniia & Daria cooked a traditional Russian lunch with salad, chicken, and potatoes, and homemade pancakes to finish 🥞

Ayaka cooked a hot pot using fresh and healthy ingredients, and it smelt absolutely delicious! It went down very well with her friends 🍜

Regina decided to try something new and went horseback riding! As it was her first session, the instructor helped her bond with the horse through exercises that required trust. This included horse riding facing backwards, on her knees, and on the side. Regina loved it and is already looking forward to her next lesson! 🐴

Marcela went to the slopes and thoroughly enjoyed herself. The day started out cloudy, but then it started snowing, and soon enough the sun broke through in time for the students to enjoy the last day of the season! ⛷🌞

Meanwhile, Defne & Sakura helped raise awareness around plastic waste by participating in a school project supporting ‘Mother Earth’ 🌏 There will be a video on our CDL social media soon, so feel free to check it out!

And finally, to finish the weekend off on a sweet note, Sakura baked a delicious Strawberry Tart. This was probably the most challenging bake yet, as she had to produce a crème pâtissière, but Sakura being Sakura, challenged herself and proved she could do it! Well done 👏

All in all, it was jam packed weekend, full of fun and plenty of variety 💖💕

Charity Football Tournament

Today we held a Charity Football Tournament. It was an opportunity for students to showcase their talent while competing between houses, and have fun all while supporting the fundraising efforts for our upcoming Tanzania trip during the April break. 

Leonardo with the rest of his teammates.

Amazing Art Exhibition!

Please take a moment to appreciate the incredible artistic talents showcased by our Grade 12 students.  From captivating paintings to intricate sculptures, these art pieces embody the dedication and passion these students have poured into their craft. We invite you to immerse yourself in their creativity and celebrate their artistic achievements. Don’t miss this opportunity to witness the boundless talent of our graduating art class!

This weekend in Louis Degallier 56 ✨

After a busy week of mock exams, our girls had a lovely, relaxing time this weekend, and enjoyed different activities and celebrations.

On Friday, it was International Women’s Day and Taisiia got treated to some gorgeous roses from her loved ones 🌹

Sakura & Defne took their DJ Mixing skills to the next level – a great duo who are definitely ready to take to the stage! 💿🎤

Marcela, our Louis Degallier Globetrotter headed to France to see the wonderful sights of Paris, including the Eiffel Tower and the iconic Musée de Louvre. She also got to see the famous Mona Lisa, and enjoy all the Parisian delicacies! 🥐

The girls who stayed in the boarding house got to enjoy their usual weekend activities, as well as our very own Saturday night movie club, complete with popcorn, laughter and relaxation.

We also had plenty of fashion shows ahead of the official Graduation photos this week, and we have no doubt that our girls will look great in whichever outfit they opt for! 💖



Happy B-DAY!

Happy birthday! I hope this is the beginning of your greatest, most wonderful year ever;

You will never be as young again as you are today, so have fun young lady 🙂

We wish you all the best.



February break at CDL ⭐❄

Whilst some of our students travelled back to see friends and family during the break, others joined the school trips available, including the Winter Camp to Crans Montana, and a very special trip to Finland ⛷🌲🏔

Here are some wonderful photos from the students in Louis Degallier 56 & 60 who joined the school trips. I think it’s clear to see that both experiences were full of fun, exploration, and memorable moments 💖✨

Here is Marcela at the famous Arctic Circle in Finland! ❄

The trip to Finland also included Huskey rides, magical visits to reindeer parks, snow-shoe touring and a wonderful trip to the Ranua Arctic Wildlife Park, an organisation that specialises in protection programs for endangered Arctic animals, as well as offering care and support for wounded or orphaned wild animals. It was here that the students got to see Finland’s only Polar Bear, a highlight of the trip! 🐺

Some of the group were lucky enough to witness the famous Northern Lights pictured in the early hours of the morning – a truly magical experience indeed 💚💙

Meanwhile, some of our boarding students took to the slopes in Crans Montana and were met with excellent snow conditions, perfect for their winter sport pursuits 🎿⛷

As you can see, the students were spoilt with some beautiful views up in the Swiss Alps 🏔


February Break!

As we bid adieu to our Boarding French lessons for a brief respite, Let’s embrace the joys of February break with delight. May your days be filled with laughter, adventure, and fun.

Whether you’re exploring new places or simply taking it to calm at home, may this break bring you the happiness that you’ve come to know. So seize the moment, cherish each memory you make, and return refreshed and rejuvenated for our next period.

Bonnes vacances et profitez-en bien!

Poème :

Les mois de l’année

Janvier pour dire à l’année ” bonjour”.

Février pour dire à la neige ” il faut fondre”.

Mars pour dire à l’oiseau migrateur ” reviens”.

Avril pour dire à la fleur ” ouvre-toi “.

Mai pour dire ” ouvriers nos amis”.

Juin pour dire à la mer ” emporte-nous très loin “.

Juillet pour dire au soleil ” c’est ta saison “.

Août pour dire ” l’homme est heureux d’être homme “.

Septembre pour dire au blé ” change-toi en or “.

Octobre pour dire ” camarades, la liberté “.

Novembre pour dire aux arbres ” déshabillez-vous “.

Décembre pour dire à l’année ” adieu et bonne chance “.

Et douze mois de plus par an,

Mon fils,

Pour te dire que je t’aime.

Alain Bosquet


In Louis Degallier’s house this is our definition; “Among friends in school, internationalism means valuing diversity, respecting different cultures, and embracing diversity, regardless of nationality. It’s about learning from each other, sharing experiences, and working together to create a welcoming and inclusive environment where everyone feels accepted and supported. ” 🙂


This Sunday we decided to go aaaall the way to create our OWN Pizza.































Baking with Blueberries 💜

Sakura & Regina produced a real crowd-pleaser this weekend with their delicious blueberry cheesecake 🧁

They made a big cheesecake for the house, and then, kindly delivered some mini cheesecakes to the boys in Louis Degallier 60 ⭐

Here is a video showcasing the skill and effort that went into making this, what can only be described as, lilac coloured MASTERPIECE! 💜💜💜


As always, plenty of fun and laughter was had during the process! 💖

Thank you girls for treating us this weekend! 🙏💕

Fun Evening

This evening Sakura and Regina called by to cook with the boys and watch a movie. An evening full of laughs, learning and sharing cooking styles and fun.

Sakura prepares a sauce for the pasta while Leonardo prepares the meat.

Dionisio, Leonardo, Sakura, Diego Didier and Regina are ready to enjoy their meal before the movie starts.

Wellbeing Pillar week 4 – Toxic Friendships & Relationships

Recognizing warning signs within relationships is crucial for maintaining healthy connections. Whether it’s a friendship or a romantic partnership, certain behaviors can indicate that the relationship may be becoming toxic. These signs include a lack of trust, breakdowns in communication, constant criticism, unbalanced dynamics, repeated boundary violations, lack of accountability, and feeling stuck in the relationship. By paying attention to these warning signs and trusting our instincts, we can protect our well-being and foster relationships that are supportive, respectful, and uplifting.

Collège du Léman hits the mountains once again!🎿🏔

The only January blues we are experiencing are the crystal blue skies in the incredible Swiss Alps 💙❄✨

This weekend was our second weekend spent in the mountains and once again, we were spoilt with the most glorious weather 🌞

Our older students had the opportunity to visit Crans Montana, a popular ski resort in the Swiss Alps. Everyone who went on the slopes spoke of the great snow conditions and amazing ski runs ⛷🎿

The mountain weekends are always a great way to get to know other people within the CDL boarding community, and our students always return with lots of special memories made with their fellow boarders💕

Below are a few photos from both Louis Degallier 56 & 60 from the last two mountain weekends ✨



Wellbeing Pillar week 3 – Microaggressions

Microaggressions, though often subtle, can wield a significant impact on friendships. These seemingly harmless comments or actions may unknowingly undermine trust and connection. Addressing and understanding these nuances is essential for cultivating inclusive, supportive friendships. By fostering open communication and mutual respect, we can create spaces where all friends feel valued and understood.

Leysin our first ski weekend.

We had a wonderful week-end in Leysin! Over the weekend, our boys had the opportunity to enjoy many winter activities. Many of them decided to conquer the Swiss slopes by skiing or snowboarding with an instructor while others decided to visit Glacier 3000 where they enjoyed the fresh air and the views. In the evening, they had the chance to discover and enjoy typical mountain dishes such as raclette. 

The view from the hotel Saturday evening.

Rodrigo at the top of the mountain.

Leo embraced the cold to show the Brazil jersey.

Didier learning his first turns.

A photo that sums up our weekend.


Ski Weekend

Just wanted to share the incredible weekend we had in the mountains. The weather was perfect, and the slopes were amazing for skiing and snowboarding.

We braved the windy but sunny weather to visit Glacier 3000. The panoramic views from the top were breathtaking, and the experience was absolutely amazing.

We spent an incredible day exploring Gstaad. The village is straight out of a postcard, with charming streets and a cozy ambiance. We wandered through the town, visited local attractions, and soaked in the luxury vibes.

The thrill of going down the slopes with the stunning mountain views in the background was absolutely unforgettable. The slopes were perfect, and the racing competition added an extra level of excitement.

The weekend in the mountains was absolutely incredible overall.

A wholesome weekend back in the boarding house ✨

This weekend was the first boarding weekend of 2024, and what a lovely weekend it was 💕

This week, some of the girls had mock exams, whilst others had deadlines for their university & college applications, so a relaxing and calm weekend was definitely needed 🙏

With new friendships forming, some freshly baked treats, day trips to Geneva and the joy of music, it was definitely a relaxing and wholesome weekend 💖

Daria baked some dark chocolate & sea salt cookies for the house, and Sangeetha baked some oozy chocolate brownies, both were delicious and gone within the hour! 🍪

Sangeetha enjoyed being back with the piano and guitar, and we enjoyed listening to her talents 🎸⭐

All in all, it was a great first weekend to welcome the students back, and welcome our new housemate, Marcela, to Louis Degallier 56 ⭐❤


Wellbeing Pillar 3: Building Positive Friendships and Relationships

Tonight we launched Pillar 3 of our Wellbeing program Building Positive Friendships and Relationships

Building Positive Friendships is a crucial pillar of overall wellbeing. Positive friendships provide a support system, foster a sense of belonging, and contribute to a fulfilling life. To identify characteristics of positive friendships, one should look for qualities such as trust, mutual respect, open communication, and shared values. Genuine friends uplift and inspire, offering empathy in times of need and celebrating successes. Recognizing the importance of these traits can help individuals cultivate and sustain meaningful connections, ultimately enhancing their overall wellbeing. The takeaway point for this week is Identifying characteristics of positive friendships which are built on a foundation of trust, respect, and shared values, fostering a supportive environment.

Welcome Back

We are ready to welcome the boys back to Louis Degallier 60 for the new semester full of adventures and challenges! We hope you had a wonderful and restful break, and are looking forward to seeing you soon.

Taking part in Swiss traditions ❤✨

Each year, the citizens of Geneva take part in the tradition of smashing a chocolate marmite (cauldron). This annual tradition is a tribute to a historical event that took place in 1602 whereby the people of Geneva summoned their courage and defended their city against an attack from the Savoyards.

Decorated with the city’s colours — red and yellow, the cauldron also features its coat of arms.


It is tradition for the youngest and the oldest member of the household to smash the marmite together, which for Louis Degallier 56 is Taisiia & Sakura! 🤝🎁✨


The History behind the tradition… ⭐

The attack of the Savoyards on Geneva took place during the evening of December 11, 1602. That night, when the soldiers arrived and the church bells sounded the alarm, the citizens of Geneva took it upon themselves to stop the invasion. Legend has it that Mère Royaume, a woman who was cooking a pot of soup, threw her cauldron and its scalding contents out the window to prevent the enemy from advancing. Although a rather violent act, it symbolises the spirit of the Genevois during this battle. Regular citizens taking the initiative to protect their city! And, succeeding! To honour the occasion, chocolatiers in Geneva began creating cauldrons that are made of chocolate and filled with sweet little marzipan versions of Mère Royaume’s vegetables. The cauldron tradition apparently did not become established until the 1880s.


It’s wonderful for our students to learn about the rich culture of Geneva. And of course, they get to enjoy the chocolate after 🍫

Winter Ball 2023

An enchanting Winter Ball where laughter echoed, dance floors sparkled, and students had an absolute blast! ✨❄️ A night filled with good fun, lots of laughs, and unforgettable moments.🌟

The boys before leaving the House ready for a night of fun!

Fete de l’Escalade and the Famous Marmite

Tonight we celebrated ¨Escalade¨ a traditional Geneva festival that celebrates the victory of the Geneva Republic against the Savoy’s Army in 1602. Each year we buy a chocolate marmite full of candies to celebrate this tradition where the youngest and oldest in the House smash the marmite to get the sweets inside. 

Hamza and Didier are about to smash the Marmite.


Boarding Awards Ceremony

Tonight we had our Boarding Awards ceremony for Semester 1. There were Boarding Life, Activities and Academics awards.

The Activities Award goes to the students who show excellence by making the most of the endless opportunities in terms of evening and weekend activities, and who push and challenge themselves to new heights and achievements. Rodrigo received this reward.


The students who get The Boarding Life award represent the identity of Boarding through their commitment towards others, respect for the rules, sense of community and positive energy. Hamza received this reward.

Gingerbread House Competition 🏆🎄🏡

This weekend, the girls in Louis Degallier created a Gingerbread House masterpiece that will compete in the final House Competition of the year ⭐

Polina, Daria & Sangeetha worked together on this project, each bringing their own unique style and flare to the decoration, watch the video below to see the process ⭐

Half way through the task, a friendly dog appeared in our garden! We managed to get hold of the owners who picked him up, but we were very grateful to look after him for a short while 🐶

Well done girls for your efforts, the house looks amazing and we are very proud of your decorating skills! 🤩

Montreux Christmas Market 🎅🎀🎄

Today we visited the famous Montreux Christmas Market and had a wonderful time looking at all the traditional festive gifts and tasting traditional Swiss food 🍭🍫

As you can see, we were extremely lucky with the bright blue skies, however, the temperature was a chilly 3 degrees so the girls found an indoor cabin to enjoy some hot drinks and warm homemade soup ready to start shopping again 🥣🧀

Surrounded by beautiful snowy mountains, right on the shore of Lake Geneva, Montreux is a wonderful town to visit, especially on a day like today 🌞❄

We even got a wave from Santa Claus who was making his way up and down the Christmas market 🎅⭐

All in all, it was a lovely day filled with lots of festive spirit 🎄🎀⭐


Gingerbread House Competition

Besides our normal activities we also prepared our Gingerbread House for the upcoming Competition:

It all starts small…

… grows bigger…

… gets in shape… …gets some color……even more color… …and here it is: our Gingerbread House!!! Wish us luck for the Competition and stay tuned for the result!!

Charity Bake Sale Preparations 🧁🍰🍪

Polina, Daria & Defne spent the evening creating some chocolatey marshmallows ready for the charity bake sale tomorrow! 💖

After melting the chocolate, they added some sprinkles & sweets, and then put them into Christmassy bags, ready to sell ⭐

The school Charity Club aims to raise funds for charities in Switzerland and this year, they are supporting a local charity based in Geneva called ‘MADS’ (Make A Difference in Society). Run by students, the school Charity Club puts together a bake sale once a month to raise money for this wonderful cause. They also organise other charity events throughout the year in order to raise as much money as possible for MADS ❤

Thank you girls for making a difference to ‘MADS’, your charitable work is much appreciated 🙏


Wellbeing Pillar 2: Protecting against bullying and promoting diversity

This week for our wellbeing program the focus shifted to the theme of disability. It was an opportunity for the students to reflect on the concept of disability itself and to consider the potential barriers a housemate with a disability might encounter in the different houses.

The students had the opportunity to share their responses to the question; What would you improve about the boarding house for a housemate with a disability?

Winter Concert

In the enchanting winter ambience, talent took centre stage at our inaugural winter concert. Students showcased their remarkable skills, creating a magical evening filled with melodies and applause. It was a testament to the vibrant community spirit that defines our boarding experience.

Diego from the House embraced the opportunity and sang amazingly!!


Samedi du Partage

Samedi du Partage is a great event that happens throughout  Geneva, supporting people in need. Volunteers engage with customers at the supermarket, encouraging them to donate food and other hygiene products. Each year we have students who volunteer and get involved in this great initiative.  Thank you to all the students involved today.

Spa Time

This weekend, the girls made the decision to treat themselves to a rejuvenating spa day, seeking a peaceful escape from the stress of exams. As we stepped into the spa’s tranquil atmosphere, we were greeted by a sense of calm that instantly put us at ease.

It turned out to be a wonderful day filled with relaxation, laughter, and a much-needed break from the demands of their studies.

Homemade Pizza Club 🍕

After a successful but tiring week at school, we had a relaxed weekend in the house making our very own homemade Pizza!

…The boys rolled out the dough…



…Selected their toppings…


…And enjoyed their freshly baked Pizzas!


Let’s Bake Cookies 🍪✨

So we know it’s not exactly the festive season just yet, BUT, we just couldn’t resist baking some festive cookies ⭐


Regina & Daria used their baking magic & produced some beautifully creative biscuits 💖

They experimented with the food colour and decorated the biscuits in all the colours of the rainbow 💜💙💚💛🧡

Delicious, festive & colourful, thank you girls! We will definitely enjoy them 💖⭐✨

Pillar 2. Protecting Against Bullying and Promoting Diversity. Orientation and Gender Identity

This week for our Wellbeing Pilar our boys were given the opportunity to ask any anonymous questions regarding sexual orientation or gender identity. The topic of sexual orientation and gender identity can be a delicate one… Doubts, fear, embarrassment and prejudice can surely hinder one’s willingness to openly talk about his views and needs.

Happy Birthday Polina!!!

Happy Birthday to an incredible student!

Your constant commitment to everything you do is truly inspiring. 🙂

Your dedication to your studies, your kindness, and your support for others make you a shining example of excellence and kindness. May your day be as special as you are, filled with joy, laughter, and all the wonderful things you deserve. Here’s to another year of achieving great things and being the amazing person you are.

Enjoy your day to the fullest!

Europa Park

Over the weekend Leonardo and Hamza participated in a school trip to Europa Park which is a theme park in Germany with other students from the boarding community. They had a great weekend.

Leonardo shared a few words from his experience of the trip;

“I wanted to share the incredible moments from our recent trip to Europa Park. The thrill of the roller coasters, the enchanting atmosphere, and the diverse cultural experiences made it an unforgettable adventure.
Also, the attention and support that the staff gave us.
Looking back it was more than a normal trip. I hope we can have moments like that again”

Group photo at the theme park


Hamza stopped for a quick photo.


Leonardo and friends outside the entrance.

Weekend at EuropaPark

EuropaPark is by far the biggest theme park in Germany and this weekend some of the students were there to enjoy it. Despite the weather, they enjoyed every moment, exploring as many attractions as they could. They had so much fun, and here are some pictures.

Our Weekend & House Activity ✨

This weekend, we had our usual activities including climbing…

…we also had some time to practice on our new Piano…

…and we had our exclusive Louis Degallier House activity:

Go- Karting!



…where we were racing hard…

… but had even more fun pushing our driving skills…

…and to top it all off, we enjoyed a nice walk with a beautiful view, and a visit to a restaurant of our choice in the pretty city of Lausanne. 


What a nice way to end our weekend ✨


Baking Sundays 🧁✨

Today I made “White chocolate & Raspberry Blondies” for the house ❤

First, I melted down the white chocolate and butter. Then I whisked eggs and brown sugar until it was light and fluffy. Next, I combined those together and mixed it until smooth ⭐

After that, I added flour, baking powder, and chunks of white chocolate, and stirred it until my arm started to hurt!

Then I poured the mixture into the greased tin, covered  it with raspberry jam, and topped with raspberries 🍓

Lastly I put the mixture into the oven, waited 40 minutes and cool it down for 30 minutes in the fridge 🙌

This was the first time I baked blondies, but it was easy to bake and delicious to eat, and the girls loved it 🥰

Written by Sakura ❤

Climbing Club ⭐✨

On the weekends, we have the option to do different kinds of activities 🏸

This Saturday Defne and I chose to do climbing at the local climbing centre 🧗‍♀️

There are different levels of climbing you can pick represented by different colours. Define and I chose to do yellow, red, and orange and we managed to reach the top.


We thought it was easy so we challenged ourselves to do the blue ones next, but it was too difficult and unfortunately we couldn’t get to the top!

Overall it was a fun activity to do (especially as it was bad weather outside), and we had really good quality time just the two of us 🥰

Written by Sakura ❤

Happpppy Halloween 🎃

Last night, Sakura & Defne designed, crafted, and carved their very own pumpkin masterpiece 🎃✨

This ‘frighteningly’ good pumpkin will compete against the other hand-carved pumpkins in the annual Collège du Léman pumpkin competition in the hope of earning points in the House Competition 🏆


Fingers crossed for the competition, but 10/10 for effort and enthusiasm, well done girls! 🥰🎃❤

Welcome Back

We hope you had a ‘gourd-geous’ October break and are now ‘pumped-kin’ to dive into the second half of the semester. Get ready for a term filled with excitement, from the ‘spook-tacular’ Pumpkin Carving House Competition to dancing your way into the festive season at the Christmas Dance.

October Break

As we approach the October Break, we want to extend our best wishes to all parents and students. May this upcoming break be filled with relaxation, quality time with loved ones, and rejuvenation. Take the opportunity to recharge, explore new experiences, and create wonderful memories. We look forward to welcoming everyone back, refreshed and ready to continue our journey of learning together. Enjoy the October Break!

Happy B-day girl!

Happy 18th Birthday to the incredible girl! We are so lucky to have you as a part of CDL. You have proven to be an exceptional prefect, a true leader, and an inspiration to us all. You’re an amazing prefect, super creative, and you never back down from a challenge. You rock! Here’s to a wonderful day ahead and a bright future filled with success and happiness! Happy B-day Regina🎉🎂🌟

0-5km Run

Exercise/Run because stress doesn’t stand a chance when you’re too busy outrunning it!

Today we had an o-5km run which gave students from the community to challenge themselves and have fun. It was a great way to put a close to our Wellbeing Pillar 1: Nurturing Healthy Bodies and Minds.

Monthly Boarding Assemlbly

This evening, we had our monthly Boarding Assembly led by Mr. Usher. A great opportunity for everyone to get together, students to perform for the rest of the Boarding community and share news from the month along with any announcements and any accomplishments.

Baking Sundays are back 🧁

Today, Daria made a Dinosaur shaped marble cake for the whole house, and it’s safe to say, it was a ROARING success ⭐✨

Without exaggeration, the whole cake was devoured in the space of 5 minutes! A sign of a very good cake indeed 🍰

Here’s a short video showcasing the whole process:

Well done Daria for making this delicious homemade cake, we are very proud of your achievement ⭐

And of course, thank you to Regina who helped with the clear up… making sure there was zero food waste 🍫

Thank you girls, we are already looking forward to the next one 💕🥰


Weekend in Louis Degallier

This weekend in Louis Degallier!

There were plenty of activities to choose from this weekend, from our regular clubs… …as well as new activities…

… and rewards afterwards…

& finally, some of our students signed up for the trip to Disneyland Paris where they had a fantastic time!

All in all, it was a great weekend with lots of variety for our students

Weekend Fun

Leonardo enjoys Golf on a sunny Sunday.

Diego eyes up the flag.

Diego has been attending the Climbing club since we started and each week it is great to see him progress.

Diego enjoyed Tennis on Saturday morning.

Dionisio also enjoys playing Tennis with Diego on Saturday morning.


This weekend in Louis Degallier 60

This weekend in Louis Degallier 60


This weekend, the student had some wonderful activities to choose from!

From Padel to Sailing to Go Karting!

Plus an enjoyable dinner at home with some homemade Lasagne & Panna Cotta. Delicious!


CDL in the Mountains ✨

This weekend, we took the entire Collège du Léman Boarding community to the Swiss mountains and had a fantastic time!

Our students went to the popular town, Verbier, where they were spoilt with blue skies & endless sunshine 🌞

There were a range of activities available including; mountain biking, zip lining, ropes course, hiking, rock climbing, mountain scooters and plenty of traditional sports, which meant there was something for everyone 🏀🏓🏸

It was great to see our students discover and enjoy new activities 🛴🚴‍♂️

Sangeetha bravely opted for the zipline! Starting at 3,330m, with a vertical drop of 383 m and a total length of 1.4 km, the Mont 4 Zipline the highest in the world and the longest in the Alps.


Well done, Sangeetha! We are very proud of you! 🎉

On Sunday morning, everyone participated in the Mountain Mini Olympics 🥇🥈🥉

In groups of 10, the students had to work together as a team to try and win the overall competition 🏆

And of course, the best ‘Fancy Dress Photo’ station was a clear favourite from our students! We very much enjoyed their style and creativity 👗🎩👒👑

All in all, the students made lovely wonderful memories and new friendships over the course of the weekend. A weekend we won’t forget! 🧡💛💚💙💜


Discovery Days


Our recent overnight trip to Chamonix, France was an unforgettable adventure that left us all with a deep sense of appreciation for nature and camaraderie. The highlight of our trip was undoubtedly the exhilarating canyoning experience, where we challenged ourselves and conquered the elements as a team. Chamonix provided us with the perfect backdrop to reconnect with the natural world, surrounded by the stunning beauty of the French Alps.

During our downtime at the hotel, we made the most of our free time, creating lasting memories as we bonded over games of pool, shared delicious snacks, and engaged in meaningful conversations. It was a fantastic opportunity to strengthen the bonds of friendship within our school community.

Our exploration of the region through hiking allowed us to immerse ourselves in the breathtaking landscapes and appreciate the serenity of the mountains. The sense of accomplishment and unity that we felt after each hike was truly rewarding.

Overall, our trip to Chamonix was a perfect blend of adventure, relaxation, and socialization. It not only allowed us to step out of our comfort zones but also encouraged us to embrace the beauty of nature. This unforgettable experience has left us with a deep sense of gratitude and excitement for future adventures, reinforcing the unique and enriching experiences that the CDL life has to offer.

Defne Inal

Chamonix, France: A Popular Destination You Will Want to call Home - Pure  Travel

House Competition 🏆🏀⭐

Today, the whole boarding community came together to take part in the first house competition of the year! And what a competition it was! ✨⭐🙌

Following tradition, we started the House Competition with our annual Sports Day! 🏀

Spread across the Concha gardens, there were 6 different games to participate in, all of which required a different set of skills 🏸

The challenges included: three legged race, badminton rallies, basketball shoot out, musical chairs, ping pong spoon race and finally, the most competitive of them all, TUG OF WAR!

Our students worked together as a team and fought brilliantly in the games. The results will be revealed later on in the week, but whatever the results may be, we are extremely proud of our Louis Degallier representatives who demonstrated excellent teamwork and amazing support towards one another 💛

Well done everyone! ⭐



Welcome back dinner ✨

Showcasing our first International dinner of the year, and what a dinner it was! ⭐

As always, we kick start the year with a traditional Swiss meal so that we can introduce all the different cultures from our growing community to the type of food enjoyed here in Switzerland 🧀

Everyone got to enjoy a selection of Switzerland’s finest, including:

  • Mini fondue bowls, served in fresh crusty bread rolls
  • Assortment of cheeses from the local regions
  • A platter of locally sourced cured meats
  • Mini Swiss burgers with Gruyère cheese
  • And plenty more Swiss delicacies

For dessert, we got to enjoy macaroons decorated with the Swiss flag, served with a selection of homemade Swiss desserts. But the real showstopper was the chocolate fountain! After all, the Swiss are know for their chocolate! 🍫

The dining hall was filled with Swiss related decorations, even the napkins has Swiss flags on them! All in all, it was a lovely way to welcome new and returning students back to Switzerland 🎉✨🎇

Welcome back! 🎉

Welcome to the new school year of 2023 – 2024! ✨⭐

The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming and we can’t wait to welcome you back to Collège du Léman! 🌸

Here at CDL, we have just opened two new outside villas to support the growing boarding community, one of which is located next door but one to Louis Degallier 56, therefore we have new neighbours! Ronan and Philip (pictured below) will be running Louis Degallier 60, a beautiful villa which will house 7 senior boys. And given that we are neighbours, we will both be using this blog to update you on all of the wonderful boarding experiences enjoyed by the students within our two houses!

So, without further ado, we welcome all our new students & families, our transitioning students & families, and of course our returning students & families to our little Louis Degallier community ❤

We wish you all a successful start to the year ✨

Recap Louis Degallier 2022-2023 🧡

Dear Girls of Louis Degallier Boarding House,

As the academic year comes to a close, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the incredible memories we’ve shared together in the year 2022-2023. It has been an honor and a privilege to be your houseparent and witness your growth, resilience, and camaraderie.

Throughout the year, I have witnessed your unwavering support for one another, whether it was during challenging academic times or personal triumphs. Your ability to create a warm and inclusive environment within the boarding house has made it truly feel like a home away from home for each and every one of you.

I’ve seen you embark on countless adventures, from late-night study sessions to impromptu dance parties in the common room. The laughter, the late-night talks, and the shared meals have created a tapestry of memories that will remain etched in our hearts forever.

You have shown me your determination, passion, and resilience in pursuing your dreams and goals. From excelling in your academics to participating in extracurricular activities, your dedication has been inspiring. I am confident that each one of you has a bright future ahead, and I am excited to see where your journey takes you.

Thank you for being the amazing young women that you are. Your kindness, empathy, and friendship have made my role as a houseparent immensely rewarding. I feel grateful to have been a part of your lives and to have witnessed your personal growth throughout the year.

As you move forward, remember that the memories you have created here will forever be cherished. The friendships forged and the lessons learned will guide you in the years to come. Stay true to yourselves, embrace new challenges, and continue to support one another in the remarkable way you always have.

Once again, thank you for an incredible year filled with laughter, joy, and shared experiences. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors and hope that the bonds you have formed in Louis Degallier Boarding House remain strong and everlasting.

With love and gratitude,

Lies Broux

Louis Degallier Boarding House Houseparents


Sunday Funday 💛✨🌻

Today was our end of year party and what a day it was ⭐

To celebrate, the school organised a garden celebration with inflatables, bubble football, water slides, bungee swings and rock climbing 🧗‍♀️🎪🎉

And of course no garden party would be complete without Candy Floss & ice cream!

Here is a video of our brave Regina experiencing the bungee ropes! 🗼

We were served some delicious Mexican food from a local food company – burritos & nachos 🌮

The girls had a great day spending quality time with their other schoolmates 😂💛

And to top it all off, the sun was shining throughout the day 🌞

Graduation Weekend Kate and Parisa 🎓

Parisa and Kate have successfully graduated from CDL!
The air was filled with excitement as friends and family gathered to witness the beautiful ceremony.
Their hard work and dedication paid off, and we couldn’t be prouder of their accomplishments.
As they embark on their new journey, we wish Parisa and Kate all the luck in their future endeavors.
May their dreams soar high and their paths be filled with success and happiness.
Congratulations, Kate and Parisa, we are incredibly proud of you both!!!


🎓🌟 Calling all proud parents! 🌟🎓

Get ready to pop the champagne and break out the confetti cannons because it’s time to celebrate a remarkable milestone in your daughter’s life! 🎉

This Saturday at 10 am, join us as we witness our incredible graduates don their caps and gowns, ready to take on the world. It’s a moment filled with joy, pride, and a hint of bittersweet nostalgia. 🎓💖

We understand that not everyone can be physically present at the ceremony, but fear not! We have your back! 🌐✨ We’ve arranged a magical streaming link just for you, so you can cheer, shed happy tears, and beam with pride from the comfort of your home. Simply grab your popcorn, tune in, and let the virtual applause fill the airwaves. 🎥👏:

Stream Graduation Link

Remember, it’s not just a graduation ceremony; it’s a celebration of endless late-night study sessions, countless homework assignments, and the unwavering support you provided every step of the way. 📚🤗

So, mark your calendars, charge your devices, and get ready to witness your amazing daughter shine! 🌟✨ We can’t wait to share this extraordinary moment with all of you, both in person and through the virtual world.

Congratulations to the class of 2023! Let the celebrations begin! 🎉🎓

🌟 Week Recap: Fun, Music, Adventure, and a Splash of Culture! 🌟

Hey there! It’s time for a delightful recap of the past week’s adventures. Let’s dive right in!

🌎 Regina: The Cultural Ambassador 🌎
Regina truly shone this week as she represented Mexico during the International Day at school. With a vibrant sombrero on her head and a traditional Mexican dress, she brought the spirit of her heritage to life. From sharing fascinating facts about Mexico’s rich culture to presenting mouthwatering delicacies, Regina showcased the beauty and diversity of her country. Ole!

🎡 Lunapark Shenanigans 🎡
Bia, Regina, Parisa, and Lisa, embarked on a thrilling expedition to the Lunapark! Their laughter echoed through the air as they hopped on exhilarating rides and tasted delicious carnival treats. It was a day filled with joy, friendship, and unforgettable memories. Roller coasters and cotton candy galore! 💐Polina’s Floral Frenzy 💐
Over the weekend, Polina indulged in her love for flowers,  and carefully selected a stunning bouquet of vibrant blooms. 
🎹 Lisa’s Magical Piano Melodies 🎹
Our talented friend Lisa showcased her musical prowess this week by tickling the ivories on her beloved piano. The air was filled with sweet melodies as she effortlessly brought life to each note, leaving us captivated by her talent. Bravo, Lisa! Encore, please!


Stay tuned for more captivating tales from our colorful lives!


Vienna: A Captivating Journey Through Time and Culture

Beatriz and Regina embraced the long weekend by jetting off to the enchanting city of Vienna. With their boarding passes in hand, they embarked on a memorable adventure. From strolling through the historic streets to indulging in mouthwatering pastries at traditional Viennese cafes, every moment was filled with awe and delight. They immersed themselves in the rich cultural heritage, visiting magnificent palaces, museums, and experiencing the vibrant music scene that Vienna is renowned for. As the weekend drew to a close, Beatriz and Regina will cherish the lifelong memories they have created, knowing that their Vienna escapade would forever hold a special place in their hearts.

Food is the language of love 💖✨

We are very lucky to have some talented chefs here in the house, and even luckier that they offered to plan & cook a beautiful al fresco meal for our lovely little boarding family! 🥰🌸

Bia (Head Chef), along with Regina & Parisa cooked a 3 course meal for the whole house and it went down VERY well 💕

Making the most of our lovely garden and the warm summer nights, the girls took a break from revision to enjoy this beautifully prepared meal.

Here is a short video showcasing the special evening 🌸🥰


To start, the girls prepared fresh burrata & cherry tomato salads, accompanied with tasty garlic, pesto & tomato bruschetta, topped with parmesan & olive oil 🍅🧀

Next, Bia prepared her signature pasta dish made with chicken, garlic, mushrooms, onions, truffle butter, tomatoes & a touch of her own magic. Creamy, delicious & indulging – definitely a winning dish on Masterchef ⭐

Finally, we were spoilt to some delicious almond & dark chocolate brownies – although these didn’t last long at all… 😂🍫

In a few weeks time, our G12’s will be graduating from CDL, so evenings like this are even more special ⭐

A BIG thank you to Bia for leading this beautiful event, and thank you to Parisa & Regina for assisting – especially when it came to cutting the onions  🧅😂💕



A weekend full of talent 🎤✨⭐

We had a great weekend showcasing the talent from the girls in Louis Degallier ✨

On Saturday night, Parisa performed a beautiful version of Amy Winehouse’s ‘Back to Black’.

Accompanied by some teachers from Collège du Léman, this wonderful version was very well received by the audience. This was a ticketed event where all the money was donated to a local charity.

We are all very proud of Parisa’s talents and her commitment to the school’s charitable events 🥰


Next, we have Sakura who went to play golf on Sunday with some fellow boarders. As you can see, she showed she had good technique with her golf swing. A lovely way to spend a Sunday morning 💛

Just close to Chamonix, we travelled to a lovely outdoor race track where Beatriz got to go Go Karting! We had a mix of sunshine and showers, but despite the rain, the students absolutely loved it.

Beatriz had 2 x 10 minute sessions on the track and finished in the top 3 for her race. Well done Bea! ⭐⭐⭐




“Quizzy Delights: Know your housemates!”

We had an amazing time organizing and doing a quiz night in our boarding house!
For once the girls could keep their phones during the meeting and use them to compete against each other. 📱
It was a fun-filled evening where we discovered interesting facts about the girls.
We found out that one of our residents is the biggest cheese lover. 🧀
And let me tell you, we also uncovered the secret of who showers the longest, revealing the reigning champion of prolonged shower sessions. 🚿
The quiz night brought us closer together, allowing us to laugh, learn, and appreciate the unique quirks and interests of each one. It was an unforgettable experience that fostered a strong sense of community in our boarding house. 🤗🤗


Trip down Memory Lane

This past weekend was a mix of fun and productivity for our girls.
Sakura, the talented baker of the group, decided to treat everyone to some delicious cotton candy. It was a sweet and fluffy treat that brought smiles to everyone’s faces.

Parisa, on the other hand, spent her weekend cuddling with the neighbor’s dog. It was a relaxing and comforting experience, and she enjoyed every moment of it.

We also decided to make some vegan healthy banana bread, which turned out to be a success. It was a guilt-free snack that satisfied their cravings without compromising their health.


Later during the weekend, we took a trip down memory lane. We reflected on our most beautiful and fun moments in boarding school, reliving our memories and laughing at our silly mistakes. It was a heartwarming experience that brought us closer together.

Amidst all the fun, the girls didn’t forget about their upcoming exams. They spent some time studying and preparing for the challenges ahead. It was a reminder that productivity and fun can go hand in hand.

Overall, it was a weekend filled with sweet treats, cuddles, healthy snacks, productivity, and cherished memories.

Happy Holidays ☀️☀️

And so another term is over and we attack the Spring break with a lovely sense of accomplishment. So many things to celebrate, moments spent together, academic and personal successes… and obviously some struggles which are only part of life.

For now it’s time to enjoy the break, recharge batteries, see the family and friends. In two weeks we will embrace the final stretch of the year: end of Marking Period, exams, lake activities, trips and for our grade 12s, Graduation.

A lot to look forward to!

The boardinghouses will open again from Saturday 22/04 and classes will start on Monday 24/04!
Let’s do this final sprint together!

But first: Sit back, Relax, and Enjoy your holidays!

Floss & Lies

Another rainy Sunday means another day of baking 😍🍪

The weather this weekend has definitely followed the theme of ‘April Showers’, but not to worry – we will make the most of staying inside by creating some delicious snacks at home 🏡 🥰

This weekend, our Louis Degallier chefs made an array of treats, including savoury pancakes, authentic Greek cookies and one GIGANTIC twix cookie to share 🍪✨

Here’s a quick video showing Daria making this delicious cookie mixture – she makes it look so easy!


Fresh out of the oven, melted chocolate and caramel – YUM 😍

We half baked the cookie dough, then added the rest of the twix on top as demonstrated by Daria.

Here you can see a photo of the savoury pancakes with melted cheese inside. Makes a change from our favourite Nutella & strawberry pancakes 😂

Traditional Greek cookies, flavoured with orange 🍪

Bia preparing the dough for the cookies. I can confirm, they were very tasty! ✨


A week of Celebrations 🎉💖

This week, we have lots of things to celebrate in Louis Degallier ✨✨✨

First of all, a big happpppy birthday to Lisa! 🎈🎈🎈

And what better way to celebrate than with a delicious chocolate cake 🎂 We hope you had a wonderful day Lisa 🥰

Second of all, Parisa entered the school Talent Show with her friend, Garth and together, they came 3rd place!

Parisa has a beautiful singing voice and we are lucky enough to hear her practicing in the house all the time. We managed to film her winning performance so you can enjoy her voice too! 😍


We are SO proud of you Parisa, well done! 🎤🥉


Belgian Waffles and Karaoke 🎤

Not only during the Easter Egg Hunt the girls were surprised with chocolates – They also enjoyed Belgian waffles with different toppings this night in our Leman dining hall 🧇
I was very glad and excited to share these delicious treats from my home country with them 🤩 🤩

It was very much needed to shake off all these sugars and calories – so nothing better than a Karaoke / dance Session 🎙️ 🎤

Bunny Kisses 🐰 and Easter Wishes 🐣

This night we did a little Easter Egg hunt.
We hid chocolates all over the house for the girls to find 🍫
They sure did their best to not leave any eggs behind  😂

Follow them on their hunt: 



The Treasure 😍 

Smile and Pose – Graduation pictures day 📸

This year two of our girls will be graduating – Parisa and Kate.
On Monday they got to make pictures in our beautiful Concha garden.
Surrounded by their friends they stroke a pose in front of the camera 📸

Here is already a preview of the results and a behind the scenes!
For the other pictures, you will have to wait until their Graduation day in June 🎓👩‍🎓

Cozy Sunday at its best 🤗

This weekend we did not have the weather on our side. 🌨️
We planned to do an Easter egg hunt🐰but this one we postponed for a later time in the week.
Nonetheless, we made the best out of it and the girls spend some good times with their friends.

Watching a movie, playing poker, eating McDonalds – what do you need more? 🍔🍔


Life is a lot better with chocolate 🍫

Polina and Sakura took the initiative to make some delicious chocolate treats for today’s meeting.
(hot) Chocolate milk, topped with whipped cream, and home-baked brownies – NJUUUUUMIEEEE !!! Afterwards we wrapped up our 4th wellbeing pillar: Online safety –
We discussed the question: “Why would I not want to live a day without my phone?
Here are some of the answers that came up
– It is a way to stay in touch with my friends and family on the other side of the world
– It helps me to disconnect to watch some funny video’s
– It is my alarm to wake-up
– My schedule and planner are in here
– I have apps that gives me daily reminders of important things that I cannot forget

Of course, the girls realize there are alternatives, and they all agreed that one day they could do without a phone, but at this point it is just very convenient as a phone is an everything in one device/tool 📱

And what about you, could you live a day without a phone? 

✨ Talentshow ✨

The talentshow might be truly one of the highlights in our boarding year.
Each house gets the chance to perform and shine on the stage for all the other boarders, management and the directors!

Our girls were just AMAZING!

They did a combination between Parisa signing and a dance with Flashlights.
As you can see, they got the whole audience to sing along and they literally and figurally lit up the room! 🌟
Well done!!!


Sunday’s are for baking 🍪

This afternoon, we baked some delicious Kinder Bueno cookies in the house, and believe me, they went down extremely well! 😍

As chocolate lovers, we found a recipe online that met our chocolate desires in every way possible! 🍫

The recipe uses a traditional cookie dough mixture as demonstrated by our lovely Sakura. 🥰

Once the dough is formed, we added the kinder chocolate and divided them into equal amounts. Somehow, a few bits of chocolate went missing during the process… 😅

Once baked, we added a Kinder Bueno square to each cookie and left them to cool down for half an hour… however, we thought it would be best to try one as soon as it came out of the oven, just to double check they tasted good… 🤭😏

We shared them amongst everyone in the house and I think it’s safe to say we all have a sweet tooth here in Louis Degallier. We just wish we could share them with you across the world! 🌎

Alongside our cookie making, Daria was baking some Russian sweet treats using her Grandmother’s recipe. Lots of creativity in the kitchen today!

Weekend in Rome

This weekend our students fully enjoyed Rome’s vibes. They had a mix of nice walks, great Italian flavors and visiting the main attractions.
Overall, they had great fun!

Definitely an experience to repeat!

Happy International Women’s Day 🌸🌹🌻

Today is International Women’s Day and what better way to celebrate than with beautiful flowers! 🌹🌸

We are so proud to have such strong, intelligent and ambitious girls in our house. It’s clear to see that they are all each other’s cheerleaders when it comes to supporting their personal achievements, whatever they may be 👯‍♀️

They are all inspiring young women, each with their own purpose and talents and we are so excited to see how they use their incredible powers in the future ⭐❣

The girls received gorgeous bouquets from their loved ones to celebrate this special day ❤

Thank you ladies for being you! 🥰


Ice Ice Baby 🧊⛸

This afternoon, we took some of the girls Ice Skating in Geneva and had a great time!

The girls showed off their amazing skating skills and I am happy to say that no one fell over – I think we could even enter a CDL figure skating team for the next Winter Olympics ⭐⭐⭐

Smiles all round from the girls in Louis Degallier 🥰

The hardest part was putting the ice skates on – luckily Bea had some assistance from a friend!




Wellbeing Pillar 4 – Online Safety

During our boarding assembly Mr Gordon introduced the next pillar that we will be working on: Online safety or Online life.
Polina and Dasha will be our advocated for this and during the following weeks they will provide us with fun but interesting learning objectives around this topic.

We also had our housemeeting where we discussed what we will do as a performance for the upcoming Talentshow on 21/03
(Ps: Can you see how our decoration changes 🐰🐣 this months theme is: Easter!)

After the assembly we got pleased with a delicious Bulgarian dinner! 

Skiweek & Welcome Back

We hope that everyone enjoyed a great holiday.
Three of our girls went to the Wintercamp were they enjoyed a full week of skiing and fun activities.

Lisa took some very nice pictures that we are happy to share with you:

We hope our other girls spend an equally Fun week!
We are looking forward to have them back in our boarding house❤️

💕 Love is in the air 💕

Today is Valentine’s day or how we prefer to call it: Galentine’s day
A day to celebrate friendships with your friends. It’s Valentine’s Day with your ‘gals’.

We wrote some cute personal messages to each other, ate tasty strawberries with chocolate and watched a romantic movie.
A perfect way to pass this day 🥰

We love you girls! Each one of you is so unique and amazing ❤️



There are Sundays and then there are ☀️ SUNdays ☀️

The Sun is out and so are our girls! This weekend we could enjoy our beautiful garden and work on that tan ☀️

We are craving and looking forward to warmer days so we can do a barbecue! 🍖♨️🔥

and enjoy all other things that Spring and Summer have to offer in Switzerland!

On Saturday, Parisa, Regina, Sakura and Beatriz went to the cooking class. They made delicious soft cookies. I am pretty sure the necessary dose of chocolate made them even better! 😀
They could not wait till they were back home to devour them.

Cooking class – Making soft cookies 🍪🍪



Dasha enjoying our gym facilities – She is a real goalsetter and goes every day! 💪

Cosy Thai dinner at Home ❤️😊

This evening, we enjoyed a lovely meal in our cosy Louis Degallier living room. Prepared by our wonderful chefs at Collège du Léman, we were spoilt with a delicious Thai meal including Sweet & Sour Beef Wok, Thai Noodles, Thai Salad and an exotic Mousse for dessert. Most of the girls went back for seconds, especially for the tasty beef dish! 🤩🍜

It’s always lovely eating in the comfort of our home, sitting around one table together where we can share stories from the week – an added bonus is that the girls can wear comfy slippers to dinner! ❣





You’re incrêpable 🥞

Today during our weekly housemeeting, Kate and Kseniia were in charge to lead it.
Together with the other girls from the house, they decided what activities we would still like to do this year with all of us.

When we do our meetings, we always try to have a tasty snack.
Polina and I decided to make crêpes.
As you can see, the girls loved them (with the necessary dose of Nutella, ofcourse!🍫)

We can honestly say they were incrêpable 😋

Enjoy them with us!



It was a very quiet weekend on campus.

Some students chose to go to the mountains with boarding, while others enjoyed a relaxing weekend on campus or away with their families.

For our house, this was the perfect opportunity to get ready for Valentine’s day 🌹

We hung our decorations and made little envelopes so the girls can send friendship messages to each other 📩

Let’s spread some love, good vibes and positive energy!


Collège du Léman Mountain Weekend 🌞🎿

Collège du Léman Mountain Weekend 🌞🎿

This weekend, we went on our first snow trip to the mountains and had an amazing time! 🙌🌞🎿

On Friday afternoon, we set off on a beautiful drive from Versoix, passing some lovely views overlooking Lac Léman where the sun started to set. We then continued through the Rhone valley and then finally onto our destination, Fiesch.

Views of Lac Léman 

We were very lucky to have sunshine and blue skies on both days, and even luckier to have fresh powder on the slopes, ideal conditions for the perfect skiing & snowboarding experience! 🎿🌞🏂

Views from the gondola on the way up

Our girls definitely enjoyed their first skiing experience of 2023, even if they were a bit cold!

Whilst some of our students were enjoying the snow up in the mountains, others were able to relax in the thermal baths in Brigg and explore the local town of Fiesch. A very Swiss experience indeed!

Views of Fiesch

The evenings were spent enjoying food in the resort restaurant or indulging in some typically Swiss food in the local restaurants. After dinner, all students had the option of playing Bingo, board games or a game of Bowling, however, it was clear that our skiers needed some well earned rest so instead spent the evening relaxing and preparing for the next day on the slopes!

Views from the top of the mountains

Plenty of fresh snow waiting for us!

All in all, we had a lovely weekend where plenty of beautiful memories were made. We are already looking forward to returning soon, fingers crossed we get spoilt with the same sunshine and snowfall! 🌞


Friends become our chosen Family

During our weekly housemeeting we introduced the next wellbeing pillar: Building Positive Friendships
We concentrated on the questions:

  • How does the boarding house support and encourage international friendships, give examples
  • What advice would you give future students coming into an international school environment
  • Can you think of some examples of famous international friendships?
  • Self-Reflection – Do you embrace the international community, or do you prefer the convenience of building friendships within your own culture and language?

By the end of the pillar we want to find an answer on the take-away point: What are the benefits of an international friendship? 👬

A first reflection provided us with the following answers.

We learn about differences in culture and how other nationalities perceive things that are for one considered ‘normal’ but are not for others. This opens very interesting discussions and broadens our view. It occurs as well that we encounter funny situations because of this!
-Being able to travel all over the world and know people anywhere

Afterwards, we discussed what we will be doing as a house project. We came up with some fun ideas that we will put into practice for next week! So keep an eye out on our blog 🤩

For those who want to see the video that we watched together:

Of course, there are no International friendships without international dinners. For this week we had a Chinese caterer! 

Weekend Goals 🧡

Our first normal weekend back in Boarding.
And it was one with a lot of laughter, fun and activities!

On Saturday Morning, Polina, Dasha, Kate, Kseniia, Beatriz and Sakura went for a cooking class.
They made a delicious Couscous with chicken meatballs 🐔

Afterwards most of the girls went to Geneva, only a few decided to stay in the house and to relax.
Beatriz took some time to do her laundry – Look how enthusiastically she is ironing!

On Sunday it is time for Brunch!
Afterwards, Beatriz went to bodyshaping and Lisa to the music club. 🎶

We finally could welcome Parisa back into the house! Now we are complete again 🤗

The girls had some friends over in the house and spend a lovely time together!


Boarding assembly and well-being pillar 3: Building Positive Friendships

During our first Boarding Assembly in 2023 we launched The Third Pillar of our Well-being Program: Building Positive Friendships.

Being in an International boarding school gives the students many opportunities to form deep and strong connections with other students from all over the world.
This brings many challenges but mostly also a lot of benefits and great experiences!
The upcoming weeks we will dive deeper into this pillar and work on several projects.

Launch of the Pillar

Our girls are already making friends with students from other houses!



Welcome Back!

We hope everyone had an amazing holiday.
We wish you a great 2023 and all the best wishes!

This weekend we also welcomed a new student in our house: Beatriz!
The girls helped her settle in and we are excited to have her finally here with us.

Welcome Beatriz, and to an awesome year together in CDL!

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays From Louis Degallier!

Thank you for a first wonderful semester ❄️
Enjoy this well-deserved break and we will see you again in January!

The boarding house will open on Saturday 07/01 from 9am.

Big hugs 🤗

WATU Winterconcert and Parisa Performing

This evening we attended together the WATU Winterconcert.
A musical and festive eve whereby the school choir perform various songs for Charity.

We got to listen to students playing the piano, watched them dance but the highlight of the evening for us was for sure…
Her voice made everyone quiet and it is just breathtaking to hear and see her light up on the stage.

We are incredibly proud!!!! Enjoy the night with us again through some videos and pictures:


⭐ Boarding Award Ceremony ⭐

We want to start with saying that all of our girls should have deserved a medal.
Our first semester with them has been wonderful and we could see them bloom throughout the weeks.
Some strong bounds have been formed, a lot of laughter shared and amazing memories made!

This evening during the assembly we congratulated from every house students who were outstanding in living the RISE-values and integrating into the boarding life. As well the students who participate in many activities and get the most out of their experience.
We selected Polina and Regina as representatives for our house. Congratulations ladies!

It is starting to look a lot like Christmas ❄️🎄🤶

December is about to start ❄️
The Countdown to Christmas has begun 🎄
But in the House we already celebrated all together a cozy Secret Santa night 🤶

All of us snuggled up together

Each one of the girls bought a present for another girl in the house!
All the gifts were so thoughtful and we experienced a lot of joy, happiness and thankfulness!

Lara being very excited with her present


After the gift exchange, we watched the football while enjoying a dozen of different snacks 🥨🥨

The whole house is breathing Christmas vibes and we had an amazing night!

Our cosy corner
Some more gift exchanges

Walking in a Winter Wonder Land

Entertainment, excitement and magic await you in Montreux at one of the prettiest Christmas markets in Europe.
And that is exactly where Polina, Daria, Kate, Regina and Parisa went this Sunday!

The girls strolled throughout the street and discovered the 170 different stalls and chalets.

Lisa went to Chess club to improve her skills and tactic.


Sakura enjoyed a relaxing mindfulness session of Sound and Soul.
Afterwards she went to help with the “giftbox wrapping”.
An initiative whereby we aim at collecting and sending gift boxes with utilities to poor families in eastern Europe.

Each one of them got to enjoy their weekend to the fullest!


Busy Wednesdays in CDL

Wednesdays are always in the sign of discovering a new culture.
Today we got to taste delicious Asian noodles.

During our weekly housemeeting we discussed the second take-away point from our well-being pillar and reflected about the question: We all say we value diversity… but are we really comfortable with difference?

Here is the link to the video that we watched:

After that it was time to enjoy a freshly baked cake and chitchat together.

And now it is time for a well-deserved goodnight rest!

Happy Birthday Polina

This weekend Polina celebrated her birthday.
She had a nice day out with all her friends of CDL.
Back in the house we ate all together from an amazing fruit cake and Polina also finally got to open her presents that the other girls got for her.


Wednesdays Housemeetings

Every Wednesday we have a housemeeting with the girls to discuss some important points.
This is also a moment we take to be all together and catch-up on everything that has been going on.
Some freshly baked brownies set the mood for having everyone’s attention and to be able to listen to each other <3

Wellbeing Pillar 2. Integration and diversity

Wellbeing Pillar 2. Integration and diversity

Globally what we want to achieve with this point is that students understand that Diversity and Integration are present far beyond the school environment or our individual background and that it’s a top priority in the world today. Sometimes, this might be overlooked, and we believe it’s important they acknowledge that the work and reflection being done here is echoed in the World Leading Institutions.Take away point 1 – Integration and diversity are part of the international agenda of the world’s most important institutions.

We also watched this interesting video about UN volunteers

A weekend to relax

The first weekend after the October break the girls enjoyed to have some relaxing time in the house.
Polina and Regina made some tik-toks together, others enjoyed a movie and they all went out to Geneva to get some fresh air and do the necessary shopping.

On Sunday, Parisa motivated the girls to take part in the activity ‘Sound of Soul’.
A workshop where they focus on the energy in their body.

This Monday, all the students have one more day to rest and prepare for school as there are the parent-teacher meetings.
Like that, their batteries will be recharged for another week full of responsibilities, fun and activities.


Pumpkin Carving 🎃

We cannot get enough of spooky days so we are still rolling on these halloween vibes!
Yesterday evening, under the command and initiative of Sakura, the girls took part in the “Pumpkin Carving house Competition”
Our incredible creative and scary pumpkin got the 5th place out of 13!

Here are some of the other creations that the boarders made:


Yesterday night might have been the scariest night of all year

it was… 🕷️ ! HALLOWEEN !  🕷️

The boarders dressed up in their most spine-chilling costumes and enjoyed a spooky meal 👻

Today they took part in a pumkin carving competition of which we will show you the results tomorrow, so make sure you check our blog! 🎃

Happy Fall Break!

It is the first break of the year and the girls deserve it! From Louis Degallier, we would like to wish you a wonderful holiday! We hope you can take a rest and come back full of energy!

Enjoy your break and see you soon!


Fall Break Kick Leave GIF - Fall Break Kick Leave Peanut GIFs

Weekend activities

The weather was a little bit grey this weekend so the girls decided to do some indoor activities.

First, Polina and Daria chose to do some cooking on Saturday morning. It smelled so good! 


Then,  on Sunday, Lisa went to the chess club where she seemed very concentrated. Please don’t disturb her!

Finally, Sakura and Parisa decided to relax this weekend with the “Sound of Silence” activity. All their stress ran away!

Music Concert

Today Kate and Parisa participate in the Music Concert at the School. Kate played the bongo and Parisa sing the song “My heart will go on” by Celine Dion.  We had two starts in the house. Well done girls!!!

May Assembly

Today we had our monthly Assembly and Martina went to the stage to explain her mum’s Charity and everything that it means for her to participate in this project. Martina will go to Madagascar to help to build a library and what she did in CDL was to collect some books and she will bring them to the library in Madagascar. Well done Martina we are so proud of you!!!!.

House Activity

Today as a house activity we had lunch at the house enjoying the sunny day. Our Chef Sakura did some chicken in the oven with salad. After we all went to Geneva to do a scape room but using our senses. So much fun!!!